Re: [Dx4win] Can't Get PSK Going

2020-08-18 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
is ok with this) When you open the psk window, you need to go to tx tab and select ptt control also. 73 de Kostas SV1DPI Member of SZ1A team FT8 free op Στις 18/8/2020 1:27 π.μ., ο Jay Chamberlain έγραψε: Maybe I need to change something in the 7300 each time I go to PSK because DX4WIN is set to PTT c

Re: [Dx4win] Can't Get PSK Going

2020-08-17 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
You must select "ptt control" and not the com port in psk when this is the same you use in other operation 73 de Kostas SV1DPI Member of SZ1A team FT8 free op Στις 16/8/2020 10:51 μ.μ., ο Jay Chamberlain έγραψε: Running an IC-7300. So far I have the radio and DX4WIN v9 talking to

Re: [Dx4win] Missing contacts

2020-08-06 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Probably you didn't copy the right file. Do a search for *.dxl files in your computer to see where you had the original file. 73 de Kostas SV1DPI Member of SZ1A team FT8 free op Στις 6/8/2020 12:26 π.μ., ο n3nz Noel έγραψε: I've been using dx4win since ver:6 and upgrading thru ver7, ver8

Re: [Dx4win] Printing with Brother DK-1201 labels?

2020-08-03 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Eric I would suggest to study my notes here abt how to setup the printer 73 de Kostas SV1DPI Member of SZ1A team FT8 free op Στις 1/8/2020 12:48 π.μ., ο Eric Rosenberg έγραψε: I'm having a terrible time printing Brother DK-1201 labels

Re: [Dx4win] Tracking JA Prefectures and Cities

2020-06-16 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
I think this webpage can do it for you 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 16/6/2020 15:41, ο PY2YP έγραψε: So far I've 327 unique JA stations on 80m so I'd like to know if I'm entitled to this award on 80. The question is: Does anybody know how to download a LOTW

Re: [Dx4win] Tracking JA Prefectures and Cities

2020-06-15 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Maybe Jim can add it to his program "adif to dx4win"... Can you test if one of the already supported contests as JARTS, Japan international can do this? 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 15/6/2020 19:59, ο Scott Tuthill (K7ZO) έγραψε: Has anyone figured out a way to track Japan prefectures

Re: [Dx4win] "e-QSL --> DX4WIN"

2020-06-03 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
tc. Answer yes... (this will write the upload to eqsl date in you log and will set the eqsl flag to N. 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 3/6/2020 14:56, ο Luc έγραψε: Hi. Greetings to all. I have just registered in e-QSL and I would like to know, how the e-QSL log is imported to DX4WIN, I suppose that

Re: [Dx4win] How do I reset the label flag on 1600 QSOs

2020-05-22 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
ite the 2nd date Now you have selected the QSOs you want to clear label flags. Go to QSO window QSLs>Clear QSL Label flag You will have been asked if you want the filter, you need to say yes. That's it 73 de Kostas SV1DPI (Member of SZ1A team) Στις 22/5/2020 2:12 π.μ., ο Wayne Rogers έγραψε

Re: [Dx4win] County award

2020-04-28 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
via qsl card. I suggest (first backup your log) to clear all county submissions (mixed-mode-band) (select Award flags to do this) and after that make a new submission 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 28/4/2020 23:32, ο W9RPM έγραψε: Kostas, I tried that. It still lists multiple contacts for a County

Re: [Dx4win] County award

2020-04-28 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Select only the Mixed award. Dx4win will take care to select only once. 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 28/4/2020 22:43, ο W9RPM έγραψε: I am trying to do the County award Submission. How do I get rid of the multiple contacts for a County, so I only have one submission per county? Thanks, John W9RPM

Re: [Dx4win] HELP

2020-04-10 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
-open DX4Win and the country window will be in the upper left hand corner of your screen. Move it to the proper spot. Go to preferences and write configuration file so the new position is saved. 73, John K9EL 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 10/4/2020 18:15, ο F6HRP Alain έγραψε: Hello  i just changed

Re: [Dx4win] Auto Upload to LOTW, etc.

2020-04-08 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
to be able to keep the users it has. Much more features to increase the users number. 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 7/4/2020 22:28, ο Raymond Benny έγραψε: Kosta, I like to thank you for all your support with DX4WIN over the years. I too have been a loyal DX4WIN user for more than 25 years. However, most

Re: [Dx4win] Auto Upload to LOTW, etc.

