Re: [DQSD-Users] Ask Jeeves search amendment

2003-01-23 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Sam, Thanks for the update. I've checked your changes into CVS. Brent --- Sam Mulube [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Trivial amendment really but noticed that the search saved for the Ask Jeeves search engine didn't work for me (I'm using version 3.1.5). On looking at the aj.xml file I

Re: [DQSD-Users] New Family History Searches

2003-01-30 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Brian, I haven't looked closely at your searches but I've already done searches for two of the three searches in the genealogy addon. Unfortunately the genealogy addon on the download page is out of date so look at the files in CVS - specifically ancestry.xml, lds.xml, and fhlc.xml. In the

Re: [DQSD-Users] Using another editor and browser

2003-02-21 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Jeff, To set your own editor set configureEditorExe to whatever editor you want in localprefs.js Brent --- Jeffrey A. Shumway [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi All, I have two quick questions as a new user of this fine search tool. First, is there a way to open the preferences.js in my

RE: [DQSD-Users] Using another editor and browser

2003-02-21 Thread Brent Beardsley
It works correctly just be sure and escape the backslashes and make sure the executable exists! So for me and my editor whose path is C:\program files\editplus 2\editplus.exe I have configureEditorExe=C:\\program files\\editplus 2\\editplus.exe; Brent --- John W. Bairen, Jr. [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [DQSD-Users] Debug window?

2003-08-10 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Shawn, --- Shawn K. Hall [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there a way for a script to write *to* the DQSD toolbar (so I can get the results of my script transactions)? For example: dqsd.write/dqsd.print? If I understand you correctly - yes. There is a function in defer_tools.js: function

Re: [DQSD-Users] Genealogy searches

2003-09-04 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Brian, You can get the old genealogy addon from the file download section on sourceforge. The latest addon and searches can be obtains via cvs on sourceforge. Brent --- Brian Phelps [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I had thought at one time that searches of Genealogy sites were included in the

RE: [DQSD-Users] Web button graphics (attached)

2003-09-04 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Shawn, It's in CVS under the dqsdweb module not the dqsd module Brent --- Shawn K. Hall [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi John, The way I think it works is that the web server has a script that pulls from CVS every 15 minutes or so. So if you CVS it as favicon.ico, the web page will

RE: [DQSD-Users] javascript error in search.htm (XP)

2003-11-13 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Alex, I'm running WinXP and Firebird .7 but haven't seen the problems you're having. All I did was install it and then in the Firebird General Options panel select Set Default Browser and then set launchmode=1; in my local preferences and it's been working great. Brent --- Shawn K. Hall

Re: [DQSD-Users] xp olive scheme mods

2004-01-16 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Monty, Looks good. I think the installer should set the proper css instead of making users have to mess with manually setting it. Anyone up on NSIS and Windows version checking? Is there a way in WinXP to programatically figure out which theme is running? Just my $.02, Brent --- Monty

Re: [DQSD-Users] Yahoo Bookmarks

2004-01-20 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Eric, I wrote one already although I haven't used it for a while so I don't know if it still works. It actually grabs the bookmarks export (netscape bookmark format) and parses it. It'd be faster if you could parse the cached version I'm sure. There's also a yahoo companion for mozilla at

Re: [DQSD-Users] how to add images to pop up menu?

2004-02-18 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Pablo, If you're referring to the menu popped up from the button, it's not currently possible. It's a windows menu not an HTML menu. You'd have to modify the C++ code in the DQSD MenuBuilder ActiveX control. Brent --- pablo c [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: hi everyone is there any way to

Re: [DQSD-Users] new comics search

2004-02-22 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Monty, Is there any reason you didn't use parseArgs? It auto matches so I can type comx /dil and it'll go to the dilbert comics instead of having to type comx /dilbert completely. Also I tried comx /born to try the born loser comic and got a runtime error and then realized it was /loser. So

Re: [DQSD-Users] Re: [DQSD-Devel] comx: additional comics request

2004-02-28 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Monty, Calvin and Hobbes works now, thanks - but I also saw that Doonesbury is mis-spelled too :) Also you could use: if( nullArgs(comx, q) ) return false; instead of: if( q == ? ){ qsfind(comx /function); return false; } if( q == ){

RE: [DQSD-Users] problem settin firefox as default (even with setbrowser)

2004-02-29 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi, I also use Firefox with DQSD and love it. Have you tried clicking the Set Default Browser under Tools - Options - General to reset Firefox as the default browser? I also made a file called user.js in the profile directory that contains one line: user_pref(advanced.system.supportDDEExec,

Re: [DQSD-Users] Can a search write a file?

