Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN locks up on file import

2020-06-30 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi Mark, Assuming your .DXL log file is WA0MHJ.DXL, see if you have a WA0MHJ.~DXL file. If so, copy it to a unique name. This .~DXL file is a recent copy of WA0MHJ.DXL. What version of DX4WIN is this happening with? If you create a "new" (different name) DX4WIN log file, can you import the

Re: [Dx4win] Tracking JA Prefectures and Cities

2020-06-16 Thread Lee Hallin
If there is interest and there is a report or file generated by LoTW that has the "Japanese Prefectures", "Japan Century Cities" and/or "Japan Century Guns" information in it, I could possibly write a program that would read a DX4WIN .DXQ (export) file and the LoTW report/file and add the

[Dx4win] Search for all QSOs with a "Frequency" filled in?

2020-06-06 Thread Lee Hallin
I am probably missing something obvious! Using DX4WIN v9.0.9.1259, I did a F8 and, in the Frequency field, tried entering an "*" or "!" but it beeped at me. It acts like only numeric digits (and .) are acceptable. Is this true? This isn't a "show stopper" since I can export to a .DXQ file and

[Dx4win] Anyone had bogus LoTW Date values show up in a log?

2020-05-13 Thread Lee Hallin
First, I am NOT blaming DX4WIN for doing the following. Rather I am trying to rule it out as the cause. I have an old log that has probably been run through various versions of DX4WIN. I was looking at it recently and noticed that it had several "odd" LoTW Dates. Examples of "odd" are many

[Dx4win] Printer "setup" problem in v9.05?

2019-06-18 Thread Lee Hallin
Running on a PC running Windows 7 Pro. I don't know if this a general problem or one related to, perhaps, my printer (HP LJ 4000, parallel port connected). If I click WINDOWS -> Logbook Then Right click and click PRINT, then click Setup -> Landscape -> OK, then OK to actually print, I get the

[Dx4win] Do you want/need a "Flying Horse Callbook" for 2019 Winter (and beyond)?

2019-01-14 Thread Lee Hallin
d I'll see what the postage would be - at this point I haven't a clue :) 73, Lee Hallin N7NU __ DX4WIN mailing list Home: Help: Post: mailto:DX4WIN@mailm

[Dx4win] Has ANYONE received the 2019 Winter version of "Fly Horse"

2019-01-02 Thread Lee Hallin
I use Flying Horse with DX4WIN. I have a subscription and usually get the CD by the end of Nov or beg of December. I have yet to receive it. Flying Horse (Radio Amateur Callbook) site ( is still advertising 2018 Winter (NOT 2019) as the latest version. ARRL is still offering

[Dx4win] Anyone using the rotor interface to a Yaesu G-1000DXA?

2018-10-18 Thread Lee Hallin
I am considering getting this rotor. Is anyone using one with DX4WIN (9.0x). Questions: What interface do you use to control the rotor (Eg. Easy-Rotor-Control,Rotor Card,etc)? Does the interface work well? If you use the ERC, does DX4WIN take

Re: [Dx4win] Error in Log File after computer crash

2018-06-04 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi Ernie, If you haven't done so already, copy .~XL to .DXL. The copy .DXL to another place or directory (so you'll have 2 copies of the .DXL) Then try to open .DXL. Do you have another PC (that didn't crash) that you could move the .DXL file (that is having issues) to and open it with DX4WIN?

[Dx4win] What do you do for LoTW DXCC_QSLs... entries that have wrong or bogus dates?

2018-02-12 Thread Lee Hallin
I have found that sometimes the entry in the DXCC_QSLs... file (that you download from LoTW to show DXCC confirmations) has the wrong date. The date seems to be "guessed" by LoTW. For instance, the confirmation QSO date for a QSO says 19890101 when in reality the date of the QSO was 19890304.

Re: [Dx4win] Confirmation totals

2018-02-07 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi Dave, I don't know what you want to do once you find out which QSOs have either Cnfm flag set but if you just want to see "a list" (not make any mods) the following might get you an answer: 1) Open the log in question (I'll use G3UEG in my scenario) 2) Hit F8 3) Set the Cnfm flag to Y

[Dx4win] I have a spreadsheet with modes and their submodes

2018-02-06 Thread Lee Hallin
It only has those modes(21) that have submodes(96). Modes are in one column and their submodes are in the next column in subsequent rows. If you'd like a copy, send me your email address or reply to this and I'll send it back to you. 73, Lee N7NU

Re: [Dx4win] International Grid Chase

2018-01-11 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi Mike, Doesn't look like you can (or I don't know how to) select any additional bands for the VUCC award. Highest (meter) band available seems to be 6 meters. I have modified a simple program (originally written to track the FFMA) that tracks what calls have credit for which Grids.

