Re: [Dx4win] log file type

2008-08-06 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
you can export your log to adif and use this file (let's say it k8rr.adi) for the ve2zaz program. FileExport and agn fileexport 73 Kostas sv1dpi - Original Message - From: Dr. J.R. Sheller [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2008 4:19 AM Subject:


2008-08-06 Thread Dr. J.R. Sheller
Thanks to all who sent me the info on getting the WORKED GRID files working with DX4WIN.It is working GREAT. Thanks again for all the help!! Doc Sheller K8RR ___ Dx4win mailing list

[Dx4win] K3 / Split / DX cluster

2008-08-06 Thread Bruce Meier
I will ask again.. The first time I asked I did get a couple off reflector replys that I was not alone seeing this bug in DX4Win and . one responder also pointed out that not only did DX4win not put the K3 into SPLIT mode, but it also did not change the mode of VFO B. As asked before - Tonight