Re: [dwm] A rather radical thought

2008-04-02 Thread andrew
, whether thats a text editor and www for reference, web and chat on the side, I pull in email periodically to check it and then dismiss it. Without the ability to quickly bring in windows not in the current view, whats the point of tags? Regards, -Andrew

Re: [dwm] Documentation!

2008-05-16 Thread andrew
a silly exercise at best; the goal should be to do one thing and do it well. Why should a window manager only be 2000 LOC, it may only require so many lines, but it may require more, limiting functionality (or worse, code clarity) for LOC goals is a terrible trade-off. Regards, -Andrew

Re: [dwm] irssi + screen + urxvt in dwm - window hint urgent not working

2009-04-14 Thread andrew
to figure out how to make this work also. -Andrew

Re: [dwm] cycling through tags?

2008-01-31 Thread Andrew Oakley
There is some question of what it would mean to move to the next tag when there are multiple tags selected. However, for a given definition of next tag it shouldn't be too hard to code. I don't think code like this should really be included in dwm - the question of what next tag means really is

Re: [dwm] dwm-5.2 / dmenu-3.9

2008-09-12 Thread Andrew Oakley
On Wed, 10 Sep 2008 07:58:21 +0200 Enno \Gottox\ Boland [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The tarball for dwm-gtx seems to be lacking tile.c, deck.c, and monocle.c. Hi there! I want to announce that dwm-gtx-5.2 is released too. It can be downloaded as tarball as well as patchset to vanilla dwm. It