Re: [DX-CHAT] Leaderboards - good or bad?

2012-06-06 Thread DAVE WHITE
That's exactly what I do, Zack Unless there's some organisational cock-up (on my part - I don't use a computer log) then I'll work a DXpedition if possible once on each band and once on each mode. I won't work them on a band/mode if I already have that one confirmed. The thought process is

Re: [DX-CHAT] Leaderboards and Tom's yardstick

2012-06-06 Thread DAVE WHITE
Hi think that's a great way of looking at things, Tom I thought that the 7O6T guys did an amazing job before I saw your analysis, but I guess that figure really hammers home quite how incredible their QSO rate was. I bet they slept for a week when they got home. I suppose the counter

[DX-CHAT] Leaderboards - and everything else.

2012-06-06 Thread Ernie Walls
Question. Just what is wrong, exactly, with working a DXpedition by band/mode? What's the problem? Isn't that what we all want to do anyway, that is, work everyone on all bands and all modes? Isn't that why the DXpedition goes too far flung places at great expense for - to have as

Re: [DX-CHAT] Leaderboards and Tom's yardstick

2012-06-06 Thread Tom Wylie
Well precisely Dave - I mean if you have sufficient operators, with sufficient kit and they stay there a long time, it stands to reason they are going to break records - my dog';s bigger than your dog! etc. But, it depends upon the obectives of the expedition.If like T32C you want to

Re: [DX-CHAT] Leaderboards - good or bad?

2012-06-06 Thread Zack Widup
Good points, Dave. If a DX station is calling CQ and not getting any answers (that he can hear) I would have no problem with calling them. Also, the on-line logs most likely DO reduce a lot of traffic from people who aren't sure they have worked them until they find the QSO in the log. For the

Re: [DX-CHAT] Leaderboards - and everything else.

2012-06-06 Thread Ryan Jairam
Besides, if DeSoto didn't come up with the idea, someone else would have. Ryan, N2RJ On Wed, Jun 6, 2012 at 12:24 PM, Zack Widup wrote: Yes, I'm sure small pileups would develop occasionally to work some station. But without DXCC, I doubt anyone would be risking their


2012-06-06 Thread Charlie Wooten NF4A
H...made a $25 donation before the expedition started and no LOTW for me.and another OQRS donation on top of that! NF4A --- To unsubscribe or subscribe to this list. Please send a message to In the

Re: [DX-CHAT] 7O6T

2012-06-06 Thread Scott Manthe
My QSOs showed up in LoTW today, too. I made a _very_ modest donation, so it looks like everyone who donated any amount via the OQRS system can expect their confirmations soon. 73, Scott, N9AA On 6/6/12 8:51 PM, JIM Abercrombie wrote: Received LOTW confirmation today. Yes, I made a $25