Re: [dwm] xxkb, per window keyboard layout

2008-08-10 Thread stanio
Hello, * Alexander Polakov [EMAIL PROTECTED] [2008-08-10 20:52]: xneur worked fine for me in the past, should work at the moment too. Has many features that I don't need but has the one I need :o) It works. Thanx a lot! -- cheers stanio_

Re: [dwm] dwm for win32

2008-11-18 Thread stanio
* Anselm R Garbe [EMAIL PROTECTED] [2008-11-18 20:46]: 2008/11/18 [EMAIL PROTECTED]: [...] I ended up using dwm on Cygwin/X instead -- in root mode. Are you able to manage native applications' windows with it? All I can do is manage my consoles and xpdf ( i think in rootless mode ), but I

Re: [dwm] dwm and dualhead

2008-12-13 Thread stanio
* Mate Nagy [2008-12-10 21:18]: Not on the V100, and the webcam is from some obscure far east manufacturer with no website to speak of and no open specs. There is a halfassed driver project that hasn't made progress in a couple of years. Have you tried gspcav?

Re: [dwm] 25c3

2008-12-28 Thread stanio
* Anselm R Garbe [2008-12-14 12:43]: I'll be around from Dec 27 late night to Dec 28 late night at 25c3 in Berlin this year only. Let me know if you are around as well [...] Yesterday, I didn't manage to join you guys at BCC, but hope you had good time. If someone is still

Re: [dwm] Focus follows mouse

2009-01-22 Thread stanio
* Premysl Hruby [2009-01-20 12:15]: On (20/01/09 12:08), wrote: Can anybody give a sketch how to achieve this in dwm (or give a hint where to look at in the source)? Hi, to disable follow mouse behaviour, simply comment off:

[dwm] spawn terminal with current view information

2009-02-08 Thread stanio
Hi, I read this * Marcin Cieslak [2009-02-08 05:42]: The only slight problem that all windows get tagged in the tag 1 after restart, since dwm has no clue what was the previous tag assignement. How this internal dwm 'state' could be passed over to the new instance? on the

Re: [dwm] xgamma notify

2009-03-06 Thread stanio
* Alan Busby [2009-03-06 00:09]: urxvt seems to ignore xgamma. So although it's a great idea, it isn't much help if you only have some terminals open. xgamma works with urxvt here. -- cheers stanio_

Re: [dwm] Wiki date format

2009-03-11 Thread stanio
* markus schnalke [2009-03-11 16:42]: [2009-03-11 16:10] yy OTOH, a /mm/dd structure is convenient to organize months and years in a tree structure, i.e. directories If /mm/dd depicts a path, I agree. Anyway, in this case it's the only way,

Re: [dwm] Stats script

2009-05-09 Thread stanio
|~ #!/bin/sh sswriter \ -w 10 \ -f /home/stanio/.current_song /home/stanio/.recent_events \ -a 20 25 \ -t THRM \ -D eth0 eth2 \ -d %Y-%m-%d %a %H:%M'%S \ -s PCM Master Mic \ %[ | %f0%] %[ | %f1%] |%(B* WARNING * BATTERY *%)%(b

Re: [dwm] Stats script

2009-05-09 Thread stanio
* Kurt H Maier [2009-05-09 17:47]: On Sat, May 09, 2009 at 11:49:53AM +0200, wrote: I noticed I very rarely look at most of the stuff in this status bar thoug, so I am thinking of 2 staged status query -- e.g. date/time and temp in the dwm status

Re: [dwm] [OT] Reputable online computer shops in Germany?

2009-05-09 Thread stanio
Hello, * Adam [2009-05-09 11:50]: Hello, I am considering getting an eee pc or something similar, and am trying to compare prices. I am considering buying a netbook in the very near future, too. You might share your criteria and the results of your comparison -- I at