[Dx4win] Re: QRZ CDROM

2008-11-23 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
John, I have the same problem and have not been able to resolve the issue after trying the usual suggestions. If you get it working, please post your results. Thanks, Buddy, K4CJB John wrote: I am unable to get dx4win to recognize the QRZ CDROM ver32 product. I have tried each of the

[Dx4win] QRZ Data

2008-09-09 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Guys, I hate to ask this question because, according to the archives and Jim's website, the problem was resolved in 2006. However, I can't get QRZ to work with my 7.0.3 version. I tried installing it in the root of my C drive and also the default location. I have also tried 2 different

[Dx4win] RE: Dx4win Digest, Vol 48, Issue 18

2008-04-28 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Alan, this humble DX4WIN user bows at your feet. I went to the site and it is great to have the search capability. HOPEFULLY, this will save many repeated questions to Jim and the others. Thanks to the many who provide the support for DX4WIN. K4CJB/Buddy

[Dx4win] DXCC Submission

2008-03-13 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I'm not doing something right. I have dxcc (100), and I made double sure that the card was marked checked so it wouldn't be counted again. I really don't know how to bring up a report showing me how many new countries I have worked since my original submission. I tried submission report but

[Dx4win] Multiple QSOs change on QSO NOTES

2008-02-15 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
import the specific text also In the QSO notes field Or Like Jim wrote give the logs a different group number Guy ON4AOI -Oorspronkelijk bericht- Van: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Namens py2xb Verzonden: Friday, February 15, 2008 5:24 PM Aan: dx4win@mailman.qth.net


2008-02-13 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I am setting up my dxcc award and need some assistance. I have already submitted 100 cards and received my dxcc certificate. This was done before dx4win program was being used. I have imported all my qso's into dx4win and everything is working just fine. How do I tell dx4win the cards that have

[Dx4win] I use AFSK

2008-02-05 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I use AFSK for RTTY because it was the easiest to do and only used a sound card. Of course AFSK uses LSB and DX4WIN see' this as SSB, so when the contact is over and before I log the contact I switch my Kenwood TS-850sat over to FSK, this changes the mode in the logging program to RTTY and

[Dx4win] Telenet

2008-02-04 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
When I sign on to the local telnet (W9ODD), I have to scroll down to the w9odd entry , highlight it, then hit enter. Has anyone successfully put one of these telnet entries on a hot key, so all you had to do was click on one key (button). I've tried putting all the information on the line into a

[Dx4win] Telnet

2008-02-04 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Works great.ThanksBob Fight organized crimeDon't re-elect anyone.

[Dx4win] Problems with printing label

2008-01-13 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To : REFLECTOR dx4win dx4win@mailman.qth.net Cc : Date : Sun, 13 Jan 2008 21:13:08 +0200 Subject : Re: [Dx4win] Problems with printing label I had the same problem some years ago but i had lost the last row of every page. My printer couldn't

[Dx4win] Problems with printing label

2008-01-13 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
, but if i see the preview all seems ok and the printer tells me the right number of pages he's going to print. I've even tried not to print the qsl method to gain some space ... but nothing. Marco -- Initial Header --- From : Kostas SV1DPI [EMAIL PROTECTED

[Dx4win] Re: State information

2007-12-26 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
correctly - and a fix can be had Steve In a message dated 12/26/2007 7:54:30 P.M. Central Standard Time, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: For those that lost state data, I can only conclude that when you edited the country file yourself to add FJ, the country file became corrupted. Exactly how, I can't


2007-11-15 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Cooper W5ZAF From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Thu Nov 15 01:02:24 2007 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Jim Reisert AD1C) Date: Thu Nov 15 01:11:23 2007 Subject: [Dx4win] CONTACTS ADDED TO DXCC ERRONEOUSLY In-Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] References: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Bill, I am not sure

[Dx4win] Updated.

