Re: [Dx4win] log file type

2008-08-06 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
you can export your log to adif and use this file (let's say it k8rr.adi) 
for the ve2zaz program.

FileExport and agn fileexport

73 Kostas sv1dpi

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From: Dr. J.R. Sheller [EMAIL PROTECTED]

Sent: Wednesday, August 06, 2008 4:19 AM
Subject: [Dx4win] log file type

I am trying to use use the PROGRAM WORKED GRIDS by VE2ZAZ, with my DX4WIN 
VER. 6.04..  I need to know what type of file the log file  k8rr.dxl 
is...  I am NOT very computer literate,  so need some help...  Is this an 
ASCII file?

The choices I have on the the WORKED GRIDS PROGRAM  are:

 1.   ADIF


 3.   fixed width text Fields, one entry per line

 4.   character-delimited, one entry per line.

Depending on which of these choices I need to use,  I also have to select 
the following:



 3.   Delimiting character  COMMA---SEMI 

I hope some one can offer some help or suggestions..

Thanks   Doc K8RR
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2008-08-06 Thread Dr. J.R. Sheller
Thanks to all who sent me the info on getting the WORKED GRID files 
working with DX4WIN.It is working GREAT.

Thanks again for all the help!!

Doc Sheller  K8RR
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[Dx4win] K3 / Split / DX cluster

2008-08-06 Thread Bruce Meier
I will ask again..

The first time I asked I did get a couple off reflector replys that I was
not alone seeing this bug in DX4Win and . one responder also pointed out
that not only did DX4win not put the K3 into SPLIT mode, but it also did not
change the mode of VFO B.

As asked before - 

Tonight I was testing DX4Win version 7.04.04 to see how it worked with the
K3.  Everything I tested seemed to be fine except for how it managed the DX
Cluster with split frequency spots.   I sent a test spot for two freqs on 80
with the K3 set to split op.  The spot appeared to be correct in the cluster
display.   I then cleared the log window and changed the band of the K3 to
40.  After clicking on the spot the frequencies were correct but the K3 did
not go into split mode.  The TX focus stayed on VFO A.I then closed
DX4win and opened Write-Log and tried the same test using the spot sent from
DX4Win.   Write-Log worked fine, going to the correct frequencies and TX
focus was on VFO B as it should be.

Is this BUG on the list to be addressed?

Bruce - N1LN
(aka: NC4KW)

K3 #1062
K3 #1193

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