[dspace-tech] Re: Multiple item submission forms - examples?

2019-09-08 Thread genevieve.tur...@anu.edu.au
Our input form XML: https://github.com/anu-doi/DSpace/blob/anu-dspace58/dspace/config/input-forms.xml Our submission form XML: https://github.com/anu-doi/DSpace/blob/anu-dspace58/dspace/config/item-submission.xml There was also some issue I think with BTE (though I could be wrong and it may be

[dspace-tech] Re: Change color from blue to green in Dspace jspui

2019-08-15 Thread genevieve.tur...@anu.edu.au
There are two potential methods.that I can think of. 1) The green colour is being set by the 'btn-success', change this to 'btn-primary' and it should be the same colour as the 'Learn More' button above it. 2) If you wanted to change the 'success' colour then you could customise the Bootstrap