2020-04-06 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
that they need to pay for dx4win (not a few $) the most of them go away. This is not good for most of us even we are ok with dx4win... 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 6/4/2020 10:49, ο Paul F6EXV έγραψε: Hi Bruce Let me be clear : I like DX4Win a lot. It has many features that are very easy to use

Re: [Dx4win] New feature

2020-03-26 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Hello Ricardo In QSO window got to QSO>special keys cw/rtty If you have checked this you can use f-keys being in QSO window 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 26/3/2020 12:09, ο Ricardo Navarrete έγραψε: Hi All I use to work CW ando it is very uncomfortable not having auto focus, each time I use the

Re: [Dx4win] Printing labels

2020-03-24 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Please visit my notes in the following page Try and print on a blank sheet first. Put it under the light with the labels sheet, see and correct the differences. 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 24/3/2020 14:22, ο Wayne M έγραψε: Hi All, I now have

Re: [Dx4win] Exporting log to LOTW

2020-02-19 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
how it where the file to be signed, is and sign it. ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 19/2/2020 6:30 μ.μ., ο Bill Murrell έγραψε: Hello all. I am attempting to upload my entire log 13K plus qsos to LOTW. Many were made and logged to DX4WIN before there was a LOTW. I used the L

Re: [Dx4win] Log import

2020-02-18 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
ou can not find the fault, you can send it to me to try. ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 14/2/2020 11:15 μ.μ., ο Bruce Blackley έγραψε: I have been trying to get a friend of mine to switch from his logging program, Log4OM, to Dx4Win. He sent me an ADIF file of his log and I im

Re: [Dx4win] Report

2020-02-07 Thread kostas sv1dpi
is invalid for all awards. 73 Kostas SV1DPI __ DX4WIN mailing list Home: Help: Post: This list hosted by:

Re: [Dx4win] Mailing list submission

2020-01-03 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
window is now in your screen limits, pressing f3. ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 3/1/2020 4:26 μ.μ., ο Mike Newey έγραψε: Thanks Tim for the help. If I enter a call sign in the QSO window and then press only F3 nothing happens. If I press Alt+F3 then the QRZ website pa

Re: [Dx4win] FT8 - DXCC

2020-01-02 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Another trick is to keep counting only ft8 modes (file>awards>dxcc>modes group - keep only ft8 from digi modes - uncheck rtty, psk, etc). This way you have only ft8 counts for digital dxcc and you can see your totals ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 2/1/2020 11:46 μ.

Re: [Dx4win] Help!

2019-12-31 Thread kostas sv1dpi
also search for k7bv.~xl file. Rename it to k7bvBACKUP.dxl This file contains the last backup in case your normal log is also corrupted 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 31/12/2019 21:10, ο Paul van der Eijk έγραψε: Dennis, Do not install Dx4win in the program files directory; that directory is treated

Re: [Dx4win] WAZ update in DX4WIN

2019-12-27 Thread kostas sv1dpi
try make a submission also in file>preferences>f2 key tab check which awards are checked. Is the waz checked? 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 28/12/2019 07:15, ο OZ0J Joe έγραψε: Hi After running the WAZ report I found out that my WAZ is not correctly updated automatically. E.g.

Re: [Dx4win] one or two computers

2019-12-09 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Both in one computer. Even you have 2 computers you need to have one log. Dx4win can not keep the log over a network. Even for contest use it is better wth one computer. Most contest software supports 2 keyboards, one for every radio (dx4win does not). ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A

Re: [Dx4win] Cluster problems

2019-12-05 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
n the last rows your callsign, check enabled and you favourite node, for example I have VE7CC-1>Whonnock-BC, ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 5/12/2019 7:55 μ.μ., ο Richard Van Mullen via DX4WIN έγραψε: After trying different nodes with the same results I went t

Re: [Dx4win] Counties list

2019-11-20 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
do a search (F8) for the QSOs with the S in the right field and get a list from Logbook window. ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 20/11/2019 10:30 μ.μ., ο Luc έγραψε: Hi. Some time ago I commented here, but I didn't get help. Let's see if someone can help me now. In his day, I applied

