Re: [DX-CHAT] New Q Signal Need

2003-09-10 Thread RHunt
I always useQRL ?? for what it's worth. 73,DX, Ross K5RH Tony Martin

Re: [DX-CHAT] a timely subjec

2004-01-01 Thread RHunt
Steve other interested parties, I like you have AboutTime on a dozen or so systems. It works fine on 4 of them this morning so my educated guess is that your failing system isn't able to connect to the internet or you have changed some security parameters that prevent access. It's a great

Fw: [DX-CHAT] 4O3T

2006-11-28 Thread RHunt
While we're on the subject, what happened to the online QSL received database they promised? I'm not finding it and it appears their website hasn't changed in months. Anyone have the URL ? 73, Ross K5RH harris_ruben [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent by: [EMAIL PROTECTED] 11/28/2006 07:15 AM To


2009-11-25 Thread RHunt
From K5YAA OKDXA Pres W5 QSL bureau manager: I am sorry to report to all that my good friend and OKDXAer Ken Adams passed away peacefully this last Sunday afternoon. Most of you know Ken had been undergoing chemotherapy for some time now. This entire past year he continued in good spirits