Re: [Dx4win] Update on Updater

2012-03-15 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
I haven't been following the Updater thread too closely so I'm not sure what the problem has been. I haven't run the updater since December I think. I just ran it. It says I have version 4.6 and said I have the latest version. It proceeded to update 7 files. Checking my Save directory it

Re: [Dx4win] exporting/importing TR4W log data into DX4Win

2012-03-12 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
Tod, Try AD1C's adif2dxq program. You can download it at It supports a number of state QSO parties. It will convert the county abbreviation to the proper format to import into DX4WIN. Just be sure the county in your ADIF file is in the CNTY field.

Re: [Dx4win] CW speed opening WPM annoying

2012-02-14 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
I never use the CW keyboard window but just checked my Winkey USB. On mine it depends on the position of the speed pot on the Winkey. 73, Alan N5NA On 2/14/2012 8:25 AM, George wrote: Why does the CW Keyboard window open up at an unrealistic 55WPM? Is there a way to set it up at a more

Re: [Dx4win] Version 7.07 download?

2012-01-26 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
You can download it from 73, Alan N5NA On 1/26/2012 1:00 PM, Paul Ferguson wrote: I have been using DX4Win 7.07.02 on my desktop. I would like to install it on my laptop, but I did not save the install file. I am happy with this version and do not

Re: [Dx4win] Search DX4WIN Archives

2012-01-02 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
There's also a link on the Support page. 73, Alan N5NA On 1/2/2012 7:34 AM, Wayne wrote: HNY, Go to AD1C page then DX4W and at the top Search DX4W archives... 73 Wayne WA1PMA On 1/2/2012 3:45 AM, Dick Flanagan wrote: I seem to recall there is a way to search all of the

Re: [Dx4win] LoTW Membership Display

2011-07-14 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
A work around would be to use the Master Lookup window. Download the LOTW calls from Use a free program called Master DTA Editor to convert the text file to a master call file. Then import that into the Master Lookup database. Then the Master Lookup

Re: [Dx4win] LoTW Membership Display

2011-07-14 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
I just read Jim's application note on Master Callsigns at You can skip the step about using Master DTA Editor and import the text file directly. Even easier! Alan N5NA On 7/14/2011 10:35 AM, Alan Sewell N5NA wrote: A work around would be to use

Re: [Dx4win] Duplicate QSO's - Import Crashes

2011-05-08 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
What version are you using? Version 8.05 will import duplicate QSO's from a QSO party log for stations on a county line. 73, Alan N5NA On 5/8/2011 2:22 AM, Art - W6KY wrote: There are times when there will be duplicate QSO's while importing, such as a state QSO party when a station is

Re: [Dx4win] Duplicate QSO's - Import Crashes

2011-05-08 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
Looking at the revision history it looks like 8.02 fixed a bug that caused a GPF when stopping on a duplicate QSO during an import. Then version 8.03 includes state/county when checking for duplicate QSOs. 73, Alan N5NA On 5/8/2011 12:11 PM, Art - W6KY wrote: Alan... Ver 8.01 ... That

Re: [Dx4win] billcooper9800

2011-04-01 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
Is there a moderator on this list? Can William Cooper's email address be deleted or moderated until he gets his hacked email account straightened out? Alan N5NA On 4/1/2011 1:30 PM, WILLIAM COOPER wrote: Spam URL deleted.. __

Re: [Dx4win] export in Cabrillo format

2010-11-29 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
Export in ADIF. Then use the ADIF2 CABR converter you can download from: 73, Alan N5NA On 11/29/2010 7:16 AM, george wrote: I worked the CQWW contest this week-end using DX4WIN latest version. How do I export my log in Cabrillo format as CQ wants

Re: [Dx4win] sorry for the bandwidth

2010-09-25 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
From the support page: Contact Us: You can contact us at: or call us at (703) 939-9948 Alan N5NA On 9/25/2010 7:31 AM, george wrote: I asked this question before. How do I get in touch Paul the programmer of DX4WIN about my

Re: [Dx4win] Import Question

2010-06-16 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
Do a Search Replace on Comment and replace it with Notes. It used to be just the opposite but I think version 8 switched where those ADIF fields import. Alan N5NA Mark K3MSB wrote: I'm running V8.03. I just imported my ADIF file for the ARRL June VHF contest. The ADIF Comment field is

Re: [Dx4win] Import Abort - Duplicate QSO's

2010-05-02 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
I run into this with every QSO party that has county line operations. I just go into the ADIF and add 30 sec to the second QSO. Unless you have a bunch to change it's not a big deal. Alan N5NA Art - W6KY wrote: When importing the 7 Area QSO Party ADIF log the import aborts because of

Re: [Dx4win] Import Abort - Duplicate QSO's

2010-05-02 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
Thanks Jim. I had not noticed that in the release notes. I had just been proactively changing the time in my logs before importing. I'll skip that next time and see what happens. Alan N5NA Jim Reisert AD1C wrote: This duping problem was fixed in 8.03 (from the release notes):

Re: [Dx4win] Questions re:Spots and Group Names

2010-02-24 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
I was just playing around with this for a few minutes. It's a round about way of getting there but see if this will work. 1, Under the File menu select DatabasesReports 2. Click the New button. 3. Name it Group Names (or whatever) 4. From the Available Fields select Group and Groupname 5.