2007-11-14 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Get easy, one-click access to your favorites. Make Yahoo! your homepage. http://www.yahoo.com/r/hs From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Wed Nov 14 01:19:46 2007 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Jim Reisert AD1C) Date: Wed Nov 14 01:28:37 2007 Subject: [Dx4win] Updated

[Dx4win] Printing Label

2007-11-14 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Good Evening Folks: I am using ver. 7.01 with MS XP Pro, I need information and/or procedure to print ONLY ONE LABEL for a specific QSO. All help appreciated. John Hunt - W5DKK [EMAIL PROTECTED]

[Dx4win] FT-450 and DX4WIN

2007-06-26 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
[EMAIL PROTECTED] Tue Jun 26 12:51:51 2007 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Jim Reisert AD1C) Date: Tue Jun 26 12:57:34 2007 Subject: [Dx4win] FT-450 and DX4WIN In-Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Hi Vic, I don't think you're the first person to mention problems with Kenwood radios


2007-06-24 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
to recognise the SL1 USB soundcard interface - Can anyone help? For the record, I'm running Win XP, FT-857D AND DX4WIN Ver 7.02.15. Thanks in advance, Laurence, M0LSK. Email: [EMAIL PROTECTED] From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Mon Jun 25 09:31:52 2007 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Ernie Walls) Date

[Dx4win] Yaesu FT-450

2007-06-14 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Now that the CAT Manual has been released for the Yaesu FT-450 (on the yaesu web site), is it possible to get a driver file for this new radio. It seems to be becoming very popular. How about it Paul? Please! Tnx de Vic, AE5DX

[Dx4win] Adding a new country to database

2007-06-06 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
is a database that keeps track of my off-line entered contacts and country score. Anyone know of a simpler program I could move to? Thanks Bud W9DY/m From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Wed Jun 6 16:23:54 2007 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (=?iso-8859-1?Q?Isidro_Acosta_Hern=E1ndez?=) Date: Wed Jun 6 16:28

[Dx4win] BS7H

2007-06-06 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
, Karl, K1KO Virginia Beach, VA ___ Dx4win mailing list Dx4win@mailman.qth.net http://mailman.qth.net/mailman/listinfo/dx4win From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Wed Jun 6 21:49:45 2007 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Dave Perry N4QS) Date: Wed Jun 6 21:53:24 2007

[Dx4win] Yaesu FT-980 rig file?

2007-06-02 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi, I have a classic Yaesu FT-980 Cat, and would like to use it with DX4WIN. Is anyone using DX4WIN with their FT-890 or does anyone know where I can get a rig file? Many thanks, Laurence M0LSK From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sat Jun 2 10:39:07 2007 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Dave Earnest

[Dx4win] Help with N8S

2007-05-22 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
what's free at http://www.aol.com. From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Tue May 22 21:11:15 2007 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Dick Flanagan) Date: Tue May 22 21:20:05 2007 Subject: [Dx4win] Help with N8S In-Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] At 05:43 PM 5/22/2007, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: HI all

[Dx4win] n8s

2007-04-11 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Jim, which is right qsl mgr for N8S K3LP or K3PD?? 73's Stefan N2TN From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Wed Apr 11 10:31:04 2007 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Jim Reisert AD1C) Date: Wed Apr 11 10:35:31 2007 Subject: [Dx4win] n8s In-Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] --- [EMAIL PROTECTED

[Dx4win] Re: Printing on Qsl Card question...

2007-03-27 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
fontArial 73, Tony N2MFT ** AOL now offers free email to everyone. Find out more about what's free from AOL at http://www.aol.com. From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Wed Mar 28 06:29:25 2007 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Walt Kornienko) Date: Wed Mar 28 06:32:34 2007

[Dx4win] Printing on Qsl Card question...

