[Dx4win] File Issues

2020-06-20 Thread William Osborne
I am trying to fix a ver 8 DX4WIN installation for a friend.  It was working fine for years but he tried to do an upload using TQSL and sent the wrong file to TQSL (maybe his log file but I am not sure). Now when he starts DX4WIN only the narrow window at the top opens up with all others closed

Re: [Dx4win] Comments in logbook?

2020-06-20 Thread Tim moore
I might be missing your pointbut there aere already two fields in the QSO window for each QSO made. Notes for this QSO and Notes for this Call (if I remember correctly, I don't have the program loaded on this computer). So are you talking about some other kind of comments? I use them

Re: [Dx4win] File Issues

2020-06-20 Thread Jim Reisert AD1C
See if this helps: I found this in an E-mail from 10 years ago. This option doesn't seem to be available on DX4WIN 9.0x but may/should work on 8.0x: Kostas Stamatis 10 years ago if yes, your packet window is somewhere outside your screen. You must play with "Leave all windows in original

[Dx4win] Create VUCC Map from DX4WIN Award Listing

2020-06-20 Thread Jim Reisert AD1C
Hi Folks, I started to work on this utility again after several years. This can be used anywhere in the world, not just USA. You can see an example of the current output here: http://dx4win.ad1c.us/VUCC/ad1c_2020-06-18.pdf The coloring is slightly different than before: - Black means