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN and the iPhone

2009-10-04 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
The VE7CC User program allows you to set up alarms and send an email when a needed spot appears. 73, Alan N5NA Kelly Johnson wrote: I use DX4WIN at home. I'd love to figure out a way to notify myself of a DX spot that I need. I'm sure I could

Re: [Dx4win] dxw 8.01 BUG? key board

2009-08-14 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
Confirmed here as well. Tested with version 8 and version 7 and got same results as Mel and Oms. Windows XP Pro, DTR set to CW keying, RTS set to None. Alan N5NA Mel wrote: Interesting Dave. I tested using a COM port and the first two letters are joined in 8 but not in 7 as Oms reported.

[Dx4win] Has anyone received their version 8 key?

2009-08-04 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
Has anyone received their version 8 key? I ordered about 1-1/2 hours after receiving the email announcement and thought I would have received it by now. Just curious. Alan N5NA __ Dx4win mailing list Home:

Re: [Dx4win] Has anyone received their version 8 key?

2009-08-04 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
Thanks Jim. I kind of figured that was the case. Alan Jim Reisert AD1C wrote: I think Paul has to be home to do it, and he works during the day. He was up until 2 a.m. last night getting the release out. 73 - Jim AD1C On Tue, Aug 4, 2009 at 4:22 PM, Alan Sewell

Re: [Dx4win] ADIF Editor?

2009-01-21 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
There may be a specific ADIF editing program but what I've done in the past is use a text editor and search and replace on the EOR that is at the end of each line in the file. Just do a search for EOR and replace it with NEWFIELD EOR 73, Alan N5NA Eric Rosenberg wrote: Is there a

Re: [Dx4win] Log File Not Being Updated

2008-12-27 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
I've had that happen in the past too. Whenever I upgrade I always go to FileInfo. From there you can see which log file is being used. If it's the one in the old directory, just close that log file by going to FileClose, then open the one in the new directory, FileOpen... 73, Alan N5NA

Re: [Dx4win] Omni VII

2008-10-09 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA Regards, Alan N5NA Roger Wise wrote: Anyone out there who runs an Omni VII and vista? Seems there is not a drop down list for the Omni VII. I want to know what info you use for the radio setup. I use Dx4win

Re: [Dx4win] Omni VII

2008-08-27 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
David, I came up with a half working Omni VII rig file a while ago. It's not 100% but it's better than nothing. You can download it at . 73, Alan N5NA David Warr wrote: Hello, Does anyone know the settings to

Re: [Dx4win] Comparing Log Files

2008-08-26 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
You can export both files to text files, ADIF or something, and use a file compare utility. There are several on the internet to choose from. I used to do this when my country count was different after upgrading. 73, Alan N5NA AC0W wrote: Does anyone have

Re: [Dx4win] New User Questions

2008-07-26 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
You'll need to import the names into the Notes For This Call field. Just open your ADIF file in a text editor and do a search for whatever ADIF field has the name and replace that field name with NOTES. If you want something to import into the Notes For This QSO field then use COMMENT as the

Re: [Dx4win] Questions: Upgrading 7.02.15 to 7.04

2008-07-02 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
I believe all your questions can be answered at . 73, Alan N5NA Jeff Maass wrote: My new Elecraft K3 has inspired me to upgrade to the newest version of DX4Win. I don't upgrade often (!), so have a couple of

Re: [Dx4win] where

2008-07-02 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
It's sad the developer can't take 5 minutes to add a link to the new version on their website. I can't imagine any new users are buying DX4WIN. When I look at a website and see that it hasn't been updated in a couple of years I assume that the product is no longer available or supported.

Re: [Dx4win] Re: sorting QSLs by call area.

2008-06-26 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
Have you looked into using the BV QSL management program by DF3CB? It is free and is located at . 73, Alan N5NA Jim Reisert AD1C wrote: Bill, I could be wrong, but I don't believe ARRL will let you do this. You might want to check with the incoming QSL

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN and Omni VII

2008-06-23 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
You just need a standard 9 pin serial cable. The settings are: Address: 00 Baud Rate: 57600 DTR High - Unchecked RTS High - Checked At least that's what works on mine! 73, Alan N5NA Jim Reisert AD1C wrote: I want to hook up an Omni VII to DX4WIN as a second

Re: [Dx4win] How do you un-associate a file

2008-06-23 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
Why? DX4WIN doesn't care if it's associated with Notepad. Just makes it that much easier if you decide to edit the dx4win.tcp file since you use a text editor to do that. 73, Alan N5NA Brian Spindor wrote: Okay, now I've gone and done it. I was trying to help a friend with DX4WIN and I

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN closing unexpectedly

2008-05-03 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
Hi Jay, I found this in the archives. 73, Alan N5NA Jay Hainline wrote: I am still having trouble occasionally with DX4WIN crashing and closing when entering certain callsigns into the log in

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN reflector searchable archives (link)

2008-04-29 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
Thanks Jim! I was hoping you would add a link on your DX4WIN support site. 73, Alan N5NA Jim Reisert AD1C wrote: Thanks to Alan, N5NA for setting up the searchable archives for the DX4WIN reflector. I've put a link to them at the top of my web page:

[Dx4win] DX4WIN Searchable Archives Now Available!

2008-04-27 Thread Alan Sewell N5NA
The DX4WIN mailing list is now being archived at in addition to the archive. The support was able to import the existing DX4WIN mail list archive. New messages to the mailing list will be archived immediately at the archive. The