Re: [Dx4win] Import .adi file error

2017-09-04 Thread Lee Hallin
Think this rings a bell from the past! Look at the first few records of the .ADI file and see if you see "" (End Of Header) anywhere. Seems like having no caused a problem in the past. If you DON'T see one, add "" (minus the quotes) at the very beginning of the file and try the import again.

Re: [Dx4win] Uploading FT8 QSO's to LOTW

2017-08-23 Thread Lee Hallin
Using Kostas' solution, it wouldn't matter which "temporary" mode you chose (FAX, JT65,etc) because you would be specifying the "length" of the mode name both places, like: Find "JT65" and replace it with "JT8" Lee N7NU >>> kostas sv1dpi 8/23/2017 12:12 PM >>> I don't agree.

Re: [Dx4win] JT65

2017-06-23 Thread Lee Hallin
Re: NotePad adding the .txt suffix when saving a file, if you surround the file name with double quotes, it will use the name between the "'s as the file name (Eg. "n7cw.adi"). Lee >>> Bud Semon 6/20/2017 8:58 AM >>> Paul, Are you able to figure out what ADIF version that

Re: [Dx4win] Call sign letters to big

2017-03-06 Thread Lee Hallin
How many of you are wanting this ability? For those that do, EXACTLY how are you indicating the "long" call in the Notes field? And which Notes field (QSO or Call Notes)? I think it should be fairly simple to automate the editing of the ADIF file if the "long" name in the Notes field is

[Dx4win] What's the highest number of "groups" you have included in ONE filter?

2017-03-04 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi all, As I understand it, when building a "filter" you can build it based upon "groups" to include and/or date ranges for QSOs to include. With the filter by "group", you can select more than one group. If more than one, what is the most number of groups you have included for a single

Re: [Dx4win] Export of groups

2017-02-01 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi Joe, I wrote a program years ago that extracts the information but I wrote it for me so it isn't "pretty". If you want to send me your .DXL file, I will run my program against it and send you back the results. As I recall, it also knows about your "filters" if that is of interest. If you

Re: [Dx4win] Latest WAE Custom Award

2016-09-12 Thread Lee Hallin
Inspired by what Joe wrote, I wrote a program that will fill in the Award and Award Values for QSOs that qualify (as far as I can tell) for the WAE. The process involves: 1) Export your DX4WIN log to a DX4WIN8 format .DXQ file 2) Run my program against that .DXQ file 3) Import the .DXQ file

Re: [Dx4win] Importing JT65

2016-08-23 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi Dave, Glad you got it done! I had thought of ADIF Master but didn't know for sure that it could do what you wanted :) Good to know it can! Just FYI, in NotePad if you surround the file name with double quotes, it will save the file with exactly that name you specify so you'll need to

Re: [Dx4win] IO Error 103

2016-03-31 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi Emily, You might try opening the ADIF file with another program, say NotePad. If it opens OK there, then do a "Save AS" to a different name. Then try to import that file. I don't know how they produced the file, but if it was on a MAC, the records may be terminated by ONLY a Line Feed as

Re: [Dx4win] [DX4WIN] Multiple QSOs Group number

2016-03-23 Thread Lee Hallin
It looks to me (looking at the .DXL file structure) like the Group Number was increased in v8.x from the previous max of 254 to a max of 65,534! 73, Lee N7NU >>> "John Shaw" 3/23/2016 3:22 PM >>> I thought 254 groups was the limit in DX4WIN? Although having a quick look

Re: [Dx4win] LOTW credit to DX4WIN

2016-03-22 Thread Lee Hallin
/or want more information, let me know. 73, Lee Hallin N7NU >>> PY2YP <> 3/21/2016 3:07 AM >>> I'm trying to play with "LoTW Credits to DX4Win Awards Utility" by K8UT. This utility requires first DXKeeper to download the credits from

Re: [Dx4win] Group Names and Numbers

2016-02-21 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi all, I wrote a program years ago that decoded the group numbers/names and the filter information too from the .DXL file. At one time I had thoughts of "extracting" the group and filter information from one .DXL file and creating a new .DXL with the same information. Some where along the

[Dx4win] Any interest in a program that compares two logs?