Re: [Dx4win] Colors for DX Spots

2019-11-19 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
In defaults colours the red is the new band and the green background is cfmd band but not mode. Maybe you confirmed a QSO you didn't know with the new country file or something like this. ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 19/11/2019 6:37 μ.μ., ο Mike Parnin via DX4WIN έγραψε

Re: [Dx4win] importing ADIF files

2019-11-19 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
1) file>preferences>QSO and uncheck the QSL card in Label/Upl flag 2) Do a search pressing F8 and look for the QSOs with the label=Y Then in QSO window QSLs>Clear QSL label flag ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 19/11/2019 6:43 μ.μ., ο Wayne Rogers έγραψε: When I impor

Re: [Dx4win] Exporting SOTA references

2019-11-10 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Do a search (F8) and write in Custom award box the award you want (in your case SOTA). Then you will have a list with all sota qsos If you want to get a list with the award values also, go to Logbook window, do a right click>report editor and add AwdVal to the list. ...73 de Kostas SV1

Re: [Dx4win] Export Last Three Months Of Logfile

2019-10-29 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Hello Bud Do a search (F8) and put the starting date. Dx4win will show you the QSOs after this date. Then do an export (File>Import/Export> select the adif) ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 24/10/2019 1:12 μ.μ., ο Bud Governale έγραψε: I'd like to create an

Re: [Dx4win] Feature request -- UDP support

2019-09-19 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
the log via udp and upload in real time the qsos in clublog's livestreaming. Until now dx4win does not support livestreaming. See ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 19/9

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN.CTY country file Release #19.11 - 25 July 2019

2019-07-26 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
not running. Overwrite the files and it should be ok. ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 26/7/2019 8:44 π.μ., ο OZ0J Joe έγραψε: -> After downloading the file, extract it into your dx4w90x\SAVE directory. That works fine. I had to run Help -> Check for Updates

Re: [Dx4win] Problem with DX spots window (my own fault)

2019-07-17 Thread kostas sv1dpi
Have you ticked boxes under File>Preferences>Packet3 also? 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 18/7/2019 04:19, ο Joe έγραψε: A couple of days ago I accidently clicked the DX4WIN icon on my task bar twice instead of once. That put me into the DEMO mode, but it did more than that. When I

Re: [Dx4win] Another spot issue in 9.05

2019-07-12 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Under File>awards have you checked ft8 as a proper mode and 6m as a proper band for DXCC? Same under file>preferences> Station tab ? ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 11/7/2019 9:30 μ.μ., ο William Osborne έγραψε: I was watching 6 this morning for new ones. I saw an O

Re: [Dx4win] FT991 USB to Dx4Win

2019-07-03 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
See this link Val ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 3/7/2019 7:42 π.μ., ο Valentinas L. έγραψε: Hi, I’m Valius LY5V (Val) Yesterday I got my new toy FT991. How connect Dx4Win 9.0.3 to FT991 (Windows 10, Yaesu usb-com port drivers

Re: [Dx4win] iota update

2019-06-25 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
known bug. It's updated. ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 25/6/2019 8:59 π.μ., ο ON5GM έγραψε: Hello The update of iota islands name and list of dx clusters always remains in the update. What am I doing wrong ?? 73 - ON5GM - Mark

Re: [Dx4win] Search

2019-06-04 Thread kostas sv1dpi
rking now? 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 4/6/2019 10:44, ο Paul GRANGER έγραψε: Hi all I had a problem (power cut) and had to reinstall, and update. All this went OK. That is latest version 9.04.1176 If I remember correct, when I was doing a search on the packed window (connected to VE7CC), the result

Re: [Dx4win] WINKEY USB and DX4WIN

2019-05-23 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
See attached picture You need to select winkey and the winkey com port under external keyer Have you done this option? Have you a real winkey or an emulator (k3ng for example)? ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 23/5/2019 11:38 π.μ., ο Artek Manuals έγραψε: Maybe I am just

Re: [Dx4win] Visual appearance

2019-04-15 Thread kostas sv1dpi
There was a bug in 803 version. It works ok in 9.04. What is your DX4WIN version? 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 15/4/2019 18:59, ο Luc έγραψε: Hi. I think that on this topic it has already been discussed, but I do not see the post. I use the DX4WIN on my laptop, but the only way to see the screen

Re: [Dx4win] PSK & IC-7300

2019-04-13 Thread kostas sv1dpi
You need to go to File>preferences>Control tab and select the sound card you want to use in the boxes called PSK sound card 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 13/4/2019 01:22, ο Jay Chamberlain έγραψε: Darn if I can get PSK working with my 7300. I have WSJT-X working as long as I have DX4WIN off.