2007-03-26 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
://www.cwforever.com From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Mon Mar 26 12:46:21 2007 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Les Kalmus) Date: Mon Mar 26 18:12:01 2007 Subject: [Dx4win] MULTIPLE_QSO_OPERATIONS In-Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] References: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Multiple QSOs Operation|Set

[Dx4win] DX4Win on Windows Vista

2007-02-13 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Guess that's why I keep my old Pentium II w/Win98SE for my ham station. Also runs Writelog and N1MM just fine. Oh yes, plus those RS232 and LPT ports... 73, Frank W2YK -Original Message- From: John Unger [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Feb 13, 2007 1:01 PM To: dx4win@mailman.qth.net Subject

[Dx4win] Problems automating telnet connection

2007-01-29 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
In a message dated 1/29/2007 8:52:03 P.M. Central Standard Time, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Resending this now that the server(s) appear to be up again... OK. I need to know which of my many Homer moments is behind this ;). I'm trying to cut down on the number of key strokes required to connect


2007-01-15 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Thanks for the information. I still have problems to insert my csv. file to the spread sheet. Oms PY5EG Atilano de Oms [EMAIL PROTECTED] -Mensagem original- De: Dick Flanagan [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Enviada em: domingo, 14 de janeiro de 2007 18:08 Para: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: [EMAIL


2007-01-14 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi Folks: I wish you all a very healthy and prosper New Year. Where can I download the last version of the Marathon score sheet? Best 73 and thanks in advance. Oms PY5EG -- Esta mensagem foi verificada pelo sistema de antiv?rus e acredita-se estar livre de perigo.


2007-01-14 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Im not able to download at dxmarathon.org Sorry Oms -Mensagem original- De: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Em nome de Jim Reisert AD1C Enviada: domingo, 14 de janeiro de 2007 14:01 Para: [EMAIL PROTECTED]; dx4win@mailman.qth.net Assunto: Re: [Dx4win] MARATHON At 09:54 AM 1

[Dx4win] log file

2006-12-30 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
up my log to a CD safe keeping.thanks for any help that i can find about this. thanks phil w3gt From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sat Dec 30 15:56:54 2006 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Les Kalmus) Date: Sat Dec 30 16:02:00 2006 Subject: [Dx4win] log file In-Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] References: [EMAIL

[Dx4win] TL4 Import and accurate logging

2006-12-27 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
. Have been using DX4WIN for quite a few years Bob; and it is THE programme that I use for all my logging / QSLling / awards chasing 73 Dave -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Behalf Of Bob Beebe Sent: 27 December 2006 00:30 To: dx4win@mailman.qth.net

[Dx4win] Cable interface

2006-12-26 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi guys..! which kind of cable PC-to-radio do you use with DX4WIN..? Is it a normal CAT cable..? I would like to try some PSK31 and RTTY from the program now that I have it already configured. ThankĀ“s, Josep EA6BF

[Dx4win] MMTTY

2006-12-25 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I have downloaded the MMTTY program v1.65D. Can I start it from DX4WIN..? Or, are they separate programs...? When I run it from DX4WIN I get two empty windows there. Which kind of interface do I need to make it running..? I have a G4ZLP interface, with serial port, will work with MMTTY/DX4WIN..?

[Dx4win] QSL MGR

2006-12-25 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Dick Too complicated to correct/change a manager during real time logging. I may be mistaken but I guess it was possible to edit qsl manger in the qso window in previous versions. Something to be corrected. Fred PY2XB At 03:14 PM 12/25/2006, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: it happens here too

[Dx4win] Master.dta to dx4win.mas

2006-12-17 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
found it in the help file) 73 de Isidro, EA8NQ E-mail: [EMAIL PROTECTED] --- Visit the EA8NQ's DX Page (in Spanish): http://www.ure.es/ea8nq/ --- ___ Dx4win mailing list

[Dx4win] Master.dta to dx4win.mas

2006-12-16 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Is there a way to convert my actual logfile into a dx4win.dta file ? Thanks Fred Under the Window menu choose Master Calls. It will give an error box if no dx4win.mas file. Click OK. Then you get a MasterLookup box. Right click in that box and choose convert. Select the master.dta file

[Dx4win] DX4WIN with IC-756PROIII

2006-11-24 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Could someone help me on this? I am using DX4WIN version 7.02.15 under windows 2000. I have a FT1000MP connected to the computer working fine with DX4WIN. I have installed RigTalk in order to add an Icom 756PROIII as a second radio. Rig talk has been installed successfully. The 756PROIII works

