2011-07-25 Thread Peter Dougherty
Nope, sorry. EZ has been QRT for a few years now. The Turkmenistan government hasn't issued licenses for a long time and appears to have no plans to do so in the near future. I haven't heard anything at all within the last year. Some of the former licensees have been petitioning the government

[DX-CHAT] Dayton 2012

2011-07-09 Thread Peter Dougherty
, Peter Dougherty --- To unsubscribe or subscribe to this list. Please send a message to In the message body put either unsubscribe dx-chat or subscribe dx-chat This is the DX-CHAT reflector sponsored


2011-03-20 Thread Peter Dougherty
Yep, got both in my long a couple of times already (the S2 for two new bands). Yagi at 72' and legal limit helped :) -- - pjd -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Mecseri Sent: Friday, March 18, 2011 8:14 PM To: Subject:

[DX-CHAT] Marathon 2010

2011-01-01 Thread Peter Dougherty
Anybody else submitting an entry for CQDX Marathon 2010? Just e-mailed off my entry. A little disappointing; only 243 CQ entities (239 or 240 DXCC, IIRC), but all 40 zones in the log. I was shooting for 250 DXCC again this year (last time I hit it was 2006).


2010-04-12 Thread Peter Dougherty
Just worked a station signing TN5SP on 40 CW. Anybody know anything about that call? I haven't seen anything in the usual bulletins and nothing on QRZ. Did I just give our old friend Slim a new contact in his log or is this one legit? Strong signal to NJ beamed due east at 2245z so I'm not

RE: [DX-CHAT] IRCs agn...

2009-10-09 Thread Peter Dougherty
I feel your pain. My local post orifice morons barely understand the concept of IRCs, let alone what to do with them. There's only one clerk there who has a clue and I'll only deal with her. Yesterday I went in to buy a quantity of the new ones (with the 2012 expiration) and she tried to sell me

RE: [DX-CHAT] IRCs agn...

2009-10-09 Thread Peter Dougherty She is at PO in RI and can get you the new IRC's. All you want. About a one week turnaround. W1ioo Wally -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Peter Dougherty Sent: Friday, October 09, 2009 3:14 PM To:; dx-chat


2009-08-20 Thread Peter Dougherty
Not enough! --- Regards, Peter, W2IRT -Original Message- From: [] On Behalf Of Dick Flanagan Sent: Thursday, August 20, 2009 11:39 PM To: DX CHAT Subject: [DX-CHAT] ZS8T Does anyone know how many North American


2009-08-20 Thread Peter Dougherty
. Gotta wonder, back in the day, how many hams never lived long enough to get a BY, VU or a ZA in their logs. --- Regards, Peter, W2IRT -Original Message- From: Dick Flanagan [] Sent: Friday, August 21, 2009 12:36 AM To: Peter Dougherty Cc

[DX-CHAT] Dayton DX banquet tickets

2009-04-23 Thread Peter Dougherty
Hi all, There's a small possibility that I may be able to make it to Dayton this year after all. I'm wondering if anybody knows if tickets are still available to the DX and/or contest banquets in the Crowne Plaza-or has a spare. Thanks in advance. I don't have any reservations finalized

[DX-CHAT] Re: [DX-NEWS] [dx-check:1155] Operations approved for DXCC credit

2008-11-14 Thread Peter Dougherty
A52AM – Bhutan Operation from March 20 through September 26, 2007 Last I heard that operation was shut down by the A5 government because they ran unauthorized power, and as a result, Newington considered A52AM to be an invalid operation. Wonder what changed their minds? Of course, this

Re: [DX-CHAT] Introduction and Question

2008-10-21 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 01:02 PM 10/21/2008, Tim Holmes wrote: Good Afternoon Everyone: My name is Tim Holmes, I'm W8TAH I joined this list for information / tips / techniques for DXing and I'm interested to learn all I can. While I am an Extra, my CW skills are basically non existant, but I am working to try to

[DX-CHAT] Email spot alerting

2008-10-01 Thread Peter Dougherty
Hello all, I've been using AR-User from Lee, VE7CC, for a few years now and it's worked wonderfully, up until I switched ISPs last month. My new ISP, Verizon, requires authorization to send, and this provision is not available in Lee's program. With that in mind, are there any alternatives

[DX-CHAT] 5X4X on 80m?