Re: [Dx4win] I don't see DX4WIN reading the freq of my 7300

2019-04-11 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
I don't think that dx4win shows the current frequency. When you log a qso, is the frequency logged. This is what dx4win does. Also you can check that dx4win reads the frequency in bandmap (right click over the dx spots and bandmap) ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 11/4/2019 8

Re: [Dx4win] Talk window

2019-03-24 Thread kostas sv1dpi
right click in DX spots window and click in "view announcements" 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 24/3/2019 19:08, ο W9RPM έγραψε:    Hi, forgot how to show the talk window in Packet. Thanks, John W9RPM __ DX4WIN mailing list

Re: [Dx4win] Grid Locator Information

2019-03-08 Thread kostas sv1dpi
if you are a qrz subscriber you can pressing f3. Otherwise you can go manual and check the sites with relative infos as qrz, etc. 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 8/3/2019 17:56, ο ShelbyK4WW έγραψε: When working a station, for a second, or more, time, all of the pertinent information, except their grid

Re: [Dx4win] error messages upon Saving Data

2019-02-12 Thread kostas sv1dpi
to continue it continues normally. 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 8/2/2019 19:26, ο steve sala έγραψε: Hi im have the latest as I went to Help and Check For Updates a couple of days ago and downloaded before I started adding notes to certain QSOs. I tried to mail the bug report but my computer said

Re: [Dx4win] Rig CAT

2019-02-12 Thread kostas sv1dpi
Hello Mark If you want dx4win shows always the radio frequency you need to go to file>preferences>packet1 and Uncheck "Update QSO window" box. Personally I prefer to have it changing (box ticked) as this way I can check country, zone,etc windows for this call 73 Kostas S

Re: [Dx4win] Grey'd out spot of 9LY1JM

2019-01-14 Thread kostas sv1dpi
Probably you need to check these bands as god for dxcc File>awards>dxcc Also should be checked under file>preferences>Station 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 14/1/2019 18:22, ο W1ZZ via DX4WIN έγραψε: I have a interesting observation on packet spots 9LY1JM on my DX4Win packet spotting wind

Re: [Dx4win] Adding GROUP field to ADIF output ?

2018-12-30 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
ke contest name  as xx is the number of characters including spaces. I know that it is difficult to make this 100 times... ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 30/12/2018 7:10 μ.μ., ο Eric Rosenberg έγραψε: My DX4Win logs have over 40k of QSOs with 100+ group names associated with

Re: [Dx4win] External data base

2018-12-09 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
anager search (EXE) box 3. Click on Enabled and off course save changes and exit. 73 Kostas SV1DPI __ DX4WIN mailing list Home: Help: Post: mailto:

Re: [Dx4win] Skins

2018-12-09 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
File>Prefernces>Screen tab and Visual Appearance box ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 10/12/2018 12:09 π.μ., ο W9RPM έγραψε: Are more skins available for DX4WIN? Need a light blue. Easier on my eyes that I am having problems with. Using WIN10. 73 John

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN.CTY country file Release #18.14 - 20 November 2018

2018-11-20 Thread kostas sv1dpi
I would like to search more as I had filled also the island name and it's a strange mistake. 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 20/11/2018 19:46, ο Jim Reisert AD1C έγραψε: In addition to the usual stuff, this was a big release

Re: [Dx4win] [IOTA-chasers] IOTA database AS-189

2018-11-17 Thread kostas sv1dpi
Also RT65KI is AS-065 in Idlidlya Island which is not exist in Dx4win. 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 17/11/2018 19:58, ο Jim Reisert AD1C έγραψε: On Sat, Nov 17, 2018 at 10:23 AM Luis Teixeira CT4NH wrote: DX4Win IOTA database shows for AS-189 (Bushehr Group): Abbasak, Farsi, Khark, Nakhilu, Omm ol

Re: [Dx4win] Submission

2018-11-05 Thread kostas sv1dpi
I think the latest one 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 5/11/2018 13:26, ο PY2YP έγραψε: I wonder what is the criteria to submit for the DXCC. I mean: how the DX4WIN selects the QSO? Is the earliest confirmed one? __ DX4WIN mailing list Home

Re: [Dx4win] Updating to New Version

2018-10-22 Thread kostas sv1dpi
See the following links. Yes you need to purchase it (35$ see ). 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 22/10/2018 19:51, ο Jerry France έγραψε: I'm currently running v8.05

Re: [Dx4win] Anyone using the rotor interface to a Yaesu G-1000DXA?