2015-12-01 Thread Lee Hallin
Do to logging on more than one PC, I found myself with multiple copies of my log. Some logs had changes in older QSOs while other logs had changes in more recent QSOs. I am working (have it working, mostly) on a program that reads .DXQ files for two logs and presents field values,

Re: [Dx4win] DXCC QSL Download - New?

2014-04-27 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi all, This was posted about 6 months ago. Is there a utility that will compare the DX4WIN DXCC award status with the information in the mentioned DXCC QSL file? Is there any interest in such a utility? I'm willing to take a stab at it but don't want to expend the time if no one cares

Re: [Dx4win] Importing QSL requests into DX4WIN from ClubLog

2013-11-16 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi Jim, John and others, I am actually working on this for Joe (OZ0J / 5Q2T) -- see his post from Sep 24th at the end of this email. I haven't done ClubLog yet so if anyone else has variations of what they would like done by a utility I'm writing, please speak up now :-) Also, mention what

Re: [Dx4win] Importing

2012-10-05 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi Tom, I wrote a program to convert .CSV to ADIF. I never finished it (it did what I needed but might not work for all cases) so it isn't really ready for release yet. If you want to send me the .DXL or the .CSV file, I will run it thru my program and see what happens. If it has problems,

[Dx4win] What reporting would be useful for Custom Awards?

2011-09-14 Thread Lee Hallin
I recently wrote a program that fulfilled the needs of one person as relating to the Fred Fish Memorial Award. He said it saved him ours of work. The program scanned his log looking for QSOs that qualified for the FFMA. It then output a .CSV file that he imported into Excel (I think) and

[Dx4win] Fred Fish Memorial Award

2011-09-10 Thread Lee Hallin
I recently wrote a program that scans a DX4WIN file (.DXQ) and finds QSOs that qualify for the Fred Fish Memorial Award (FFMA). It finds the QSOs based upon Band (6m), Grid Square being filled in and Cnfm flag set. The Award field does NOT have to be filled in for a QSO to be selected. The

[Dx4win] Custom Awards - 100's missing?

2011-09-02 Thread Lee Hallin
I admit I haven't used anything but basic awards up until now (TenTen and FISTS). When I try to enter a Custom Award, the drop down list only has 34 awards! My DX4WIN.AWD file contains hundreds. Does this file have to be moved from the SAVE directory (where it was installed with v8.05) to

Re: [Dx4win] Strange Occurrence - Help Needed

2011-08-26 Thread Lee Hallin
Warning: If you choose the MicroSoft option to download but do NOT install updates, you MUST install (or in some way acknowledge the updates) within some period of time (I don't know how long (2-4 weeks?)). If you DON'T, then your computer WILL get RE-BOOTED automatically; typically Wednesday

[Dx4win] Where (what field) do you specify the city name for U.S. QSOs?

2011-06-23 Thread Lee Hallin
Do you put the city name in the QTH field (Ex. Los Angeles) .. while also populating the STATE field with the state abbreviation? Do you put the city name in the QTH field along with the state (Ex. Los Angeles,CA)? If you aren't using DX4WIN v8.??, what field, and what form/convention, do

Re: [Dx4win] Duplicate QSO's - Import Crashes

2011-05-08 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi Art, I haven't tried your exact scenario but you might check the following: 1) Backup your log to a different name! 2) Go to Preferences - QSO - then check Show seconds in time I don't know if this only effects the visual display or if it alters what portion of the time gets

Re: [Dx4win] Win-eqf

2011-01-18 Thread Lee Hallin
Assuming that Win-eqf is able to export an ADIF file, here is what I would suggest: 1) In Win-eqf, EXPORT your log to file in ADIF format and remember what directory you create it in 2) Start DX4WIN 3) If you plan on importing to an EXISTING DX4WIN log, first make a backup copy..just

Re: [Dx4win] Logbook sort order

2011-01-02 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi Loren, I don't know about altering the direction (ascending/descending) of the sort but some keyboard shortcuts I use: In the QSO window: CTRL+HOME takes you to the FIRST qso CTRL+END takes you to the last PgUp takes you to previous QSO PgDn takes you to the next QSO In the LogBook

Re: [Dx4win] Problem with Filter selection

2010-12-03 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi Bob, I think it has to do with your User Level. Go to File - Preferences and look at the User Level. It is likely Regular. Try Advanced or Expert. I think once you save the change, you need to exit DX4WIN and get back in for the change to take effect. 73, Lee N7NU Bob Henderson

