Re: [dwm] musca wm

2009-05-15 Thread Brendan MacDonell
, but I try to do this in a way which _improves_ on existing models instead of wasting my time duplicating existing efforts. Brendan MacDonell

Re: [dwm] Suckess Code Management

2009-03-14 Thread Brendan MacDonell
for large databases and without the query DSL) version using sh and grep. :-) Brendan MacDonell

Re: [dwm] Suckess Code Management

2009-03-12 Thread Brendan MacDonell
to load. * TODO/Bug tracking/Notes: I keep track of my Todo list and other info with a 1.3KLOC (C++) utility I wrote to handle tagged notes from the command line. Maybe I'll get around to writing up a readme and releasing it soon. * Compilers: GCC/G++/Gambit-C (scheme). Brendan MacDonell

Re: [dwm] Crash-only software

2009-01-14 Thread Brendan MacDonell
recovery mechanisms. In fact, since dwm doesn't have any persistent state and consists of a single logical module, Neale's script _would_ arguably make it crash only software. Brendan MacDonell

Re: [dwm] Re: dwm-5.4 stdin; cycle tags

2008-12-13 Thread Brendan MacDonell
On Sat, Dec 13, 2008 at 2:26 PM, henry atting wrote: Patching works without problems but I get this warnings: dwm.c:1640: warning: 'viewnext' defined but not used dwm.c:1657: warning: 'viewprevious' defined but not used And, what should I say, it

Re: [dwm] dwm-5.3

2008-12-06 Thread Brendan MacDonell
On Sat, Dec 6, 2008 at 2:20 PM, Guillaume Quintin [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I just tried the close(0) patch but it does not change anything. And I found something very weird. I told you that in the previous version of dwm (5.2) with the .xinitrc containing the while | dwm all worked fine and I

Re: [dwm] dwm-5.3

2008-12-06 Thread Brendan MacDonell
That's how my version currently works. Unfortunately, mine likely wouldn't be much good to you because there is a massive amount of overhead that I added to fine-tune process controls - and I can't merge into my github repository to demonstrate until the daily mercurial mirror updates. Of course,

Re: [dwm] SLiM login themes for dwm users

2008-10-29 Thread Brendan MacDonell
Is that section copied and pasted from your configuration file? If so, it's probably the typo where you have 'exex' instead of 'exec' that's doing it, instead of any real issue with your configuration. I have changed the following in /etc/slim.conf: #login_cmd exec /bin/bash -login

Re: [dwm] regression in 5.0.1

2008-09-06 Thread Brendan MacDonell
On Sat, Sep 6, 2008 at 10:35 AM, bill lam [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I added that but have no idea where the error log resided. Nevertheless, I simplified that line to if(!XGetWMNormalHints(dpy, c-win, size, msize))return; and the issue is also fxied. My theory is that if XGetWMNormalHints

Re: [dwm] malloc'ed client in manage()

2008-09-06 Thread Brendan MacDonell
... Brendan MacDonell

Re: [dwm] new setgeom in hg tip

2008-03-15 Thread Brendan MacDonell
On Sat, Mar 15, 2008 at 5:30 PM, Johannes Hofmann [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Huh? That's a config parser in dwm! Luckily I'd say, since otherwise we'd seem to be stuck hardcoding values for screen sizes as 24-line functions for each set of geoms. This config parser isn't really much different from

Re: [dwm] ntags initialization

2007-10-06 Thread Brendan MacDonell
On Fri, Oct 05, 2007 at 23:33:44 CEST, Anselm R. Garbe wrote: You miss that seltags and Client-tags are both globally defined in the same context as the tags definition. Afaik you can't evaluate the sizeof operator and you can't perform a division operation in a non-functional scope, so I