2018-10-19 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
better and not more expensive at least for me (abt 50 euros more than the 1000). ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 18/10/2018 9:27 μμ, ο Lee Hallin έγραψε: I am considering getting this rotor. Is anyone using one with DX4WIN (9.0x). Questions: What interface do you use

Re: [Dx4win] how to Set RTTY mode on Flex?

2018-09-27 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
255 in all boxes. Check if you have the same with me or not. If not you are lucky! If these are the same you need to experiment but I don't know more... Maybe when make test /read and you have the radio on rtty, you can find the right to fill the Write boxes. Let us know the results. ...73

Re: [Dx4win] WAS Not Showing All States Worked

2018-09-12 Thread kostas sv1dpi
Go to File>Awards and check in the WAS tab the modes you use. Probably are unchecked. 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 12/9/2018 21:22, ο Bud Governale, W3LL έγραψε: I noticed my 30M WAS count was low. Reports>WAS>Summary. Band, Mode, Mixed, All modes, All Bands selected. Summary shows 1 Wor

Re: [Dx4win] updating IOTA to a call

2018-08-25 Thread kostas sv1dpi
C4II is on AS120 NOT in AS004. Dx4win ver 9 works in different way with IOTA as these are included in country file. Jim will take care of this. The strange is that if you log it as AS120, in the next QSO it comes again as AS004. Dx4win should understand it 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 25/8/2018 15

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN report for LoTW

2018-08-19 Thread kostas sv1dpi
Ls 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 20/8/2018 07:00, ο Isidro Acosta Hernández έγραψε: Hello. I'm trying to make a DXCC report only for the QSO I have uploaded to LoTW. I click on Report > DXCC (include deleted) > Summary and I get the table with a lot of numbers. But there I can't tell wh

Re: [Dx4win] Not getting WPX credit for AC9 and AC0

2018-08-15 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
h the file as the prefixes are NOT in alphabetical order. AC9 and AC0 are currently valid USA prefixes, so why are they in the not current file? Steve, K6UM On Mon, Aug 6, 2018 at 5:11 AM, WA7AA wrote: On 05-Aug-18 20:55, Kostas SV1DPI wrote: I don't know if thisis the problem but there is a f

Re: [Dx4win] dx spots

2018-08-13 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Normally in down left corner of your screen, probably behind of a window ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 13/8/2018 10:11 πμ, ο Mark έγραψε: Hello, I use windows 10 with dx4win 9.0.4. When I click on the dx spot window (dash) the window disappears of course, but I cannot

Re: [Dx4win] Not getting WPX credit for AC9 and AC0

2018-08-06 Thread kostas sv1dpi
I should say again that I told that possibly this is a problem ir better this was my  problem. I have left blank my wpxdeltd.txt because cq seems to accept everything (at least via eqsl) so I can not check if this is the problem or not. 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 6/8/2018 14:29, ο Leonard Kay

Re: [Dx4win] Not getting WPX credit for AC9 and AC0

2018-08-05 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
directory but I don't remember if wpxdeltd.txt was the problem or another file. I deleted it and I did not update it again as I can not understand why it is useful. ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 6/8/2018 4:15 πμ, ο Steve Lund έγραψε: I can't get DX4WIN to give me credit

Re: [Dx4win] Is the QSL label text/layout changeable?

2018-08-04 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
have received a QSL) either PSE (if you need a QSL) %% Prints the group name ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 2/8/2018 6:11 πμ, ο έγραψε: When printing labels, I'd like to have my call somewhere on the label. At present, only the other stat

Re: [Dx4win] Adding Groups to exported ADIF file ?