2008-09-30 Thread Peter Dougherty
Hi all, Last night I heard a station signing 5X4X on 80m. This was quite loud and relatively easy to work with a vee at 70' and 1500W. I don't really have any directionality on 80 at all and I'm wondering if anybody heard this station and had an inkling of whether or not it was legit. I

[DX-CHAT] Changing e-mail addresses

2008-09-16 Thread Peter Dougherty
OK, I think old age is catching up with me. Can anybody tell me the URL I should use to change my subscribed e-mail address? I just got FiOS installed yesterday and I want to switch both this reflector and DX-News over to [EMAIL PROTECTED], but I'll be darned if I can find the link from the

Re: [DX-CHAT] Changing e-mail addresses

2008-09-16 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 01:34 AM 9/17/2008, David Rollitt wrote: Hi Peter I just unsubscribed my old addy and re-subscribed my new addy, the info is at the end of all postings. It may not be pretty but it works hi! Hi David (and all who replied) - this cutover from Comcast to Verizon hasn't been as smooth as I'd

[DX-CHAT] Anybody up for a Pacific trip?

2008-08-25 Thread Peter Dougherty They mention Kingman specifically, and I'm sure a few more rare/ultra-rare ones will be included in that plan. Gotta say, it would be great to see at least one of those endangered entities activated before it's too late. Regards, Peter, W2IRT

[DX-CHAT] Re: [DX-NEWS] Ducie on LOTW

2008-06-26 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 03:47 PM 6/26/2008, Jim Abercrombie wrote: Today, I discovered all my qsl's on LOTW for Ducie Island. Jim N4JA Nothing here. I sent my $20 donation in cash with my physical card as soon as I got my last bandslot filled. Guess I shoulda done it online :-( Regards, Peter, W2IRT

[DX-CHAT] Re: [DX-NEWS] Ducie on LOTW

2008-06-26 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 05:01 PM 6/26/2008, Eric Scace K3NA wrote: Peter -- We received 9500+ envelopes in the post. About half have been opened so far by the QSL volunteers. Yes, on-line requests are much faster for both the DXer and the QSL volunteers. Thanks for your patience. Not a problem - was

Re: [DX-CHAT] Radio Procedure-on phone

2008-06-03 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 11:08 AM 6/3/2008, David Yarnes wrote: You describe the problem very well. The only thing is, it's kind of like an accent. You can pick it up going in, and you tend to lose it going out. Habits are hard to break, but so long as we don't pick up on it ourselves, I think in time it will

[DX-CHAT] YA/LY1Y is now valid!

2008-04-30 Thread Peter Dougherty
#309 confirmed as of today. Per the DXCC blog: The following operation has been approved for DXCC credit: YA/LY1Y -- Afghanistan Operations in 2006 and 2007 If you had cards rejected for this operation send an e-mail to mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED][EMAIL PROTECTED] to be placed on the list for

[DX-CHAT] I wish to register a complaint!

2008-04-07 Thread Peter Dougherty
Yesterday afternoon a cluster-crab made an off-hand about 10 and 15 (or was it 17 15) being dead - to which I replied in a very pythonesque manner. Well tonight, after a few choice single-malts, the creative juices began to flow and pretty soon the following oozed out of my brain and onto

[DX-CHAT] Noise Cancelling Headset?

2008-03-27 Thread Peter Dougherty
Hi all, Well, it's finally happened again, as I knew it would, My Heil ProSet Quiet Phones have self-destructed for the fourth time in three years. I really love these when they work, but it's now obvious that the design is badly flawed and I'm not interested in throwing good money after bad

Re: [DX-CHAT] Noise Cancelling Headset?

2008-03-27 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 04:20 PM 3/27/2008, Jim Reisert AD1C wrote: K1DG grafted a Heil BM10 mike to a Bose headset. Thanks kindly. I think that was the page I remembered. Wonder how that project would hold up to heavy-duty use? Regards, Peter, W2IRT

Re: [DX-CHAT] Noise Cancelling Headset?

