Re: [DX-CHAT] Noise Cancelling Headset?

2008-03-27 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
I think contesting can be described as heavy duty use, as I think that's what my friend K1DG primarily would use that headset for... Heil wouldn't fix a lemon headset for free ? The anti-ham radio fairies apparently sat on my Pro-Set a while ago, and I think I only paid for shipping to Heil

Re: [DX-CHAT] SWL QSL-ing and more

2008-03-18 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
Yes indeed - I have a ton of those from the Soviet Union days. I always thought that the inked part on the generic cards looked like the potato stamp things we made in Cub Scouts. I answered them all. Just cross out 2 way and write SWL rprt above the crossed out QSO StuKC1F

Re: [DX-CHAT] on line logs

2008-03-18 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
3Y0PI - Original Message - From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: DX Chat Sent: Tuesday, March 18, 2008 12:33 PM Subject: Re: [DX-CHAT] on line logs Todd: Online logs preceeded K7C by quite a bit. They are the first op that posted real-time listing of

Re: [DX-CHAT] Romney dismisses Amateur radio

2008-01-15 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
What does this have to do with DXing ??? Mitt was a conservative governor in a state full of loony lefties, and he got frustrated dealing with the liberal media ?? And what was the natural disaster that Mitt didn't deal with in November 2005 ? Do you remember ? StuKC1F

Re: [DX-CHAT] 'tis the season

2007-12-14 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
Dad Charles made us fight again like he does every year at this time He'll get coal in his stocking !! Just to make this DX related, when are the E4s due on ? StuKC1F - Original Message - From: Dave G4GED To: Sent: Friday, December 14,

Re: [DX-CHAT] a different service query

2007-11-16 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
Charles: You use an Alpha amplifier ? Isn't the maximum power output permitted 200 watts ? You must be driving the amp pretty lightly ! Regards and Savai de cup Stu KC1F It helps if you are importing a transceiver, which has already been approved by PTD, and RAST keeps an approved rig list

[DX-CHAT] 1937 original countries list

2007-10-02 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
Hello: I now have a better quality two image scanned version of this from the January 1937 QST. Please let me know if you'd like it. Itr's two 500 mb images. I'm assuming the reflector does not allow attachments... StuKC1F Subscribe/unsubscribe, feedback, FAQ, problems

[DX-CHAT] Fw: 1937 original countries list

2007-10-02 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
Ooops - make that 500 kb images - they're not THAT good ! - Original Message - From: Stuart Santelmann KC1F To: Sent: Tuesday, October 02, 2007 6:56 PM Subject: 1937 original countries list Hello: I now have a better quality two image scanned version of this from

Re: [DX-CHAT] Post War QST?

2007-10-01 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
The first DXCC countries list was published in 1937. Does anyone have a copy of the original list? Urb, W2DEC Hi Urb: I have the January 1937 QST with the countries list on page 52-53 under IARU News - shall I scan it and email it to you ? A lot of interesting stuff there...

Re: [DX-CHAT] 5b/aj4o

2007-04-28 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
I have some qsl-ing problems...don't we all...hi? 1) on 3/4/07 3795khz I wkd 5b/aj4o in a contest. Cannot find any qsl info for him...any help? 2) I have wkd vp9ge twice on 6m sent qsl request but no ans. Will not reply to email as well. Any help? Does he qsl? 73/dx steve, k8wk Hi

Fw: [DX-CHAT] Real prefix for N8S query

2007-04-13 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
Pardon my ignorance... but what is the correct prefix for Swan I. ? Used to be KD4 One Swan I. web site says it belongs to another country? Also, while I am asking questions, why is it that vy few hams end their emails to other hams with 73??? Charles Harpole [EMAIL

Re: [DX-CHAT] YU6AO Cards

2006-08-30 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
Hi Tom: Congrats - do you mean "SAE + 1.00" ? Stu KC1F - Original Message - From: Tom - KE1JF To: ; [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2006 1:06 PM Subject: [DX-CHAT] YU6AO Cards For those who are waiting


2006-07-26 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
Well, I suppose that it's E layer propagation and not F layer - we ARE at the bottom of the cycle ! Stu KC1F - Original Message - From: Bill Hawkins Cc: Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2006 5:56 PM Subject: [DX-CHAT] YU6AO Propagation is

Re: [DX-CHAT] proper greetings

2005-12-30 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
Two of you beat me to the punch - any non-Christians who are offended by us celebrating our major religious holiday (which includes goodwill to all) and by us giving the same good wishes to all of you please raise your hand ?! (cricket sound...) I thought so... StuKC1F in

Re: [DX-CHAT] CQ song

2005-11-24 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
I know I kept that neat song that was on the web about a year ago that the theme was CQ... Real good band and singers. Does somebody have it or the route for it... Wanted to play that today for a friend but couldn't find it. Rod WC7N I think a video of the jazz band Olga performing CQ

Re: [DX-CHAT] Kudos to CQ Magazine

2005-07-19 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
CQ Magazine still publishes ALL of the scores of the DX contests and surprisingly has not gone out of business regardless of the pages that info takes up... remarkable! Hi Charles: By coincidence, my CQ issue with the 2004 WW SSB results came today, and there WAS some writeup

Re: [DX-CHAT] [DX-News] FR/E - Comments

2003-11-28 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
This time of year, daytime temperatures on Europa approach 120 - 130 Deg F in the shade. Hi Larry: I'm sure it's very hot and uncomfortable there, but let's not exaggerate - the high temperatures are in the 80s, with very high humidity - check out the link from the TO4E website -

Re: [DX-CHAT] avis is. question

2003-11-22 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
I saw recently where it seemed that avis island was going to be activated sometime this year. As I need it for an all-time-new one, I was excited. But I cannot seem to find the reference announcement. Anybody any help? 73/dx steve, k8wk 8 The Avis Island operation will


2003-10-31 Thread Stuart Santelmann KC1F
It's EA8ZS... StuKC1F Can anyone give QSL route for these two, or did I run into a couple of pirates? TIA Jon WS9C Subscribe/unsubscribe, feedback, FAQ, problems To post a message, DX related items only, [EMAIL PROTECTED] This is