2018-08-04 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Possibly you can not do this but you can do a search (F8) for a specific group and after this File>Export in ADIF only this group. You can do it and produce different adif files for any of the groups you need. ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 2/8/2018 6:08 πμ, ο ericrosenb

Re: [Dx4win] Award Submission

2018-08-04 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
(Fill an S in WPX mixed box) 4.Go with the mouse over Logbook window and make a right click. Select "write to a file". ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 3/8/2018 6:38 μμ, ο Bud Governale, W3LL έγραψε: How do I create an award submission which includes one CSV file

Re: [Dx4win] DX Spots and Packet Windows

2018-06-27 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
to be ignored (file>preferences>packet1>Spots to ignore). Maybe some of the "lost" QSOs is really grey. ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 28/6/2018 3:04 πμ, ο Mike Parnin via DX4WIN έγραψε: I 'm running version 9.04 and all of a sudden my "DX Spots DXCC sorted

[Dx4win] Lost Windows in version 9

2018-06-27 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
your config.txt as a backup for the future. Don't forget to open your own log again as dx4win loaded the Samplelog! If something that you don't like happens, close to dx4win and go to again in dx4w903/save directory and rename config_old.dat to config.dat -- ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (

Re: [Dx4win] Configuring an ADIF for Exporting

2018-06-22 Thread kostas sv1dpi
Possibly yes but I don't know how to do it :) When you go to file>import/export where there is the adif filter first in the list, you will see another menu called Filter. There should be what you are asking for. 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 22/6/2018 23:02, ο έγρ

Re: [Dx4win] QSL Labels

2018-06-13 Thread kostas sv1dpi
Study my notes here 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 13/6/2018 14:22, ο ShelbyK4WW έγραψε: Using v8.05, Avery 5160 labels. Previously, I was able to get multiple QSL confirmations, I believe it was three (3), per label. When attempting that, I now only get

Re: [Dx4win] Question about award alerts

2018-05-29 Thread kostas sv1dpi
Joe If you want to see the wpx colours you need to make a right click over the dx spots and click in wpx colours. 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 25/5/2018 16:07, ο Joe Stepansky έγραψε: Hello everyone! I just upgraded to version 9 and have a question about WPX award alerting in the DX spots

Re: [Dx4win] adif2dxq aborting

2018-05-28 Thread kostas sv1dpi
Becareful in what version of dx4win you export the adif (8 or 9) 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 28/5/2018 22:58, ο KC7VMike έγραψε: Trying to import my wpxcw log into v9 with adif2dxw.  The process aborts after finding a duplicate qso and I am not sure why. This is not the first dupe in the log

Re: [Dx4win] Exporting 3 days QSO`s from DX4win version 8 to desktop

2018-05-25 Thread kostas sv1dpi
file>export. In the question Filter active? answer Yes 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 25/5/2018 14:46, ο glyn via DX4WIN έγραψε: Dear DX4WIN`ers, I write to ask how can I move around 150 logged QSO`s I made in DX4Win on 19th May 2018 to 21st May 2018 into a ADIF file and save it on my desktop for later input

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN failed to start - Bug report is available - Need advice

2018-05-15 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
with dx4win. ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 15/5/2018 6:10 πμ, ο Jerry N9AW έγραψε: Just an update on this problem,  I re-installed DX4WIN 9.03 and everything is back working just fine.  I did the Check for Updates and downloaded the latest updates too.  The only thing I seemed

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN failed to start - Bug report is available - Need advice

2018-05-14 Thread kostas sv1dpi
or backup in dropbox or in the cloud. Sometimes the access in the cloud is too slow and dx4win gives a bug report. 2. Sometimes one more click or whatever (I don't know) dx4win tries to open 2 instances. Dx4win stops this but it gives a bug report. 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 14/5/2018 08:11, ο Jerry N

Re: [Dx4win] Telnet

2018-04-23 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
You can select under file>preferences>packet2 your favourite cluster node. There is also a check box there for autoconnect. I think also that if you select once your favourite cluster node in packet window, this goes to the top. So it is not necessary to edit the nodes file. ...73 de

Re: [Dx4win] Fwd: Re: Лейблы dx4win Ver.9

2018-04-23 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
the number of QSOs printed, and the greeting line(s) will follow the last possible QSO on the label ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 19/4/2018 9:28 μμ, ο Victor Kravchenko έγραψε: I have been using DXWIN since mid 1990th and never had any problems with label printing ZWECK-3658