[Dx4win] laptop

2006-10-06 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
hope someone out there can help me with this problem of getting the laptop to work with dz4win. Appreciate any help anyone can give me. Please keep it as simple as possible I'm not a computer wiz. Phil w3gt From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sat Oct 7 01:52:01 2006 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Chris

[Dx4win] Rotor works........thanks for the help

2006-10-04 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Made sure to do .ini save as well. Michael WG0M From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Wed Oct 4 07:38:18 2006 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Martin H. Green) Date: Wed Oct 4 07:43:36 2006 Subject: [Dx4win] RE: K0PP and eQSL In-Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Wow, K0PP's comments

[Dx4win] QSL printing question

2006-10-01 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi All; Thought I would find out how to print labels. I am using 5160 labels and need to adjust print location just slightly. The edit window seems to be locked. How do I edit? Thanks in advance Michael WG0M From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sun Oct 1 10:09:28 2006 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED


2006-08-31 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
you have any tips on this regard? Using the Dx base I can have the FT9000D working OK. Thanks in advance Oms PY5EG PY5EG Atilano de Oms [EMAIL PROTECTED] -- Esta mensagem foi verificada pelo sistema de antiv?rus e acredita-se estar livre de perigo.


2006-08-31 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi John: Thnaks for the info. Interesting, on the list of rigs there is a window for FTDX9000 Oms PY5EG Atilano de Oms [EMAIL PROTECTED] -Mensagem original- De: John Kjos [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Enviada em: quinta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2006 12:24 Para: [EMAIL PROTECTED]; dx4win

[Dx4win] LoTw- DXCC submission

2006-08-24 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hello I have uploaded my log to LoTw without any problem using DX4WIN. I have also downloaded the LoTw QSL file and updated the ConfirmUpload field ok. So far so good. Please let me know what happens after a DXCC submission using LoTw. Is there a file to download and a method to set the CHECKED

[Dx4win] registration key

2006-08-20 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
It will be sent to you Cesar ! Hi, How lond does it take to get the registration key? I did order the upgrade yesterday morning, so far I've not received yet. 73 DX de PY2YP - Cesar ___ Dx4win mailing list Dx4win@mailman.qth.net

[Dx4win] Printing QSL Labels.

2006-08-03 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
[EMAIL PROTECTED] ___ Tiscali Broadband from 14.99 with free setup! http://www.tiscali.co.uk/products/broadband/

[Dx4win] State identifier.

2006-07-31 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Looking at the raw cluster data window I see that on the far right most times is a state abbreviation indicating where the originator (spot poster) is located. Is there a way to get this to display in the spot window? Bob, W3PT

[Dx4win] Paper QSL Filter

2006-07-08 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I bet this one has been beat to death and I'm sure I'm missing something real simple. Using Version 7.01. What fields are commonly used when entering a paper QSL that will distinguish it from a LOTW entry? Is Upl Cnf a good one to use on a filter since it is only updated by an ADIF import from

[Dx4win] control rig

2006-06-30 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
and freq.i am sure that there is a guru out there that can help me.hi hi phil w3gt From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Fri Jun 30 23:09:12 2006 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (wo2n) Date: Fri Jun 30 23:17:33 2006 Subject: [Dx4win] Prefixes Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Hi , why won't DX4win let me manually add 4N3, 4O3

[Dx4win] QSO details not being added to log

2006-06-29 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi All, I am running DX4WIN 7.1 and all of a sudden I noticed that when I entered QSO's off line they weren't being added to the log. Does anyone have any ideas please? Thanks John M0XIG From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Fri Jun 30 12:26:54 2006 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Jim Reisert AD1C

[Dx4win] Re: [CH] Multi tests in 1 wkend

2006-05-02 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
and dups. Every effort should be made to ensure accuracies of the final score. If too many errors are found I will send the log back for corrections. Good luck to all, Randy - AA8R MARAC CW Contest mgr. From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Tue May 2 07:57:39 2006 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Dale Putnam) Date

