[Dx4win] Unable to import QSO's from SC and NC QSO Parties-FIXED

2018-02-26 Thread Thomas Schwinn
All, I used the suggestion provided by WA7AA and was able to successfully import QSO's from both the NC and SC QSO Parties.Thanks Zoran and thanks to Jim, AD1C, for providing another option to fix this issue. 73, Tom, W4NBS From: "dx4win-requ...@mailman.qth.net"

[Dx4win] Clib Log Error

2018-02-26 Thread Mike Parnin via DX4WIN
I am running DX4WIN  8.05.  Recently I am getting the attached error when downloading updates from the downloaderversion  9.5. After pressing OK the download continues and completes, indicating the successful downloads and one error. Is the error on Club Log's or on my side? Any ideas on how to

Re: [Dx4win] FlexRadio and Dx4win

2018-02-26 Thread Dennis Petrich
I got it Dave off the one drive link you sent. Its working so I’ll give it a try and see if its better than the one I got from Neil. Thanks again, Dennis, k0eoo Sent from Mail for Windows 10 From: DAVID DERAIN Sent: Monday, February 26, 2018 7:09 AM To: Howard K2HK Cc: dx4win@mailman.qth.net

Re: [Dx4win] Unable to import QSO's from SC and NC QSO Parties

2018-02-26 Thread Jim Reisert AD1C
This program does not handle county lines: http://dx4win.ad1c.us/adif2dxq/ This program does: http://software.ad1c.us/ADIF_County/ But you still only get ADIF out of the second one. It has been my intention to merge the two programs. I got partially there a year (or more) ago, but

Re: [Dx4win] FlexRadio and Dx4win

2018-02-26 Thread DAVID DERAIN
I sent this RIG file to Jim to post on his web page, but I think he forgot about it.  I don't know how to get it to everyone as I don't have a web site.Jim does so much for us that I hate to pester him, but maybe he can post it for us. 73 Dave K8ESQ On Sunday, February 25, 2018 5:34 PM,