Re: [Dx4win] MMTTY with DX4WIN will not TX (for EA5FID)

2018-04-16 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Reading the microkeyer ii setup guide will help you to find problems (even you are not using this product). See this ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 15/4/2018 12:50 πμ, ο Dan Violette έγραψε: I have been trying to help

Re: [Dx4win] 51 States

2018-03-28 Thread kostas sv1dpi
I remember that it happens when you import a log which has a DC as a state. There is nothing we can do to correct it, except you find a previous version of your log which has not this problem, remove the DC from the imported log and import this again. Only Paul can help you. 73 Kostas SV1DPI

Re: [Dx4win] Packet windows in latest version

2018-03-21 Thread kostas sv1dpi
you can minimize them. If you want to close them, you need to go to file>preferences>packet1 and select none in type box of cluster interface. The band map is probably behind other windows. Try move them to find it. 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 21/3/2018 03:39, ο Steve K7AWB έγραψε: After br

Re: [Dx4win] Fresh reinstall of 8.05 screen size

2018-03-13 Thread kostas sv1dpi
Go to file>preferences in screen tab change the scale factor from 80 Probably you will need to change font size beside this also. Good luck 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 13/3/2018 20:03, ο Bruce έγραψε: I had a Hard Drive crash, and did a fresh install of DX4W805, and have everything work

Re: [Dx4win] Extracting QSOs

2018-03-06 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
bruary). Then go to file>import/export> adif file and you have what you want. ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 6/3/2018 5:03 μμ, ο John, K9EL έγραψε: You can create a date filter for the exact dates you want and then export to ADIF. K9EL On Mar 6, 2018, at 9:55 A

Re: [Dx4win] Lost program

2018-03-05 Thread kostas sv1dpi
download it from here 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 5/3/2018 23:06, ο jimblazier έγραψε: I lost my ver 8.5 due to crash, I have my key & log files on a thumb drive. My question is, can I download a old 8.5 program or do l have to upgrade ?Thank

Re: [Dx4win] Printing Labels in Sequence?

2018-03-03 Thread kostas sv1dpi
Have in mind that if some of the QSOs are confirmed will be printed with a tnx and the rest (not confirmed) with a pse. Also if in some of the QSOs the method (buro, direct, etc) is different, will be printed in different labels. Is this the case? 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 3/3/2018 22:20, ο Eric

Re: [Dx4win] LoTW flags/tags

2018-02-24 Thread kostas sv1dpi
dx4win consider a QSO as uploaded only when a date in Upload Date field is filled. So you need to put a date. There is no meaning what date, but it needs a date. 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 25/2/2018 07:24, ο έγραψε: I'm catching up on my LoTW submissions. I would

Re: [Dx4win] DX4Win - Elecraft K3 - Remote Rig

2018-02-19 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
be much better to have. ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 18/2/2018 3:10 πμ, ο John, K9EL έγραψε: I am using a K3/0 remote over the Internet to a K3.DX4Win keeps losing the connection to the K3/0 on my laptop. Sometimes it stays connected for 20 minutes, sometimes an hour

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN crash, Missing IOTA Window

2018-02-08 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
GHT=80 LEFT=0 TOP=325 WIDTH=312 but with different numbers Write LEFT=0 TOP=0 Save the config file, open the dx4win and go to preferences. Load the just saved config file and open iota window. It should appear somewhere on the left top of the screen ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T)


2018-01-30 Thread kostas sv1dpi
now is to log the qsos. If you want to get an alert for these qsos, you can add z60a under file>preferences>packet1>Callsign Alert 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 29/1/2018 20:30, ο noll amidzich έγραψε: Recently upgraded from 8.05 to All seemed good with QSOS/ countries etc.