[Dx4win] control codes

2006-04-26 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Can control codes be added to macro's?? Need to use control-c then a T to turn on transmitter. I 'am using a old Kam Plus. Trying to use it in the RTTY mode. Thanks, Peter/W4ZGR From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Wed Apr 26 13:07:10 2006 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Alan Sewell) Date: Wed Apr 26 13:09:27 2006

[Dx4win] ft990 rig control problem

2006-04-10 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
be. I like the radio and I like DX4win, so it's frustrating when they won't play nicely together. 73 de Jay, W2KD From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Mon Apr 10 21:52:30 2006 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Wendell Wyly - W5FL) Date: Mon Apr 10 21:53:46 2006 Subject: [Dx4win] PROBLEM_PRINTING_MY_LOG In-Reply

[Dx4win] M2 OR2800P-DC I/F Version 6.04

2006-04-07 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
to the rotator control unit using Hyperterm. The Station Screen under Properties shows the format as Thunderform ARSWIN. There is no description of this in the manual anywhere. I assume somebody knows what it is? Any help would be greatly appreciated. v/r terry N4ZH From [EMAIL PROTECTED

[Dx4win] Help wanted to edit a log

2006-03-25 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
to edit all QSO`s with 2010 change to year 2000. Any advice how to do it in one go. 73 Glyn GW0ANA From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sat Mar 25 15:23:00 2006 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Paul van der Eijk) Date: Sat Mar 25 15:27:28 2006 Subject: [Dx4win] Help wanted to edit a log In-Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED


2006-03-20 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
MMTTY was working in Dx4Win but now when I hit one of the buffer keys with either the mouse or F key I get an error message.? ? Exception Occurred ? Open ? device already open It works if I hit Tx button and free type in but not from buffers. Tnx Shawn, WB1AEL

[Dx4win] How much QSL manager data is useful?

2006-03-14 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
One thing that's not easy to determine is how much of this QSL manager data is STILL valid. As a QSL Bureau manager, we get a lot of QSLs directed to managers that haven't handled a certain callsign for years. Many DX stations decide to handle their own QSLs, or some managers have to

[Dx4win] Packet Window/Dx Spots Window

2006-03-09 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I can move these two windows around, overlay them with other windows etc.. BUT I cannot remove them...They are always there when I start DX4WIN. Anyway to remove them?? ..bring them up ONLY when I want them.. N5PO From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Thu Mar 9 07:27:52 2006 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Jim

[Dx4win] station callsign on label, various callsigns

2006-02-28 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
In DX4WIN slect PREFERENCES/REP/LAB Under labels/greeting, change the call sign to the one you want printed on your card, i,e @@ 73's K3CT Save changes and exit. This will be for ALL QSL's printed until changed. N5PO On Mon, 27 Feb 2006 21:27:12 -0500 John Bednar [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes

[Dx4win] country file updates

2006-02-06 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Thanks to all who responded to my question about country file updates. I can take care of the problem now. 73, Gerald N4GE

[Dx4win] Country file updates

2006-02-05 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Will someone please walk me through the steps necessary to integrate these updates in DX4WIN? Thanks and 73, Gerald N4GE

[Dx4win] N1JP's Question on LOTW and DX4WIN

2006-01-12 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
John, Please share the answer. I have about 500 to credit and don't feel like doing it manually. 73, Jack N2VW From: John (N1JP) [EMAIL PROTECTED] For one of you folks in the know...After uploading my log to LOTW from DX4WIN and then downloading the ADIF from LOTW and importing

[Dx4win] DX4WIN and LOTW

2006-01-09 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi John Not to my knowledge but it is quite simple using DX4win itself, first off select reports/change award flags and clear your awards flags so that you are starting from scratch (this is a one time only process) now in File/Prefrences/Qso, select Upload confirmed save changes and exit,


2006-01-07 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
THIS IS A TEST MESSAGE. BILL COOPER W5ZAF From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sun Jan 8 21:37:39 2006 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (John (N1JP)) Date: Sun Jan 8 21:41:10 2006 Subject: [Dx4win] DX4WIN and LOTW Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] For one of you folks in the know...After uploading my log to LOTW