2004-03-04 Thread Brent Beardsley
I think the function Monty is talking about (writeFile) has two important limitations - it only works on text files and it only writes out files within the DQSD installation directory. You can try playing with writeFile function (found in tools.js) and see if it will work. Brent --- Monty

[DQSD-Users] Re: nic.xml search

2004-04-05 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Steve, Thanks for the search and I have added it to the version control. I also took the liberty to modify it slightly to replace all non-hex characters and substring just the first 6 characters. This allows me to cut and paste a MAC address in. Brent __ Do

Re: [DQSD-Users] Re: nic.xml search

2004-04-05 Thread Brent Beardsley
browsed through the CVS but did not see it in there. Is this where you put it: I would like to see the modifcations. : ) Steve - Original Message - From: Brent Beardsley [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent

Re: [DQSD-Users] Update to A9 for generic use

2004-04-20 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Gregory, Do you need to have 2 forms when all you're doing is a simple get? You could just call openSearchWindow with either or Just wondering, Brent --- Gregory Krohne [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: By default, A9 does some tracking on you. There is a

Re: [DQSD-Users] Error message after booting

2004-05-09 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Brian, Try adding var startupCommands = new String(); to your localprefs.js and see if it goes away. Brent --- Brian [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Every time I boot my computer, I get the following dialog as DQSD is initializing: Line: 306 Char: 2

[DQSD-Users] new DQSD FAQ entry for Mozilla Firefox

2004-05-18 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi John, Could you add the following to the DQSD faq please? I just reinstalled Mozilla Firefox and couldn't remember what I had to change so I thought I'd add it to the faq. How to configure DQSD to use Mozilla Firefox with each search opening in a new tab 1. In Firefox select Tools-Options

[DQSD-Users] pp and yy searches

2004-05-18 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Shawn or anyone else, Can you add the pp and yy searches to CVS? I deleted the messages that contained them and the mail archives don't seem to have the attachments. Thanks, Brent __ Do you Yahoo!? SBC Yahoo! - Internet access at a

[DQSD-Users] NicheBot search

2004-08-22 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi all, I added NicheBot (nb.xml) to CVS. It's a search to find out the most popular search terms and your google page rank. Brent ___ Do you Yahoo!? Win 1 of 4,000 free domain names from Yahoo! Enter now.

Re: [DQSD-Users] DQSD + Firefox

2004-09-28 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi James, See item 8.3 Brent --- James Robertson [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I've just started using Firefox (1.0 PR) over the last few days and I've got to say that it's pretty darned great. Some really nice plugins for it as well. However, I'm wondering if any

RE: [DQSD-Users] Fix for XP SP2 Problem

2004-11-18 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi fellow DQSDers, I already had !-- saved from url=(0020) -- in on line 155 of search.htm v. 1.187 Since I'm not running XP I can't test this but does Lee's changes work better that the line I had put in there already? Also, Kim - I think you, Glenn, and David are the

RE: [DQSD-Users] Fix for XP SP2 Problem

2004-11-18 Thread Brent Beardsley
I too use the calendar quite frequently and would hate to see it missing. I also don't think we should have two separate builds. Is it that big of a pain to click on the toolbar and say allow it in WinXP? It's only once when it starts up right? Brent --- Monty Scroggins [EMAIL PROTECTED]

RE: [DQSD-Users] DQSD 3.1.9 BETA-1

2004-12-01 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Paul, The link might have been messed up due to word wrapping. Try this link: Brent --- Paul [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Thanks, but I couldn't figure out how to download it. -- Paul -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED]

RE: [DQSD-Users] DQSD 3.1.9 BETA-1

2004-12-01 Thread Brent Beardsley
-Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:dqsd-users- [EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Brent Beardsley Sent: Wednesday, December 01, 2004 12:07 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Subject: RE: [DQSD-Users] DQSD 3.1.9 BETA-1 Hi Paul, The link might have been messed up

Re: [DQSD-Users] Updated for 2005 - -

2004-12-08 Thread Brent Beardsley
Thanks Bill, I checked it in. Brent --- [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Wed, 08 Dec 2004 12:35:43 +, I wrote: }Hi All, } }I have updated the attached Canadian calendar for 2005. } }Please include with next beta/final distribution. } }Thanks... Sorry about that. The attachment

RE: [DQSD-Users] Final Release will not install

2004-12-27 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Kim, Shawn, I wonder if it's because of line 336 in the search.nsi script. It's trying to write something to an NT specific key and will probably fail on a non-NT based machine - although I don't have a machine with Win98 installed. What if we change line 336 to: ClearErrors instead? Can

Re: [DQSD-Users] multi aliases ?

