[DX-CHAT] WH0AA qth?

2009-10-25 Thread Garth
Can anyone confirm the QTH of WH0AA? Worked this morning on 30 meters. I have seen spots that say the Mariana Islands and some say Guam (/KH2) Thanks, Garth, KW4MM --- To unsubscribe or subscribe to this list. Please send a message to

RE: [DX-CHAT] WH0AA qth?

2009-10-25 Thread Ron Notarius W3WN
Did he send a QTH? QRZ or FCC won't be any help, the mailing address is listed as a NY State PO Box. QRZ adds that the QSL address is via JA8OLD, so that does indicate that a Pacific QTH is more likely. Buckmaster indicates that his previous call was KH0UE, which is of no help. But they