2008-03-27 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 07:28 PM 3/27/2008, Stuart Santelmann KC1F wrote: I think contesting can be described as heavy duty use, as I think that's what my friend K1DG primarily would use that headset for... heh. Yeah, contesting and DXing at all hours of the day and night. Plus, I have a big head (

Re: [DX-CHAT] Morse code buffs....question

2008-03-24 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 08:41 AM 3/24/2008, Win wrote: It is different each week. It is usually the title of the episode. Nope - that was only the first episode (Jericho pilot). The second season started off with we're baaack. Each week it's 2 or 3 words relevant to the episode. Sometimes it's a sentence broken

Re: [DX-CHAT] On-Line Logs

2008-03-18 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 09:28 AM 3/18/2008, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: If you have to go to an on-line log to know whether you worked the station or not, you DIDN'T ... ... and the analogy is similar to the DX nets wherein the net control bleats out good one! My anti-flame suit is on. So don't waste bandwidth.

RE: [DX-CHAT] On-Line Logs

2008-03-18 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 10:38 AM 3/18/2008, Joe Subich, W4TV wrote: Still, when last QSO posted is nearly 24 hours old when the log is posted, the on line log is practically useless. Depends on the band G. My 160 QSO with 5T5DC posted overnight, but if it didn't show up until dusk tonight, no big deal :-) !!

[DX-CHAT] Tracking the SHOGUN?

2008-03-17 Thread Peter Dougherty
Hi all, Just wondering if the position of the M/V Shogun can somehow be tracked online? I tried a few sites but the only references I could find to a vessel of that name were an Italian cargo ship and a pleasurecraft somewhere in California. Regards, Peter, W2IRT

Re: [DX-CHAT] Directional CQs

2008-03-16 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 10:52 PM 3/16/2008, Charles Harpole wrote: Many recent DXpeditions have, in my opinion, over-studied the data to serve under served areas, have propagation charts, and be extra aware of their important position as the only (last?) hams to be at that locale. One effect is the extensive use

Re: [DX-CHAT] cost of DX radios

2008-03-10 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 08:52 PM 3/10/2008, Charles Harpole wrote: According to adjusted GDP ratios, a $300 (USD) good DX radio, purchased in 1960 would cost, in 2007 USD, a wopping $4,200, plus or minus a few dollars here and there (or a really loaded FT-2000D). Figuring another way (relative share of GDP),

Re: [DX-CHAT] how to be DX?

2008-03-07 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 07:19 PM 3/7/2008, Charles Harpole wrote: I am vy minor DX but get large EU pile ups anyway (likely due to boredom, no one else to call that moment). Due to EU calling practices, I must use split, and feel guilty about using two freqs. on the band. Thus, I use one listening frequency.

Re: [DX-CHAT] Cable X-perts out of busines ????

2008-03-03 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 07:12 AM 3/3/2008, Jon Maguire wrote: Guys, I have severe arthritis in my hands, so assembling PL-259s has aways been a problem. I know, however, there are tools to both strip the coax, and install the connector with a minimum of hassle. Anyone have any pointers to these tools? Thanks in

Re: [DX-CHAT] directional CQs

2008-02-21 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 04:23 PM 2/21/2008, Charles Harpole wrote: Talking abt waiting out an EU only calling practice of 3 hrs from VP6DX. realize that there is NEVER a directional CQ for South East Asia. DXpeditions rarely call for Africa only, VK ZL only, nor South Asia only. An Asia only call really

Re: [DX-CHAT] directional CQs

2008-02-21 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 07:12 PM 2/21/2008, you wrote: There are an awful lot of casual DXers, as I brought up in the eHam thread, who work full-time jobs and strong family obligations, who really only get 2 or 3 hours a night between supper and bedtime to play radio. I can't argue with that! However, there are a

Re: [DX-CHAT] Kosovo

2008-02-19 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 06:14 PM 2/19/2008, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Even though Kosovo has declared independence, doesn't it have to pass additional criteria (UN Recog, ITU, etc.) before it become a legit new DXCC country?? Yes. It must either be officially recognized by the UN or get a prefix block from the

Re: [DX-CHAT] VP6DX - 160M SSB

2008-02-16 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 11:29 AM 2/16/2008, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Has anyone on this reflector worked VP6DX on 160M SSB. As near as I can tell, they have not been on yet. If you have had a contact with them or heard them on 160M SSB, can you tell me the time and date?? They have not been QRV on 160 phone as of

Re: [DX-CHAT] DXpedition Expectations

2008-02-10 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 05:42 PM 2/10/2008, you wrote: TI9KK has monster raging pileups. I saw a spot for ZK2CC on 40m last night and one called 'em. 100W. Yup, I got the ZK2 on 15 (new band for me), low power/no-amp and with one or two calls, no waiting. Also this afternoon I got HC1MD on 12m CW, another new

[DX-CHAT] Ducie's QRV!