Re: [Dx4win] UPDATING FOR Z6

2018-01-25 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Update is not automatic but there is no need for a separate software anymore. You need to go to Help>Check for updates and follow the procedure. Also have in mind that only QSOs after 21 January 2018 are valid for Z6. So previous QSOs with Kossovo are not valid for DXCC as Z6 ...73 de Kos

Re: [Dx4win] Manuals - etc

2018-01-22 Thread kostas sv1dpi
Will sorry but I didn't understand what are you asking. If you need the dx4win manual, you will find it in dx4win installation directory, in subdirectory docs. Mine is in C:\dx4w901\docs 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 22/1/2018 03:35, ο William Liporace έγραψε: The user guide is from v 7.01 September

Re: [Dx4win] Issue with countries

2018-01-13 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Under Awards>dxcc you need to check the valid bands and modes. I suspect that some bands or modes are missed. ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 13/1/2018 8:36 μμ, ο έγραψε: Mike. . thank.   I have already updated the country file via AD1C's upda

Re: [Dx4win] printing labels

2018-01-11 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
make your printing fonts smaller. ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 11/1/2018 2:27 μμ, ο ROBERT GARCEAU έγραψε: Is the latest version of DX4WIN I thought I saw a note on the reflector that the label printing had been fixed. I noticed some improvement. The mode

Re: [Dx4win] QRZ Strings in Preferences?

2018-01-06 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
if you mean the xml is this[USERNAME];password=[PASSWORD];agent=[PROGRAM][SESSIONID];callsign=[CALLSIGN] if you mean the web look (alt+f3) is this ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A

Re: [Dx4win] Ver. 9.03

2018-01-02 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
perations>Set mode for this  purpose. ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 2/1/2018 10:28 πμ, ο andyphewitt έγραψε: Hi, I have just installed 9.03 on my W10 PC and it all seems to be good. Only two matters worry me. It seems that I cannot enlarge the QSO entry window, the menu b

Re: [Dx4win] labels

2018-01-01 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 1/1/2018 6:05 μμ, ο ROBERT GARCEAU έγραψε:   Upgraded a while back to version. Printed labels today for first time using dymo label/writer 400 turbo. Worked great with old version. However, I just noticed that the mode isn't printing out


2017-12-28 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Have you selected the 60m band under file>awards>dxcc? ...73 de Kostas SV1DPI (One of SZ1A-EP6T) Στις 27/12/2017 11:34 μμ, ο Bruce Blackley έγραψε: WD4LBR --- This email has been checked for viruses by AVG. http://www.a

Re: [Dx4win] Error message DX4Win

2017-12-26 Thread Kostas SV1DPI
Something has corrupted. Try an update. Maybe this corrects the problem. If not I am afraid that you need to install dx4win again. Windows 10 seems very aggressive. As I use writelog also, I can see some have problems with 10 and it also. Personally I stick on windows 7... ...73 de Kostas

Re: [Dx4win] entering QSL cards

2017-12-20 Thread kostas sv1dpi
It works for me. Check under file>preferences>F2 key if the "Mark QSO as confirmed" is checked. If not, please check it... 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 20/12/2017 17:58, ο Roger D Johnson έγραψε: I was just entering some confirmations from QSL cards received. I searched for the cal

Re: [Dx4win] Digital - FT8, JT65 etc

2017-12-13 Thread kostas sv1dpi
you need to go to Filter>selection and choose the ft8 selection you made. If you want to see again your total numbers you need to come back again to 000 selection named All QSOs. 73 Kostas SV1DPI PS I hate ft8 and the fact that counts for DXCC. Sorry... _

Re: [Dx4win] RTTY/MMTTY

2017-11-28 Thread kostas sv1dpi
in MMTTY window do a right click and "edit" macros Check the "Control keys" Probably name is in 18 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 29/11/2017 04:24, ο William Liporace έγραψε: OK, I click on one of the macros and got Paul as my name. Paul's QTH. Where is everything setup. I see t

Re: [Dx4win] LOTW - DXCC QSL Download

2017-11-28 Thread kostas sv1dpi
Maybe you have add a state in wl7e call in your log? 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 29/11/2017 04:03, ο William Liporace έγραψε: I'm a bit perplexed... From the not found in log: X WL7E 13-Feb-2015 00:00 12mSSB 0 From my Log and LOTW (as expected) WL7E 13-Feb-2015 00:59 12m

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN v9.0.2.1134

2017-11-28 Thread kostas sv1dpi
in and it will be somthing like this 20171126 054500 6Y0W 1.82480 6Y0 82 NA CW 160m 599 599 8 NA-097 N Y 20171127 Y 20171127 LZ1NK K1KP By the way, this (adif format) is not new in dx4win 9 73 Kostas SV1DPI Στις 29/11/2017 00:09, ο Tony Brock-Fisher via DX4WIN έγραψε: I just tried that. It ignores

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