[Dx4win] Selection/Filter

2005-11-30 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Go to Filter/Selection, pick Replace this name in the drop down box, replace the name with one of your choosing, and then select each group you want to include in this selection. Lex N4LF In a message dated 11/30/2005 9:01:07 A.M. Eastern Standard Time, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes

[Dx4win] Groups

2005-11-26 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
change the group number to 001 click file on top menu bar click save changes and exit your done Follow same procedure to enter other groups Do you need help in changing group numbers of specific qso's Lex N4LF From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sat Nov 26 16:29:48 2005 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Anthony R

Fwd: [Dx4win] Groups

2005-11-25 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]

AW: [Dx4win] Importing WriteLog file

2005-11-15 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
directly into DX4WIN. With this converter you can choose what NOTES you want to export..or no notes at all...Works great. http://sp7dqr.waw.pl/eng/index_en.html Lee, N5PO On Mon, 14 Nov 2005 09:31:52 -0600 Duane A Calvin [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I always take it right from WriteLog ADIF

AW: [Dx4win] Importing WriteLog file

2005-11-14 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Is there a way to do a global edit to remove all the info in the notes field. I have 80,000 Q's in my log. Don't think I want to edit them one at a time..,. Thanks.. Lee, N5PO On Mon, 14 Nov 2005 09:31:52 -0600 Duane A Calvin [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: I always take it right from WriteLog ADIF

[Dx4win] Group names

2005-11-05 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Wow! thanks to all for the response re group names. Gratefull thanks de MM0EAX From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sat Nov 5 11:07:44 2005 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Bert) Date: Sat Nov 5 13:31:16 2005 Subject: [Dx4win] Group names In-Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Great

[Dx4win] Group names

2005-10-31 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
?? Any help please??? Regards de Dave MM0EAX From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Mon Oct 31 19:41:47 2005 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Bert) Date: Wed Nov 2 09:46:51 2005 Subject: [Dx4win] Printing labels in alphabetical order with qsl manager Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] I'm trying to print qsl labels

[Dx4win] (no subject)

2005-10-27 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
multiple setting changes in the preferences of Dx4win with no luck. Any help would be appreciated. Irwin From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Thu Oct 27 23:41:26 2005 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Ernie Walls) Date: Thu Oct 27 23:44:32 2005 Subject: [Dx4win] Award submissions Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Please, can

[Dx4win] DX4win and Microham USB router and IC-746PRO interface

2005-10-22 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi fellow DX4win users, Has anyone else used DX4Win with IC-746Pro and Microham USB device? I'm having problem with it, my current 6.02 version only supports IC 746 with Microha it. steve, w2fb From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sun Oct 23 14:14:15 2005 From

[Dx4win] dx4win 7.01

2005-10-17 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
to do with LoTW, with I uploaded to ARRL. If not, how do I get back to normal. Any help would be great! Thanks Ken..G0ORH dx4win 7,01 From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Mon Oct 17 16:28:07 2005 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Bill Clark) Date: Mon Oct 17 16:29:21 2005 Subject: [Dx4win] Computer advice ?? Message

[Dx4win] Report Labels

2005-09-20 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi All Trying to change the font in my qsl labels, when i select a font in rep/lab (double click in font box) save changes and exit. Then when i print the labels no changes occur! is there more required? using here version 7.01 de MM0EAX From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Tue Sep 20 12:59:05

[Dx4win] PSK control characters

2005-09-09 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Where to I find identification of control characters 1 throughf 26 for loading into a PSK buffer as mentioned in Version 5 User's Guide on page 57? These are the characters %A through %Z. Thanks. Gerald Ewell, Sr. N4GE

[Dx4win] PSK31 Key Release Failure

2005-09-06 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Ron KK7GO From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Tue Sep 6 18:20:57 2005 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) Date: Tue Sep 6 18:28:03 2005 Subject: [Dx4win] Additional Info on the PSK31 Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] I forgot to mention that I have the setting for the tx set to the correct comport

[Dx4win] DX4WIN MMTTY and FSK ?