2008-02-10 Thread Peter Dougherty
Just worked 'em on 40 CW. Fast op, huge signal, great ears; should be a hell of a DXpedition! Regards, Peter, W2IRT Subscribe/unsubscribe, feedback, FAQ, problems To post a message, DX related items only, This is the DX-CHAT reflector

RE: [DX-CHAT] TO5FJ 160m QSOs in online log yet?

2008-01-19 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 03:05 PM 1/19/2008, Bernie McClenny, W3UR wrote: I worked them the first night and my QSO is in the online log search My guess is either you (W2UP) did not work him or he maybe a letter or so off. Either way I'd send a QSL (with all your other QSLs) and let

[DX-CHAT] It Counts!

2008-01-11 Thread Peter Dougherty
FJ/OH2AM counts for DXCC as per the ARRL this afternoon Cheers, Peter, W2IRT Subscribe/unsubscribe, feedback, FAQ, problems To post a message, DX related items only, This is the DX-CHAT reflector

[DX-CHAT] Your own personal BPL generator

2008-01-09 Thread Peter Dougherty
Or, more likely, your *neighbour's* own personal BPL generator: Oh, Joy. Cheers, Peter, W2IRT Subscribe/unsubscribe, feedback, FAQ, problems To post a message, DX related items only,

Re: [DX-CHAT] IRC's not valid/accepted in Lebanon

2008-01-09 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 07:50 PM 1/9/2008, Don wrote: OD5NH informs me that IRC's are not valid in Lebanon. Which is why, I'll bet, there are so many complaints from people who don't get a card. He's had that on his page forever and how much do you want to bet that a lot of people send them anyways.

RE: [DX-CHAT] IRC's not valid/accepted in Lebanon

2008-01-09 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 10:50 PM 1/9/2008, Joe Subich, W4TV wrote: Every time I've sent G$$ to Puzant I've gotten a card back. You're lucky. Two tries a year apart (latest being seven months ago) with G$$ and not a thing. I should qualify that statement by saying all my submissions were sent before Lebanon

Re: [DX-CHAT] 5L2MS rejected by DXCC as a Shipboard Operation

2007-12-28 Thread Peter Dougherty
Greetings all, Thanks to everyone who sent me private e-mail earlier today concerning this situation with 5L2MS. It does indeed seem that the operation was very much land-based and I suspect it will be rectified in the coming few weeks. Now, if only YA/LY1Y would count grin! Cheers,

[DX-CHAT] 5L2MS rejected by DXCC as a Shipboard Operation

2007-12-27 Thread Peter Dougherty
Hi all, Just FYI, I had four claimed QSOs with 5L2MS rejected by the DXCC desk this afternoon; the reason indicated was that this was as a Shipboard Operation (despite the photos at I'm not sure if they operated /MM before or after the operation but

[DX-CHAT] FJ Can of worms

2007-12-27 Thread Peter Dougherty
Speaking about FJ, H boy, this is about to get interesting All I can say, I'm glad FH5KH was QRV also. Cheers, Peter, W2IRT Subscribe/unsubscribe, feedback, FAQ, problems To post a message, DX

[DX-CHAT] Merry Christmas

2007-12-24 Thread Peter Dougherty
My gracious and charming XYL and I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone on DX Chat and DX QSL a very Merry Christmas. Here's hoping Santa's extra-careful with your new ACOM or K3 (it just Won't Do to have chimney soot on that nice finish!), and that you don't get eight flying


2007-12-22 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 08:33 AM 12/22/2007, G Nuth wrote: You guys are lucky with the great sigs for FJ stations, not a peep in ZL. Doubt if we would be lucky in a pile-up even if we could hear them. 73 ZL3ACA I took a peek at propagation forecasts and you should be able to at least hear them on 40 CW between

Re: [DX-CHAT] FJ Activity

2007-12-22 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 08:24 PM 12/22/2007, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I don't know how many of you caught the activity down around 14.165 at 1930z and there after. FJ5KH was quite active at this time, easy to work and had a big signal. The natives are active. Yup; they were begging while Martti was bangin' 'em

