[DQSD-Users] Modification of parseArgsEx for date parsing

2004-07-28 Thread Shawn K. Hall
Hello all, Quite a while ago there was some discussion about making parseArgsEx work for parsing dates without splitting it up. For example, you have a search 'test' which takes a date as a parameter and the site only takes n/n/n as an acceptable format. Since parseArgsEx splits on EVERY / it

[DQSD-Users] Unfinished UkRail search, problem setting dropdown

2004-07-28 Thread Tom Corcoran
I am trying to put together a search for ukrail using Shawn's cool parseArgsEx fix for date parsing. Running the attached tying in the searchbar : ukrail /from newcastle /to london waterloo /outtime 15:30 leaves the time of travel set to 15, and 30, which is not valid. I can't figure out why