[DX-CHAT] VU7 Operation on 30 m

2006-12-22 Thread Frank DL4KQ
Merry XMAS to all although this gift will be presented in january: VU7RG received official written permit to operate on 30 m ! 73 Frank, DL4KQ www.vu7.in Subscribe/unsubscribe, feedback, FAQ, problems http://njdxa.org/dx-chat To post a message, DX related items only, dx-chat@njdxa.org This


2006-12-22 Thread Norm Gertz
CW will still be the mode of choice for many of our radio amateurs regardless of the test requirements. Through the years many who successfully copied the 13 wpm required never did operate CW for reasons of their own. Rather than being a demiselook at the Fists organization which in a few

RE: [DX-CHAT] VU7 Operation on 30 m

2006-12-22 Thread LA5HE Ragnar Otterstad
That is extremely good news for us up in the North !!! 73 Merry Xmas Rag LA5HE -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Behalf Of Frank DL4KQ Sent: 22. desember 2006 14:57 To: DX-Chat Subject: [DX-CHAT] VU7 Operation on 30 m Merry XMAS to all although


2006-12-22 Thread Mark Horowitz
CW will never be dead. I got my ham ticket in 1974 and have been working CW ever since. So what if it's not a requirement anymore. Sounds more like a business venture than anything else. If you don't like CW, that's fine. But there are plenty of hams who enjoy cw. Too each his own. I


2006-12-22 Thread Zack Widup
Not within our lifetimes, anyway ... I know quite a few hams younger than me who are great CW ops. Assuming there's enough of them around and that they will outlive me, I think I'll always have someone to work on CW. See you all on SKN! ARL SIXTY ONE, Zack W9SZ On Fri, 22 Dec 2006, Mark

[DX-CHAT] HFRadio.org

2006-12-22 Thread KIR
Does anybody have the latest scoop on when the HFRadio.org site will be up again? It's been down a long time now and I miss having access to their propagation page. Their temporary site just doesn't cut the mustard in showing current and projected propagation, at least in comparison to their

[DX-CHAT] HS0ZCW and VU4... adr change

2006-12-22 Thread Charles Harpole
New address permanent for HS0ZCW, VU4AN/VU3CHE, 9N7UD, A52UD is Charly Harpole P. O. Box 1 Nakhon Chaisi Nakhon Pathom THAILAND 73120 That is Post Office Box One. All previous addresses you may have are still operational... good... for at least the next year, so if you mailed to me