Re: [DX-CHAT] Re:A52AM

2007-12-17 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 04:28 PM 12/17/2007, mike giddings wrote: A paragraph in the January issue of Radio Communication mentions that the RSGB have recently received an email from the Director,Bhutan Infocomm and Media Authority, to the effect that the callsign A52AM was cancelled on the 27 September 2007 and


2007-12-15 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 12:39 PM 12/15/2007, Art RX9TX wrote: RNW they be charged with transmitting a false call sign, since UP is a Russian RNW prefix I cant tolerate that for that long :), UP is Kazakh, Kazakh, Kazakh prefix, not Russian. That's it, We'll send BORAT after them! Cheers, Peter, W2IRT

Re: [DX-CHAT] 'tis the season

2007-12-14 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 05:19 PM 12/14/2007, Charles Harpole wrote: To Western hams, mostly K4VUD ... sounds like a Western callsign to me. Your new QTH must be wonderful and I'm glad you enjoy being there, and thus I expect by now you have submitted your American license for cancellation, returned your US

Re: [DX-CHAT] 'tis the season

2007-12-14 Thread Peter Dougherty
AND HAPPY NEW YEAR FOR 2008! God bless us. Everyone. Oh, wait a minute I might offend the athiests or agnostics--Even though I AM one, I'll say it anyway because it's that time of the year and it makes people happy. Charles (and other PC-types), maybe, instead, it would be best for each

RE: [DX-CHAT] 'tis the season

2007-12-14 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 12:47 AM 12/15/2007, Ron Notarius W3WN wrote: There were spots for E4/OM2DX on 80 and 40 earlier this evening. I THOUGHT I heard them, barely, on 80, but of course, the Russian Frequency Cops -- the ones with the 2 letter call UP -- were jamming the frequency. We've got a week,

Re: [DX-CHAT] How do you view new DXCC countries?

2007-12-11 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 10:29 AM 12/11/2007, Barry wrote: If it's an exotic location, I can understand the excitement. However, when new DXCC entities are created out of relatively common, easy to work entities, due to political changes (YU, PJ, etc.) I view it as more of a pain in the a** having to work them

Re: [DX-CHAT] How do you view new DXCC countries?

2007-12-11 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 11:23 AM 12/11/2007, Dan Zimmerman N3OX wrote: Besides, don't you want to eventually be pushing 390 active+deleted someday? ;-) Remember, too, that's the *only* way newcomers will ever get high totals since there will never be another deleted entity according to the revised rules. As

[DX-CHAT] 2008 New Ones

2007-12-09 Thread Peter Dougherty
Looks like the bar may be set even higher. In addition to the Netherlands Antilles re-configuration possibly some action on Kosovo in '08... Cheers, Peter, W2IRT Subscribe/unsubscribe, feedback, FAQ, problems

Re: [DX-CHAT] Power cycling the ACOM-1000

2007-11-19 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 12:59 PM 11/19/2007, Paul M Dunphy wrote: I have an ACOM-1000 that has exceeded my expectation by far. This question is basic electronics, and I'm asking it in the context of the ACOM-1000, not radios, computers, etc. I use my station most of the day, from about 8:00 AM until


2007-11-19 Thread Peter Dougherty
ZS1JX: SAE+$2 sent direct on Oct. 22nd (#99 on 160m - larger-format card, op used his own envelope - TU!!). EA6NB: SASE/stamp sent direct on Nov. 7th (12 CW). 7Q7CE: SAE+IRC sent via IN3VZE on Oct. 22nd. (20 RTTY) EA6/I1RSA: SASE/stamps sent direct on Nov. 7th (20 RTTY completing 9 x 3 sweep of

Re: [DX-CHAT] a little more on Ten Tec woes

2007-10-25 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 08:26 AM 10/25/2007, Charles Harpole wrote: Ron's suggestion confirms my assertion that Ten Tec has a customer service problem radios that are orphans in the storm. I hope my message is a wake up call to a company whose products I admire and mostly proudly own. Three strikes..


2007-10-06 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 01:53 PM 10/6/2007, you wrote: I agree, especially on the first few days of an operation, DXpeditions have to cut things down somehow, and going by continent where they have the best propagation makes sense. I do not think they ought to single out a specific country. NA, EU, AS, etc.