2005-08-13 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
DX4WIN MMTTY and FSK ? I've never received any feedback on how to set this up. I'm beginning to think it's not possible. Is ANYBODY out there running FSK with MMTTY/DX4WIN? My MMTTY works fine in FSK on it's own, and it works fine in AFSK with DX4WIN ... but no FSK/MMTTY/DX4WIN. Thanks,

[Dx4win] Adif Import

2005-07-27 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Wed Jul 27 17:58:22 2005 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) Date: Wed Jul 27 17:58:06 2005 Subject: [Dx4win] Adif import Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] After some head scratching i appear to have loaded the new adif in, In prefrences/qso i had the Upload Conf

[Dx4win] DX4WIN.CTY Release #22 - first call

2005-07-23 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Don't know if this one is relevant Jim KC2TE is in Puerto Rico WP4 Regards de Dave MM0EAX From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sat Jul 23 17:28:30 2005 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Joe Giacobello, K2XX) Date: Sat Jul 23 17:43:31 2005 Subject: [Dx4win] Printing Only Some QSLs of Those Selected for a Label


2005-07-23 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Barry I think that I have using an IC Pro 3. However the radio seems to lock on transmit every now and again - usually when it's most awkward. Tonight being a good example with FM5AA. He was working a pile up and when I got back in control he was telling me to go away and leave him in peace.

[Dx4win] callsign search filters

2005-07-13 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
in callsign field before finding anything? Or am i missing something? Regards Dave MM0EAX From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Wed Jul 13 10:37:55 2005 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (E C Moxon) Date: Thu Jul 14 11:40:38 2005 Subject: [Dx4win] RE: CW and USB In-Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Message-ID: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Yup

[Dx4win] DXCC Challenge

2005-06-26 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi I've just spent over a week checking through DX4WIN's records and matching them with those of LOTW. They were out of synch through no fault of DX4WIN but out of kilter they were none the less. Grief but it was a tedious job. Your DXCC summary counts the 2m band for the DXCC Challenge but

[Dx4win] upgrade fee

2005-06-21 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi All Sorry if thread has been used before, but, Do I have to pay upgrade fee to use 7.01? I am currently using DX4Win 6.04. I've had this package since 6.04 became available! Thanks Ken..G0ORH It's a great way to log! From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Tue Jun 21 03:51:22 2005 From: [EMAIL

[Dx4win] vichw11.sys woes

2005-06-18 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I thought maybe the new version would fix my problem, but no success. Thus, I thought I'd repost here and see if anyone has any additional ideas. I run dx4win on an old windows 2000 box, normally running as a user with only Power User status. Every time I try to execute dx4win as this user I

[Dx4win] vichw11.sys woes

2005-06-18 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hm... Mine is running on a stand-alone machine that normally stays on 24-7 connected to the cluser. I have the problem starting from boot. Thanks and 73! Tom - Original Message - From: Steve Harwood [EMAIL PROTECTED] Date: Saturday, June 18, 2005 10:23 am Subject: Re: [Dx4win] vichw11

[Dx4win] Re:vichw11.sys woes

2005-06-18 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Tom. I have the same problem on my office computer, running Windows 2000 Pro. It's even worse for me, as I don't have, and can't get, admin authority on that machine. A fix for this would be most appreciated. However, don't hold your breath, as Dx4Win updates are infrequent at best. 73,

[Dx4win] Re:vichw11.sys woes

2005-06-18 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Tom. I have the same problem on my office computer, running Windows 2000 Pro. It's even worse for me, as I don't have, and can't get, admin authority on that machine. A fix for this would be most appreciated. However, don't hold your breath, as Dx4Win updates are infrequent at best. 73,

[Dx4win] Next Sequence No

2005-06-05 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi It would be useful if, when in contest mode, the next sequence number could be displayed somewhere in the logging window. If you're not in the contest it's difficult to keep track of where you are (hi). Not a complaint and maybe not even a suggestion. Bill