Re: [Dx4win] Cannot open log

2010-10-08 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi Patrick, 1) Have you tried opening a different log file? (This to determine whether the problem is related to the log or the Country file) 2) If the different log showed the same problem, my guess would be the DX4WIN.CTY file got corrupted some how. To verify, in the DX4WIN SAVE

Re: [Dx4win] adi import

2010-07-18 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi Bob, Too little information :-) 1) Do you get an error? If so, what is it? 2) What version of DX4WIN are you running? 3) What procedure/process are you using to do the import? I'm sure someone can help if you give us more information; starting with the above 3 questions :-)

Re: [Dx4win] need help

2010-05-15 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi Eddie, There are lots of us out here that can probably help but ya need to give us a little more information :-) 1) Have you received (downloaded) a version of DX4WIN? 2) If so, have you installed it on your computer(s)? 3) What version of DX4WIN are you attempting to use? 4)

Re: [Dx4win] Questions on Listing/Using Groups and Operators

2010-03-05 Thread Lee Hallin
What version of DX4WIN are you using? I have a program that dumps most of the header info (for versions 8.01) in the .DXL file. It isn't fancy but it will give you (and others if they want it) the information. I can tweek it for 8.x (which I've been planning to do anyway). Lee N7NU

[Dx4win] If you need help converting your Freq, Name and/or QTH data, I may be able to help

2009-08-13 Thread Lee Hallin
If the way you have kept track of frequency, Name and/or QTH does not lend itself to the automatic conversion by DX4WIN 8.01 or the QSXFIX program of Jim's (AD1C), I may be able to help. If you were fairly consistent in how you kept track of the information (Freq,Name and QTH), I can

Re: [Dx4win] Save mycall.dxl

2009-08-07 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi, When you invoke 8.01 on the destination PC, verify in the title bar that it says DX4WIN 8.01 (just incase you have multiple versions of DX4WIN on your desktop; and you clicked on the wrong one :-). To find the path to the log that is being opened by default, I do a File - Save as,

Re: [Dx4win] DX4Win801 installation - Oxc0150002 error and solution

2009-08-04 Thread Lee Hallin
Thanks Larry, I got the same error and your link/download fixed it :-) Tnx, Lee N7NU Larry Gauthier (K8UT) 8/4/2009 7:37 AM

Re: [Dx4win] Wish list, again -- LOTW Import

2009-04-02 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi all, I realize that Randy was wanting the fix in the next DX4WIN version; but... Does anyone else dislike the LOTW: phrase as much as Randy? Let me know direct (save band-width). If enough people would like it removed, I can write a program that would remove all, or the

Re: [Dx4win] 7.05.03 not printing group names on labels?

2008-09-22 Thread Lee Hallin
Just FYI: When entering a Group number for a QSO, it must be in the range 0-253 (you get a message so indicating). However, in the Editing group names screen, it doesn't seem to check the range so you can CREATE group names that you will NOT be able to associate with a QSO(s)! Lee N7NU

Re: [Dx4win] Comparing Log Files

2008-08-26 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi Bill, Sorry for your pain :-) Let's call your two logs old and new. 1) Open up the OLD log. 2) Click Window - Logbook 3) Right-click and click Select Report' 4) Click the Down-arrow under Report format and select All Fields 5) Sort index defaults to Date. If you change it,

[Dx4win] Logs wanted for testing a .DXL, .CSV and/or .ADI conversion utility

2008-07-30 Thread Lee Hallin
by programs other than DX4WIN; but DX4WIN produced .DXL files are good too :-) I PROMISE that all logs/files received will NOT leave my PC (won't be accessible by anyone but me) and will be deleted once the program is released! Thanks and 73, Lee Hallin N7NU

Re: [Dx4win] Problem with 7.04 Import

2008-07-30 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi Bob, As a guess, I'd say your DX4WIN.IEP (Import/ExPort) file got corrupted. I don't know if the format of it is compatible with 7.02 or not. If you have no other suggestions: 1) Exit DX4WIN 2) Make a copy of your DX4WIN.IEP file (located in the SAVE directory) to another name.

[Dx4win] Programatically inserting County into DX4WIN files

2006-11-21 Thread Lee Hallin
Hi all, I'm new to the list so sorry if this has been asked before. I am in the process of writing a program that looks up a state,city combination and determines the county name. Then I want to update the DX4WIN .DXL file (directly or indirectly) with the county. I want to make sure I