RE: [DX-CHAT] DXpedition radios

2007-09-23 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 12:05 PM 9/23/2007, Ron Notarius W3WN wrote: The Argonaut acted like it was the only rig there. The 706 could get blown out of the water when the Argonaut was transmitting. Would have to agree regarding the 706. It's front end is as bad as the New York Giants pass defense. Yes, *that*

Re: [DX-CHAT] DXpedition radios

2007-09-23 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 07:15 PM 9/23/2007, Duane, WV2B wrote: No mention of any Kenwoods, other than a big negative on the TS-50. So not sure how the 570/480 class rank, but certainly not as good as the K3. The 570 is a great first-radio. It's NOT a great first DXpedition radio. If you put in a 2100 or 1700 SSB


2007-09-05 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 08:50 PM 9/5/2007, Charles Harpole wrote: Hello DXers, What is the possible DXCC status of Turkish Republic Of Northern Cyprus (TRNC)? I worked 1B1AB and his web page on in interesting. Doesn't count for bugger-all; the first sentence on his site says it all: My part of the

Re: [DX-CHAT] Postal thieves

2007-08-26 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 11:32 AM 8/26/2007, Art RX9TX wrote: Hello Charles, CH Instead, try Registered Mail or, if desperate, use FedEx, UPS, or CH DHL. Instead, how about uploading VU4AN/VU3CHE and HS0ZCW logs to LoTW? Last upload for HS0ZCW: 2004-04-16 07:01:06Z Last upload for VU4AN/VU3CHE: No log data found

Re: [DX-CHAT] DXCC Yearbook

2007-07-25 Thread Peter Dougherty
Many on this reflector have made some excellent points on this topic. I would suggest these comments be put in writing to Newington (preferably by snail-mail) rather than preaching to the choir here. My letter is going out in tomorrow's post, and I would urge others to do likewise. Cheers,

Re: [DX-CHAT] Yearbook whine

2007-07-24 Thread Peter Dougherty
I don't think this is an issue of connectivity or the desire for non-computer-savvy hams to have to much through the ARRL site, etc. In my opinion, it's exactly the same issue as paper QSLs versus LoTW. With the standings printed in the yearbook, it's there on paper pages, now and forever

Re: [DX-CHAT] Address change HS0ZCW

2007-06-26 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 10:18 AM 06/26/2007, Charles Harpole wrote: My dream of having a simple Thailand address, Box 1, etc, was dashed by extensive postal mail theft by the Nakhon Chaisi government postal workers. They first stole the $$ from the incoming QSL card envelops, and after my first complaint, began


2007-06-09 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 10:07 PM 06/09/2007, Charles Harpole wrote: See the DX-News archives - QSOs were uploaded for Donors only. 73 - Jim AD1C Boy oh boy I got roasted when a friend posted for me a message that implied I needed cash for a 9N confirmation (not true). and now this (see above). Ham

Re: [DX-CHAT] 3B6SP expedition?

2007-06-07 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 09:42 AM 06/07/2007, Dan Zimmerman N3OX wrote: I could use ZS8 too... I hope the 3B6 guys are able to get underway soon... all I saw was a cluster spot from a GM station that said something like back to 3B7 ... I've got my fingers crossed that condx hold out... we don't need 85/2/0 solar


2007-06-03 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 05:44 PM 06/03/2007, nick cominos wrote: Anyone getting the Internal Server Error when uploading to the site? I've been getting this all weekend. Dunno about that, but I've been trying to e-mail someone with an (i.e. staff) address and it's bounced all day today (was working FB

RE: [DX-CHAT] BS7H thoughts

2007-05-10 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 06:59 AM 05/10/2007, Bernie McClenny, W3UR wrote: Back to the one and only way to remove a current counter from the DXCC list. The only way is if the said entity no longer meets the criteria in which put it on the list to begin with. Rules that are made up afterwards do not affect its

Re: [DX-CHAT] Best BS7H quote I have seen

2007-05-06 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 10:17 AM 05/06/2007, Dan Zimmerman N3OX wrote: I can't believe the nerve of people who think they're entitled to a contact with the DX just because there's a DXpedition on. It doesn't matter that they're a poor operator, it doesn't matter that their antenna system is garbage and they're

Re: [DX-CHAT] Best BS7H quote I have seen

2007-05-06 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 11:23 AM 05/06/2007, Dan Zimmerman N3OX wrote: I had to visit a better station to work the rare ones (my club's station, with a Cushcraft X9 at 120' and a kW in the shack). I've always resisted that. Even when I was in college and we had an X9 at the club station (K2CC), it was the rig in

