Re: [Dx4win] File Issues

2020-06-20 Thread Jim Reisert AD1C
See if this helps: I found this in an E-mail from 10 years ago. This option doesn't seem to be available on DX4WIN 9.0x but may/should work on 8.0x: Kostas Stamatis 10 years ago if yes, your packet window is somewhere outside your screen. You must play with "Leave all windows in original

[Dx4win] File Issues

2020-06-20 Thread William Osborne
I am trying to fix a ver 8 DX4WIN installation for a friend.  It was working fine for years but he tried to do an upload using TQSL and sent the wrong file to TQSL (maybe his log file but I am not sure). Now when he starts DX4WIN only the narrow window at the top opens up with all others closed