[Dx4win] Next Sequence No

2005-06-05 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
-larry K8UT - Original Message - From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Dx4win@mailman.qth.net Sent: Sunday, June 05, 2005 05:49 Subject: [Dx4win] Next Sequence No Hi It would be useful if, when in contest mode, the next sequence number could be displayed somewhere in the logging

[Dx4win] Version 7.01 was at Dayton

2005-05-26 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Actually, I downloaded the new version and filled out the order.txt and faxed it Tuesday morning. I received my key Tuesday afternoon. So they are working the orders. I'm with you Alan. I have a bunch to work on RTTY and instead of working them and then opening DX4Win to log them, I can do it all

[Dx4win] Version 7.01 was at Dayton

2005-05-26 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
I did the same, and I'm up and running too Lex N4LF In a message dated 5/26/2005 5:03:27 PM Eastern Daylight Time, [EMAIL PROTECTED] writes: Actually, I downloaded the new version and filled out the order.txt and faxed it Tuesday morning. I received my key Tuesday afternoon. So

[Dx4win] Direct I/O and LPT CW Interface for Windows XP computers

2005-04-24 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Fred PY2XB --- Mensagem Original Assunto: RE: [Fwd: Re: [Dx4win] CW Interface - Problem detected] De: Garry Shapiro [EMAIL PROTECTED] Data:Sab, Abril 23, 2005 10:14 pm Para:[EMAIL PROTECTED

[Dx4win] Direct I/O and LPT CW Interface for Windows XP computers

2005-04-24 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
is able to key the LPT port without any special drivers. Writelog can NOT key the LPT port, and thus you need the driver. 73 - Jim AD1C At 08:02 AM 4/24/2005, [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: Gary and friends Thanks again. I have downloaded Direct I/O and installed it on the XP computer. However I

[Dx4win] Getting Keyboard CW to Work

2005-04-07 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
. Like Joe, I built the interface (which requires only a couple of components) right into the body of the connector. Good luck ! Blair, AB4V From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Thu Apr 7 13:46:24 2005 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Jim Reisert AD1C) Date: Thu Apr 7 13:48:51 2005 Subject: [Dx4win] ATV, SSTV

[Dx4win] Icom Pro3 RigBlaster Plus and PSK

2005-04-05 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Hi I have found out that RigBlaster plus does not support the use of the Pro3's USB-D setting. I've tried using USB. I can get out and receive but when sending blocks of text the screen seems to lock up. I think that the info is still being sent but it doesn't show on the screen. sometimes

[Dx4win] Wierd rotor happenings.

2005-03-24 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Garry, NI6T has solved my problem. Thank you. I feel embarrassed that I did not think of that 90- degree offset feature. After all, subtracting 90 degrees from 123 put the rotor at 33 degrees. Duh! 73 Bob, W3PT From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Thu Mar 24 09:34:19 2005 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Eric

[Dx4win] Weird rotor happenings.

2005-03-21 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
for this? Bob, W3PT From [EMAIL PROTECTED] Mon Mar 21 08:23:19 2005 From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] (Jim Reisert AD1C) Date: Mon Mar 21 08:27:26 2005 Subject: FW: [Dx4win] Converted 425 listing 724 to import in DX4WIN (date format= DD/MM/YY) In-Reply-To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] References: [EMAIL PROTECTED] Message

[Dx4win] Radio operation from JW - Svalbard.

2005-03-13 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
Dear friends! Once again the time has come for another radio operation from JW-Svalbard. I have been quite busy lately and just now had the opportunity to return to the Island. I will this time try to operate again SSTV (I was the first ham operating it from JW in 1997). So for those looking

[Dx4win] Differing ADIF formats

2005-03-12 Thread [EMAIL PROTECTED]
on this fields and I am only passing further some info I have gotten so far. Hope it helps on your searching. 73 de Carlos-LA9PJA - Original Message - From: Pete Smith [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [EMAIL PROTECTED]; DX4WIN Reflector dx4win@mailman.qth.net Sent: Saturday, March 12

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