Re: [DX-CHAT] Best BS7H quote I have seen

2007-05-06 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 02:20 PM 05/06/2007, Mike(W5UC) Kathy(K5MWH) wrote: IMHO what is between the ears counts at least as much as that 1.5 KW amp and a giant antenna at 100 feet, and when the chips are down, that big killer signal isn't worth much if you don't know what to do with it. So true. I have to

Re: [DX-CHAT] Best BS7H quote I have seen

2007-05-05 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 09:17 PM 05/05/2007, Dan Zimmerman N3OX wrote: To ALL de IZ8DEO 1824Z : 10.104 the mother of the idiots is always pregnant Fantastic! BS7H a no go for me. Gotta wait 'till next time. I should have some big aluminum in ten years Heard 'em well on 20m several mornings but couldn't

Re: [DX-CHAT] Re: BS7H

2007-05-02 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 11:23 AM 05/02/2007, John Warren wrote: Larry K4WLS wrote: If you wanted a Give Away Extra, now you got it !!! ENJOY all the Lids, CB'ers, and QRM you invited in !! I got BS-7H back in '95 with a H.B. Vertical and 90W. Just for fun, bet I can do it again. Larry, There's no reason to


2007-04-30 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 06:34 AM 04/30/2007, Jerry Keller wrote: BS7H was 5-5 to 5-7 much of the afternoon here in eastern PA, n a 3 el yagi. I'm surprised that they couldn't be heard in NJ, just a few miles east of my QTH. Must be something wrong with the antenna or the feedline. Or maybe an arrogant,


2007-04-29 Thread Peter Dougherty
I am not by any means a newcomer to DX, but THIS is worse than ever -- and no one can blame the US lids for it!!! Call by numbers is fine -- as long as WE can hear what numbers the DX is calling!!. Shame on the world's hams!! I Couldn't agree more. I was listening all day on both CW and

[DX-CHAT] LoTW versus paper, etc.

2007-04-27 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 09:33 AM 04/27/2007, Bob Schenck, N2OO wrote: The fairest way to do things is the way it is currently being done. LoTW is voluntary and it should always be such. Many reasons. There will always be people who paper log. There will always be DXpeditions that paper log. There will always be

Re: [DX-CHAT] Re: U.S. Postal rates set to go up

2007-04-26 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 08:03 PM 04/26/2007, Ron Notarius W3WN wrote: Pete, If the ARRL or DXCC desk were to mandate LotW posting for DXCC approval, you would hear even more screaming from a certain small but vocal element of the DX community. Probably would, but sometimes a kick in the rear end is needed to

Re: [DX-CHAT] QSL manager for 3DA0EI

2007-03-28 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 10:46 AM 03/28/2007, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Is there a QSL manager for 3DA0EI? Worked him on 40M during the WPX contest. QSL via EI7CC. Cheers, Peter, W2IRT Subscribe/unsubscribe, feedback, FAQ, problems To post a message, DX related items only,

[DX-CHAT] DXCC application and ZD9

2007-03-23 Thread Peter Dougherty
Hi all, This morning I received back the paperwork and cards for my 12/30/2006 DXCC application. All was well with one exception. ZD9ATN, (Good Buddy Simon, IZ7ATN) was kicked back for lack of documentation. I remember reading a few things about this operation when it was happening last


2007-03-10 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 06:50 PM 03/10/2007, Bob Nielsen wrote: On Mar 10, 2007, at 3:26 PM, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: I was unable to find this contest listed anywhere, including QST. What is BERU?? John Owens - N7TK British Empire Radio Union. In recent years, it has been called the Commonwealth Contest.

[DX-CHAT] F12 Delta 240

2007-01-25 Thread Peter Dougherty
Hi guys, Just wondering if anybody here has used the new Force 12 Delta-240? I'm thinking of getting one this summer to go up about 80' or so, and I'm trying to find out what its real-world performance is like. I'm especially interested in seeing how well it plays with other yagis (I have a

[DX-CHAT] Any TN news?

