2003-06-22 Thread tefan Horeck
Hi OMs, I inform you, that my son Mike OM2DX will go back to Baghdad on 25.June 2003. But his activity will be limited in a few weeks because Slovak Ambassy in Baghdad was total devastate, his power amplifier was lost and antenna systems (log-periodil yagi on 20-10m, vertical HF6 and wire

[DX-NEWS] 4U1UN activity

2003-06-22 Thread Axel.Schernikau
Hello DXers, is there any activity plan available for current (or longer term?) 4U1UN operation? Cluster spots show the station is now active on 14010, nothing heard here so far. Especially interesting will be plans for 30m CW? Need also 12/80m CW but think condx are not good enough now for a

Re: [DX-NEWS] 4U1UN activity

2003-06-22 Thread Art RX9TX
Hi folks, Sunday, June 22, 2003 Axel.Schernikau wrote to [EMAIL PROTECTED]: AS Especially interesting will be plans for 30m CW? AS Need also 12/80m CW but think condx are not good enough now for a simple AS multiband vertical here. Lucky you are, it's one of 10 all time needed for me. A

[DX-NEWS] Boston Eyeball QSO?

2003-06-22 Thread Kelly Jones
Ok, so this is a little off subject but... I will be in the Boston, MA area July 7-11th on business. If anybody would like to get together for an eyeball QSO, the first round is on me. Please reply direct. 73 Kelly - KE9KD http://www.dx-central.com

[DX-NEWS] old 4u1un qsos

2003-06-22 Thread va3dx
4U1UN qsos from 1991 1993 on 12 and 17 meters . How can I still get these qsls !! ?? Glenn VA3DX [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[DX-NEWS] visit

2003-06-22 Thread Al Friedman
Looking to meet dx friends in Corfu, Greece St. Tropez, France Sete, France 73 Al-K6YRA

[DX-NEWS] Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin #615

2003-06-22 Thread BARF-80 BBS
SB DX @ WW KB8NW $OPDX.615 Ohio/Penn DX Bulletin No. 615 The Ohio/Penn DX PacketCluster DX Bulletin No. 615 BID: $OPDX.615 June 23, 2003 Editor Tedd Mirgliotta, KB8NW Provided by BARF-80 BBS Cleveland, Ohio Online at 440-237-8208 28.8k-1200 Baud 8/N/1 Thanks to the Northern Ohio Amateur Radio

Re: [DX-NEWS] old 4u1un qsos

2003-06-22 Thread Kz2i
let me know if you find out anything . i have sent twice in the last 2 years ( with gs, irc AND SASE) to try to get it confirmed on 10 meters. emailed without response too. my question is: why bother to operate the station if there is no follow up on qsls? but i guess it's the same as some

Re: [DX-NEWS] old 4u1un qsos

2003-06-22 Thread Steven Wheatley KU9C
Send to 4U1UN and have patience. They have the logs, I am fairly sure, for this time frame, as I delivered them. Please be patientthe folks that do the card are very involved in all the current affairs of the UN itself. 73 --- Steve Wheatley KU9C PO Box 31

RE: [DX-NEWS] old 4u1un qsos

2003-06-22 Thread Bernie McClenny, W3UR
This is not the QSL reflector. All 4U1UN QSLs should be sent to the 4U1UN CBA! Bernie -- Bernie McClenny, W3UR Editor of The Daily DX, The Weekly DX and How's DX. http://www.dailydx.com -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Re: [DX-NEWS] old 4u1un qsos

2003-06-22 Thread Steven Wheatley KU9C
Yuri, think you may be referring to 4U1ITU...i believe that is more typically the case there, where the operator is the manager. In the case of 4U1UN, there used to be a few QSL managers, but currently all QSL logs are with the UN HQ, and thus QSLs via their CBA 73

Re: [DX-NEWS] old 4u1un qsos

2003-06-22 Thread W2GR
Patience and luck seems to be the answer to the QSL woes from this station...some QSLs seem to make it out and others not...some of mine made it to me and ...some not... I have offered several times to manage them (the QSLs) and also e-mailed to try and find some info on how to go abt operating

[DX-NEWS] Logging Program. Logger 32

2003-06-22 Thread Ken Holdom
I have just downloaded Logger 32 and I would like to alter the colmn heading layout to meet my need. At present it appears to be alphabetically. I would ideally like to start with QSO No. Date. Time, Callsign etc When I do a display Logbook page, I right click on this and I get a screen