Re: [DQSD-Users] new stuff

2002-05-06 Thread Bill . Hewitt
Hi Dan, On Mon, 6 May 2002 13:32:55 -0500, you [Dan Martin] wrote: }This isn't isolated. At home where I've added all the latest Sourceforge }CVS files, I have the file disabledsearches.txt. But here at work, I only }installed the latest beta. I have do not have the txt file, and it doesn't

Re: [DQSD-Users] cyclical events in the calendar

2002-07-18 Thread Bill . Hewitt
Hi Monty, On Thu, 18 Jul 2002 15:15:18 -0500, you [Monty Scroggins] wrote: }If not enough interest exists to include the link, thats fine too.. } } I have been meaning to ask what you were going to do with this page! Please keep it up - it is an

Re: [DQSD-Users] Windows 98 crashing problems

2002-07-18 Thread Bill . Hewitt
Hi Will, On Thu, 18 Jul 2002 21:21:42 +0100, you [Will Dean] wrote: }I have found and fixed (I hope) a problem which was causing an Explorer }crash in the following circumstances: Well 'aint that cute! The problem appears to be solved on this system. Thanks Will. However, the convoluted

Re: [DQSD-Users] suggestions

2002-07-27 Thread Bill . Hewitt
On Sat, 27 Jul 2002 21:17:34 -0400, I wrote: }On Sat, 27 Jul 2002 19:39:18 -0500, you [Glenn Carr] wrote: } }} In your localprefs.js enter the following: }} clocktooltipform= EEE, d MMM yy ; }} }} Your mouse-over will then yield: Sat, 27 Jul 02. }} }}Unfortunately, it doesn't always work. It

Re: [DQSD-Users] pasting

2002-09-11 Thread Bill . Hewitt
Hi Untidy, On Wed, 11 Sep 2002 21:43:38 +0100, you [Untidy] wrote: }Is it possible to paste text into the search bar anyhow ?? Whenever I try I just get the calendar. Use Ctrl+V. -- Bill --- In remembrance

[DQSD-Users] Dictionary Pop

2002-09-22 Thread Bill . Hewitt
Is 'Dictionary Pop' inoperative to others? For the past week I have been unable to obtain results from this search. On checking with three other users they report the same, two on XP and one on W98SE. -- Bill --- This email is

Re: [DQSD-Users] Crazy windows

2002-09-23 Thread Bill . Hewitt
Hi Marshall, On Mon, 23 Sep 2002 09:07:00 -0700, you [Marshall Finkman] wrote, in part: }I know it's a very frustrating problem, Win-S would be a very convenient }feature and one I would use often but unfortunately this mystery seems to }have no leads. I am using W98 IE5.5 and have long

Re: [DQSD-Users] Browser question

2002-10-14 Thread Bill . Hewitt
Hi Bob, On Mon, 14 Oct 2002 18:08:27 -0700, you [Bob Ulius] wrote: }Then, my new browser told me it was NOT the default browser and did I want to }change that, even though it was and everything other than DQSD knew it. Just out of curiosity, your 'new browser' doesn't happen to be Avant does

Re: [DQSD-Users] : problem

2002-12-17 Thread Bill . Hewitt
Hi Robert, On Tue, 17 Dec 2002 14:08:53 -0500, you [Robert Lerman] wrote: } I think your toolbar is great! I recently upgraded to the 3.15 but, somehow I got two extra search boxes that have scroll arrows in them that I cannot get rid of - Help.When I right click on them the drop down

Re: [DQSD-Users] META: Sender e-mail on this list

2003-04-02 Thread Bill . Hewitt
Hi Monty, On Wed, 2 Apr 2003 11:02:10 -0600, you [Monty Scroggins] wrote: }test test test Nearly there! But there is no Reply-to: set - yet... -- Bill --- This email is sponsored by: ValueWeb: Dedicated Hosting for just $79/mo

Re: [DQSD-Users] test test

2003-04-02 Thread Bill . Hewitt
Hi Monty, On Wed, 2 Apr 2003 11:28:26 -0600, you [Monty Scroggins] wrote: }test test test... please disregard Sorry no, I just can't resist. ;) That was perfect! Thank you. -- Bill --- This email is sponsored by: ValueWeb:

Re: [DQSD-Users] Google's deskbar and miniviewer

2003-11-12 Thread Bill . Hewitt
Hi Christopher, On Tue, 11 Nov 2003 05:30:48 -0800, you [Christopher] wrote: }I'd also like to see the problem with Win-S (hotkey) in Win98 resolved. Have you tried hitting F6? For some unknown reason it works for me - though it may take a couple of smacks for it to take effect. -- Bill

[DQSD-Users] Updated for 2005 -

2004-12-08 Thread bill . hewitt
Hi All, I have updated the attached Canadian calendar for 2005. Please include with next beta/final distribution. Thanks... -- Bill --- SF email is sponsored by - The IT Product Guide Read honest candid reviews on hundreds of IT Products

Re: [DQSD-Users] Updated for 2005 - -

2004-12-08 Thread bill . hewitt
in Canada for 2005 - Bill Hewitt [EMAIL PROTECTED] (04Dec04) -- events event name=New Year's Day type=public_holiday date day=1 month=1/ /event event name=Groundhog Day type=public_holiday date day=2 month=2/ /event event name=Family Day (AB) type=public_holiday date day

