Re: [Drakelist] Drake t-4xc sidetone problem

2016-01-31 Thread Gary Poland
  If my memory serves me right, and that’s rare anymore, HI HI ... try 
replacing C107, a 60 mfd electrolytic capacitor in your T-4XC.

73, Gary___
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[Drakelist] Drake t-4xc sidetone problem

2016-01-31 Thread Paolo Emanuelli IK1QHB
good evening guys

I would like to ask for advice on the repair of a pair of drake t-4XC that have 
a similar problem.

the first:

During transmission in cw, sidetone returns normally, except that in addition 
to the manipulation telegraph with a normal note, has a second whistle with the 
same frequency note, that should not be there ...
I know there is some problem on the circuit sidetone but I would like an 
opinion on who is more experienced than me.

The second:

The second t-4XC (that is, what iuse every day as main rig) recently has the 
sidetone note  it moves a few dozen hertz up and down (only the sidetone 
note….not in air)  few things; only an attentive ear can find…. 
For me a bit annoying though, and if possible I would like to fix it.

can somebody help me?

Many Many thanks

Paul, IK1QHB
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