Re: [dspace-tech] Custom EmbargoSetter allowing on campus access

2019-08-15 Thread Terry Brady
Shawn, I think modules/additions/src/main/java is the best place to put it. Terry On Wed, Aug 14, 2019 at 6:10 AM Shawn Kiewel wrote: > Followup: reading the Advanced Customization page leads me to think I > should place that file in [dspace-source]/dspace/modules/additions. Is this >

Re: [dspace-tech] Multitenancy / multisite DSpace

2019-08-15 Thread Vlastimil Krejčíř
Hello Paul, thank you for your answer. I saw your presentation at OR - yes, you are right, this kind of automation is the way. However, in case I have small projects, the multitenancy makes still sense. For example we are just helping our archeologists to preserve the data for the artifacts they

Re: [dspace-tech] how to get number of downloads of a article

2019-08-15 Thread euler
Hello Anne, Thanks for sharing the code. I managed to implement these in our repositories. I added fq=-isBot in the SOLR query so that it will tally with the figure(s) displayed for "File Visits" when you clicked the "View Usage Statistics" link from the sidebar menu. I now interested to also

Re: [dspace-tech] How to master and manipulate dspace 6 code

2019-08-15 Thread Tim Donohue
Hello Guillermo, Just to clarify your final question. DSpace does not require any payment to run locally. It is 100% free to use, and all public support options are free to use as well (except where otherwise stated): There is an optional

Re: [dspace-tech] Re: ant fresh_install error

2019-08-15 Thread Tim Donohue
Hello, That error message says that DSpace cannot find your "local.cfg". Did you create the local.cfg yet? See step #5 (Initial Configuration) of the installation process: You should have already

[dspace-tech] Re: Change color from blue to green in Dspace jspui

2019-08-15 Thread
There are two potential methods.that I can think of. 1) The green colour is being set by the 'btn-success', change this to 'btn-primary' and it should be the same colour as the 'Learn More' button above it. 2) If you wanted to change the 'success' colour then you could customise the Bootstrap

[dspace-tech] Change handle server assignment: default to https

2019-08-15 Thread Terry Brady
We assign handles with the base URL We are contemplating switching the default to *https*:// We would also update our existing handles to match this change. Has anyone made this change to their repository? If so, did you encounter any unexpected problems

Re: [dspace-tech] Multitenancy / multisite DSpace

2019-08-15 Thread Paul Münch
Hello Vlastik, I understand your point, that it may be to much overhead to run a single instance for 300 items. So here a short thought in addition to my last mail. In focus of the archaeological artifacts and other objects unlike PDF-Format only, it may be interesting to have some nice viewer