Re: [DQSD-Users] Support for WinXP themes - Royale, Royale Noir, and Royale Zune

2007-02-03 Thread bill . hewitt
Hi Glenn, On Fri, 2 Feb 2007 16:23:14 -0700, you [Glenn Carr] wrote: }BTW, here is the attachment that didn't make it: } Thanks Glenn. The Royale theme is also known as Energy Blue when shipped with XP Media Center Edition. Thanks again - now DQSD on my

Re: [DQSD-Users] cut paste firefox error

2007-05-17 Thread bill . hewitt
Hi Tom, On Thu, 17 May 2007 23:08:08 +0100, you [Tom Corcoran] wrote: }Note I got it after 2 clean installs on 2 different machines. anyone }using this version successfully with the latest Firefox? Sorry to have to tell you that I am having no problems with either Firefox (ver nor

Re: [DQSD-Users] DQSD 4.0 released!

2008-05-30 Thread bill . hewitt
Hi Kim, On Fri, 30 May 2008 16:48:07 +0200, you [Kim Gräsman] wrote: }After a long hiatus, we've finally gotten our act together and }released DQSD 4.0, with support for the new Internet Explorer as of }Windows XP SP2. Mine now says: Dave's Quick Search Deskbar Version - May 30, 2007

Re: [DQSD-Users] Addons

2008-07-21 Thread bill . hewitt
Hi Kim Gräsman, On Mon, 21 Jul 2008 14:04:43 +0200, you [Kim Gräsman] wrote: }Is anybody using the DQSD addons [1], and do they still work? } }I've never really gotten my head around them... I only have ShowIP (ShowIP Ext) installed in /addons for the latest release of DQSD. It is working, and

Re: [DQSD-Users] DQSD Install Problems - Vista 64

2009-02-10 Thread bill . hewitt
Hi Kim, On Tue, 10 Feb 2009 14:49:52 +0100, you [Kim Gräsman] wrote: }Did you use the from: } Not exactly, the URL got mine from was as above with 'release_id=618124' added to it. They both appear

Re: [DQSD-Users] DQSD Install Problems - Vista 64

2009-02-10 Thread bill . hewitt
Hi Charlie, On Tue, 10 Feb 2009 10:37:53 -0800, you [Charlie Russel] wrote: }That should work. At least it did here. (and no, I'm now on Win7 and that breaks it again. I've about given up. Unless we create a Gadget for Vista/Win7, I think we're doomed to be playing hopeless catchup. Thanks

[DQSD-Users] Adjust Clock Font

2009-02-11 Thread bill . hewitt
Hi, I wish to enlarge the clock font to about 15px, and I understand that the default settings are contained in search.css. I also follow that the setting to be changed must be copied to localsearch.css and the changes made there. What I can't fathom is what section of the search.css contains

[DQSD-Users] Failure to Instantiate - instantiate_failure.png

2009-03-07 Thread bill . hewitt
Hi, The attached error message on DQSD startup is causing me endless grief! Is this some kind of stack problem? This is a Vista x64 system. Any help will be much appreciated... -- Bill attachment:

Re: [DQSD-Users] Failure to Instantiate - instantiate_failure.png

2009-03-08 Thread bill . hewitt
Hi Kim, On Sun, 8 Mar 2009 17:00:52 +0100, you [Kim Gräsman] wrote: }Have you always had this, or did it start recently? I remember we got }your Vista x64 system running earlier over this list, and I can't }imagine it running very well without DQSDTools.Launcher... } }What changed? I honestly

Re: [DQSD-Users] Failure to Instantiate - instantiate_failure.png

2009-03-08 Thread bill . hewitt
Hi Kim, On Sun, 8 Mar 2009 20:44:07 +0100, you [Kim Gräsman] wrote: }1) Open regedit }2) Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/DQSDTools.Launcher and open its CLSID sub-key }3) The default value should be '{FA8211C1-F85B-4CCD-8C51-1587A37E566A}' }4) Go to

Re: [DQSD-Users] Windows 7 RC 64 Bit Install Help needed

2009-05-15 Thread bill . hewitt
Hi James, On Fri, 15 May 2009 09:19:02 -0400, you [James Nix] wrote: }I am still looking for a way to trick DQSD into staring IE 32 bit but no }joy so far. If you don't have any objection to using Firefox as your default browser it appears to solve the problem. The problem I am having with

Re: [DQSD-Users] Update to Windows 7 RC 64 Bit Installation

2009-05-26 Thread bill . hewitt
Hi James, On Tue, 26 May 2009 16:44:16 -0400, you [James Nix] wrote: }One update to the steps outlined below (no the 64 bit IE problem is }not solved). My installation of DQSD is not behaving the same as yours under Win 7 64bit. Normally my default browser is Firefox. I changed

Re: [DQSD-Users] Update to Windows 7 RC 64 Bit Installation

2009-05-26 Thread bill . hewitt
Hi James, On Tue, 26 May 2009 17:57:05 -0400, you [James Nix] wrote: }Which version of Win 7 64 bit are you running? }What is your UAC setting? This is the RC version. I believe that I have turned the UAC off. I am in Vista at the moment, but will check later and if different will let you