Re: [DQSD-Users] How to get correct colors on Windows 7?

2009-11-07 Thread Homam Khoshaim
it did not work for me. i only get quick search written on the bottom of the task bar without the actual search bar. when you say appropriate ones, which ones are the appropriate ones? i just copied and pasted them all (windows 7 theme from the link you gave me) in the installations folder. it

Re: [DQSD-Users] How to install on windows 7 32bit system

2009-11-07 Thread Homam Khoshaim wrote: Hi Homam, Have you run the default 32-bit installer (dqsd.exe) available from the SourceForge download? - Kim On Sat, Nov 7, 2009 at 01:31, Homam Khoshaim wrote: Hello, I Understand that DQSD can be installed on a win 7 64 bit system. I can't seem