[DX-CHAT] Any TN news?

2006-12-29 Thread Peter Dougherty
Hi all, A few weeks ago the bulletins were talking about an operation by some German hams from Congo (TN, not 9Q), originally supposed to happen in November, then postponed till November. Has anything official come out about this operation yet? Does anybody know if it's still on or postponed

Re: [DX-CHAT] The New York Times

2006-12-29 Thread nick cominos
The New York TimesI couldn't agree morewhere there is no instant gratification for the current society, there is no effort, no discipline, no persistence. vy 73, Nick W9UM - Original Message - From: Barry To: Ron Notarius W3WN Cc: dx-chat List Sent: Wednesday, December 27, 2006

[DX-CHAT] C6AFV, still in business?

2006-12-29 Thread Art RX9TX
Hello dx-chat, I'm trying to confirm old '99 QSO with C6AFV, simple search shows he has not been mentioned in 425 DX News since 1999, anyone knows if I can expect my direct request to be answered? -- 73...Art RX9TX http://rx9tx.qrz.ru Lord, if there is a Lord? Save my soul, if I