[Dx4win] Missing Contacts

2020-06-19 Thread ShelbyK4WW
For the second time this year I've lost contacts made between December 25, 2019 - February 29, 2020. I feel certain they were there, as I was able to download them from LoTW. I do the normal save/backup, and they were also missing from the backup? 73, Shelby - K4WW As I don't have an iPad nor

[Dx4win] Lost Contacts

2020-03-06 Thread ShelbyK4WW
For whatever reason, most likely operator error, I have lost all contacts between December 24, 2019 and March 4, 2020. They do not appear in my save, nor backup file. Most (99.9%) of the contacts were in various contests. I can go back, recreate the ADIF file from those, and re-import? All of

[Dx4win] County Line Contacts

2019-05-05 Thread ShelbyK4WW
I encountered a situation, in last weekend FLQP, and will probably encounter it again, this weekend in 7QPINNE QSO parties. Using N1MM+, which logs, creates ADIF, and Cabrillo fine. My situation arose when importing the ADIF file into DX4WIN, an error message indicating the second contact, with a

[Dx4win] Grid Locator Information

2019-03-08 Thread ShelbyK4WW
When working a station, for a second, or more, time, all of the pertinent information, except their grid locator information is present. Is there a way to have the grid locator information be present? Thanks 73, Shelby - K4WW As I don't have an iPad nor iPhone, sent from my PC

[Dx4win] QSL Labels

2018-06-13 Thread ShelbyK4WW
Using v8.05, Avery 5160 labels. Previously, I was able to get multiple QSL confirmations, I believe it was three (3), per label. When attempting that, I now only get one (1) QSL confirmation, per label? Most likely I overlooked a setting, when I upgraded. Thanks 73, Shelby - K4WW As I don't have

[Dx4win] N1MM ADIF

2018-05-17 Thread ShelbyK4WW
Is there a way to remove the "rx frequency", from the adif file generated by N1MM, prior to import into DX4WIN? It's strictly a personal preference, that I just don't want it. Thanks 73, Shelby - K4WW As I don't have an iPad nor iPhone, sent from my PC