GSOC '08 hardware accelerated video decoding

2008-03-28 Thread Younes M
Hi, I recently posted to the Nouveau mailing list about this, but for those who don't participate in that one I thought I would also post here since it seems to concern DRI as much as Nouveau. I intend to submit an application for a project that will attempt to implement XvMC in terms of

Re: GSOC '08 hardware accelerated video decoding

2008-03-29 Thread Younes M
Tom Cooksey wrote: Isn't XvMC going to be depricated in favor of VAAPI? Not sure if it's of any use to you, but Qt 4.4.0 has an OpenGL playback widget for Phonon GStreamer backend. It uses a shader to do the color-space conversion and is avaliable under the GPLv2/GPLv3. If your interest is

Writing a state tracker for Gallium3D/SoftPipe

2008-04-16 Thread Younes M
I'm trying to get up and running writing a state tracker for libXvMC using SoftPipe, but looking at the Mesa src a few things are unclear to me. Looking at root/src/gallium/winsys/xlib I can't quite figure out where Mesa ends and where Gallium starts. It's my understanding that the winsys creates