2005-01-05 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Jean-Marie, I haven't looked at multi for a while but I believe the alias should be: chords|multi song gadjo ralph %s|find chords Brent --- jean-marie winters [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: What am I doing wrong or is this standard behaviour ? These 3 aliases do what they're supposed to do.

Re: [DQSD-Users] multi aliases problem solved

2005-01-06 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Jean-Marie, I typed: multi? into the quick search bar window and looked at the help. Brent --- jean-marie winters [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Hi Brent this one did the trick.Shawn, I already got that little secret uncovered. Where did you get that information about the syntax for

[DQSD-Users] new tinyurl.xml search

2005-01-06 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi all, Kim wanted me to post this newest version of tinyurl.xml which selects and copies the tinyurl into the DQSD text box instead of popping up the tinyurl webpage. Should save a few mouse clicks and keystrokes. Enjoy, Brent __ Do you

Re: [DQSD-Users] Two quick questions

2005-02-15 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Doug, To remove icon add following line in your local preferences: bannerurl=; To set the hotkey take a look in preferences.js for hotkeyCharacter hotkeyVkCode hotkeyModifiers and set the appropriate field in your local preferences. Brent --- Gennetten, K. Douglas (CIP RD Fort Collins)

Re: [DQSD-Users] ebay change to site...

2005-03-08 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi Tom, Looking at the ebay.xml file I don't see /l as an option. Can you elaborate on what you're doing? Brent --- Tom Corcoran [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: fyi, ebay seem to have made a few changes. The /l switch no longer works for me. Cheers, tom.

RE: [DQSD-Users] test Comx.xml with seattlepi (zits) support and political cartoons

2005-09-13 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi all, I've updated and attached comx.xml to support editorial political cartoons as well as support for seattle pi comics like zits. The seattle pi comics require you to use wget via WScript.Shell. Let me know how it works (works fine for me!) and if no problems I'll check it in. Brent

RE: [DQSD-Users] test Comx.xml with seattlepi (zits) support and political cartoons

2005-09-13 Thread Brent Beardsley
\Quick Search Deskbar\search.htm Note that one gets another SP2 prompt when the script first tries to run. -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:dqsd-users- [EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Brent Beardsley Sent: September 13, 2005 1:40 PM To: dqsd-users

Re: [DQSD-Users] comx.xml version 1.31

2006-03-27 Thread Brent Beardsley
I checked in version 1.32 which removes the alert for seattlepi which got added back in and adds the break back in for altcomics. Brent --- Monty Scroggins [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I checked in the latest comx.xml. It contains The 5th Wave (thanks Steve!) and the /popup switch. I did

Re: [DQSD-Users] Vista

2006-12-12 Thread Brent Beardsley
The color schemes are actually just images (screenshots )of a particular xp theme and some css. I don't have Vista either so someone would need to take some screenshots and modify the css to make it look nice on Vista. Brent --- Shawn K. Hall [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Just installed the

Re: [DQSD-Users] Updates between versions?

2006-12-14 Thread Brent Beardsley
I'm not sure it is because the searches are pointing to Didn't we switch to Subversion? Brent --- Monty Scroggins [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: It looks like it is working.. I can see a cosmetic thing or two but the page still works.. The webpage should update from the

Re: [DQSD-Users] DQSD-Users Digest, Vol 7, Issue 7

2006-12-15 Thread Brent Beardsley
There's also the httpinst search but that is broken in the released versions (3.x) because it's hitting the cvs server which has been replaced with subversion. This has been fixed in the source code tree. So after updating httpinst from the source code tree you could then do: httpinst amaz or

Re: [DQSD-Users] cut paste firefox error

2007-05-18 Thread Brent Beardsley
I also can't copy/paste and I just installed the latest dqsd on a new (no other dqsd installed) machine. Brent --- Kim Gräsman [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Tom, Bill, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: On Thu, 17 May 2007 23:08:08 +0100, you [Tom Corcoran] wrote: }Note I got it after 2 clean

Re: [DQSD-Users] Local aliases not working

2007-06-20 Thread Brent Beardsley
I wonder if there are two issues: 1) redirecting to another alias/search isn't working (first two) 2) run isn't working (the rest of them) Brent --- Michael Kairys [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I tried removing everything except the examples, so my file contained: movie|ym mov|movie

Re: [DQSD-Users] webmaster?

2010-03-02 Thread Brent Beardsley
Hi all, I think we should just have as the main page - we can see if Dave will redirect back to I changed the home page to, uploaded the files in dqsdweb to the htdocs for dqsd project and it seems to work. Note, I have