2006-12-29 Thread Peter Dougherty
Hi all, A few weeks ago the bulletins were talking about an operation by some German hams from Congo (TN, not 9Q), originally supposed to happen in November, then postponed till November. Has anything official come out about this operation yet? Does anybody know if it's still on or postponed

[DX-CHAT] Merry Christmas

2006-12-25 Thread Peter Dougherty
On behalf of my XYL (who's making a wonderful turkey dinner as I type this), I'd like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and best of the holiday season. It's been a heck of a good year for DXers -- Peter the First, VU4, VU7, 5A and two all-time New Ones created amongst other highlights.


2006-12-08 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 04:02 PM 12/08/2006, Dan Violette wrote: Just put: TO: ONL8XYZ at the top, remove the QSO and 2X type items (cross-out) and replace with HRD WORKING, MODE, etc. example: HRD WORKING DateTime Mode RST (QSO with, 2X crossed out) PT4XX2006/12/07

[DX-CHAT] 3Y0X DVD arrived today

2006-12-07 Thread Peter Dougherty
Just FYI, the Peter 1 DVD in this morning's post. Looking forward to watching it tomorrow night (when it's supposed to be about 25F and windy up here!). Cheers, Peter, W2IRT Subscribe/unsubscribe, feedback, FAQ, problems To post a message, DX related items


2006-11-30 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 08:16 PM 11/30/2006, Russell Kellam Jr wrote: VU7 is supposedly QRV but not a single spot on the DX Cluster, any band any mode?? Russ W4UBC They were spotted on 80 a few hours ago, but nada here at sunset (around 2200z). Their license is for December 1st to 31st, supposedly, so I'm not

[DX-CHAT] XF4 80m and topband last night

2006-10-24 Thread Peter Dougherty
Hi guys, Worked what I thought was XF4DL on 80 and 160 CW tonight, but a few cluster spots were saying pirate (WFWL and all that). Anybody know definitively if they were in fact QRV on the low bands? Their Web site is less than clear on the subject. Thanks Cheers, Peter, W2IRT

Re: [DX-CHAT] will this help?

2006-10-07 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 05:25 AM 10/07/2006, Charles Harpole wrote: Will this help? If a DXpedition station gave out serial numbers, incrementing for each QSO (like some contests ), would that retard pirates? A pirate could give out serial numbers, too, but could he ever get so close in sequence to the real DX

[DX-CHAT] HS-land wishes

2006-09-20 Thread Peter Dougherty
With the recent news of the military coup in Thailand, here's hoping our fellow hams in HS-land are safe and that we'll continue to hear them on the air. Given the current situation, one has to wonder whether the operation of amateur radio equipment will continue to be permitted, at least in


2006-08-24 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 09:19 PM 08/24/2006, Ron Notarius W3WN wrote: The confirmed perecentage for Logbook of the World will go up in time, as more amateurs use it. I'm actually surprised at my own numbers. As of tonight my LoTW hit rate is 14.82%, not including the last 5 QSOs I made today. I'd say the majority of


2006-08-24 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 09:59 PM 08/24/2006, Charles Harpole wrote: Ron, ur answer does not address my list of reasons why DX does not use lbotw... re: No computer... that does it... end of story which u acknowledged, but -long upload times and expense... no answer Long upload times? Are you joking? Even on a

Re: [DX-CHAT] distaste for America especially after 9/11

2006-08-24 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 10:20 PM 08/24/2006, nick cominos wrote: Re Charles Harpoles comments concerning LoTW don't bother me at all. He is entitled to his opinion. However, and I know this is no place for this, his comment about America having little standing in the rest of the world infuriates me. The rest


2006-07-30 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 05:43 PM 07/30/2006, nick cominos wrote: After reading a variety of opinions I felt compelled to add to the mix. While I have never been on the operating end of a DXpedition, the mere idea of allowing the entire ham population to call indiscriminately is atrocious. I disagree. Opening it

Re: [DX-CHAT] How do we make better DXers?

2006-07-30 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 05:56 PM 07/30/2006, Jim Reisert AD1C wrote: Just because WX9QRO calls overtop of everyone, and in frustration and/or desperation, the DX operator works him to get him out of the way does NOT make it right, and does NOT mean that we have to follow that example. To that end it would be

Re: [DX-CHAT] Logging Programs

2006-07-30 Thread Peter Dougherty
At 08:01 PM 07/30/2006, KA5EJX wrote: Is it ok if I ask about a good logging program on here? I will assume there is a website dedicated to comparing various DX logging programs? Hi Rod, What you consider a good logger others would disagree, and it depends on your level of activity and

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