[Dx4win] dx4win and icom 765

2002-10-17 Thread Dan Violette
I don't have a 765, but seem to remember that the transceive switch inside the radio needs to be changed (to ON?). Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] Behalf Of Jaspers Sent: Monday, October 14, 2002 5:21 PM To: dx4win@mailman.qth.net Subject:

[Dx4win] Adding QSL managers

2003-05-05 Thread Dan Violette
Same as: Ignored. Not used. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: Erik Hyllander [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: 5/4/03 10:50:02 AM To: dx4win@mailman.qth.net dx4win@mailman.qth.net Subject: [Dx4win] Adding QSL managers Hello DX4WIN-users, Can anyone with a better command of

[Dx4win] INI files

2004-08-11 Thread Dan Violette
Greg, Pete is correct. The term DX4WIN uses for LOAD is MERGE. It really loads in the other file. I have one called HOME.INI for home use, one called RTTY.INI when I want to do RTTY and one called WORK.INI when I want to just see my log and use the cluster through internet. Set up the way

[Dx4win] Contest Mode

2004-01-02 Thread Dan Violette
And the first time worked must be in the same time period of the contest not just earlier in the log. Dan, KI6X -Original Message- From: J. F. Samuels [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: 1/2/04 11:33:04 AM To: Michael L. Thomas [EMAIL PROTECTED] Cc: DX4WIN List Server

[Dx4win] Problem with Group Numbers

2004-01-23 Thread Dan Violette
I thought I saw one time (manual?) I could use any group number to any name. I set up group 7 for portable 7 operation. Now I see I have that as Group 4 in the selection filter (so I used both). If I make them all Group 7, I cannot create a name for Group 7 without creating Groups 5 and 6

[Dx4win] HELP! Log gone!

2004-07-08 Thread Dan Violette
There is a backup created at all times. That is the red/black countdown numbers after you make a change. It stores it as .~xl I think. If you lose power and you run DX4WIN again, it will tell you you have a backup and whether you want to save it under a new filename. You can test it if you'd

[Dx4win] Pt 2 Print log for DXCC with Multi QSO's on QSL

2005-02-16 Thread Dan Violette
Regarding cards and lists: 1. They do use the list at conventions (in person) since the cards go back to you and the list goes to the ARRL for entry into the system and it needs to be verified. 2. When mailed to the ARRL they have people that sit at the computer and type in the cards. The

[Dx4win] Country names and states

2006-08-06 Thread Dan Violette
Are all the countries going to be changed to the native language? The DXCC List has Hawaii. I think native cultures are great (bring on the beer, bratwurst and lefse - no lutefisk please). How about Deutschland and Kongeriket Norge? Of course thank you Jim for all the work on the lists. I

[Dx4win] RTTY pop up window

2006-10-24 Thread Dan Violette
From the top of my head since at work here. Follow the command with a vertical bar | and what you want the key to say such as X%M KR4DA %D|KR4DA. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: KR4DA [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent: Oct 24, 2006 10:53 AM To: dx4win@mailman.qth.net Subject: [Dx4win] RTTY

[Dx4win] Kantronics KAM and the RTTY Window

2008-03-11 Thread Dan Violette
In the macro '%C' is a control-C and '%M' is a carriage return. So (from memory since I am at work but can answer better later if this does not help): To transmit your call example: '%CT DE KI6X KI6X KI6X KK %CE%M' The '%CT' is a control-C T command which the KAM collects. Then the DE and

RE: [Dx4win] US Calls QSL Cards

2008-06-29 Thread Dan Violette
OK since from DX. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Alan Zack Sent: Sunday, June 29, 2008 3:10 PM To: [EMAIL PROTECTED]; dx4win@mailman.qth.net Subject: Re: [Dx4win] US Calls QSL Cards Bill, What are your feelings towards

RE: [Dx4win] Re: sorting QSLs by call area.

2008-06-29 Thread Dan Violette
Usually buro workers or not worth the time to send back one or two cards. Dan KI6X -Original Message- Well it must not be strictly enforced as I periodically get US QSO cards from the buro. Bill AC0W [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote: The ARRL QSL Bureau does NOT handle US-to-US cards,

Re: [Dx4win] Questions: Upgrading 7.02.15 to 7.04

2008-07-02 Thread Dan Violette
1) Yes, same key within major revision (no cost upgrades). Just copy to new folder. 2) See http://dx4win.ad1c.us/ and choose Upgrade Tips. Any new version creates a new folder so basically the same tips each time. Dan, KI6X -Original Message- From: Jeff Maass [EMAIL PROTECTED] Sent:

RE: [Dx4win] where

2008-07-02 Thread Dan Violette
You have to go to the European distributor's website. Has not been put on the DX4WIN site yet: http://www.on4aoi.be/ Pick DX4WIN (left side and very slow website from here) Dan, KI6X -Original Message- From: [EMAIL PROTECTED] [mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED] On Behalf Of Scott Millick Sent:

Re: [Dx4win] Help with hybrid DX4win/LoTW submisison

2009-01-08 Thread Dan Violette
You will need to request first that your DXCC/LOTW be linked. They do a manual step and takes a few days. Dan - KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of Kostas SV1DPI Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2009 5:08 AM To:

Re: [Dx4win] Reassociation of DXL files -Help

2009-01-20 Thread Dan Violette
Mine are not associated at all. Anyway, you should be able to browse for the DX4WIN file when you get to the point of Open With. Easiest is to go to your save directory. Right click on the DXL file, PROPERTIES, hit next to opens with 'CHANGE', choose BROWSE and find the DX4WIN.EXE file. /Dan

Re: [Dx4win] Printing QSLs with LaserJet printer

2011-02-27 Thread Dan Violette
Need to change the settings on what type of paper you have when you go to print in Properties for your printer. Choose the glossy card stock (or similar). It slows the print speed down so there is more heating time to compensate for the thicker paper. Rubbing off is a sign the toner was not

[Dx4win] LPTDriver Version 8.05 (Win 7 64 bit)

2011-09-24 Thread Dan Violette
Just installed V 8.05 and I noticed the driver still installs in DX4W803 (it created a new folder). I ran the uninstall and changed to DX4W805 when installed again. I assume this was the right thing to do. Going to work on it later after everything is moved over fine before testing it out.

Re: [Dx4win] Argh! Stop the instanity

2011-11-20 Thread Dan Violette
I have macros set-up to show all spots or show only western US spots, etc. and launch as needed (big contest, little activity, etc.). Each cluster has its own commands depending on software. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN Backup

2011-11-22 Thread Dan Violette
Hey Alan, I use Carbonite. Unlimited back-up for the price. Once initial back-up done, don't notice it. It defaults to some folders/files so need to add DX4WIN Save folder. But is just a right click to add/remove stuff and little orange/green dots tell you if backup pending or done. Check for

[Dx4win] MMTTY and Radio Keying

2011-11-25 Thread Dan Violette
I had MMTTY working fine with AFSK/VOX but prefer FSK (no Windows sounds going out with one sound card in use, radio filters are set-up better, etc.). I built the serial FSK PTT ( CW while at it) interface. Got MMTTY working alone great with software keying by the radio interface and FSK (only

Re: [Dx4win] SIGNALINK

2011-12-21 Thread Dan Violette
Might be a PTT issue (rig getting keyed into TX with no FSK/AFSK). You did say USB so probably not an RTS/DTR set high by the PC issue. You trying FSK for RTTY and audio for PSK31? If not and using AFSK for RTTY, you may need to be in LSB for RTTY since FSK/RTTY mode is usually only FSK on

Re: [Dx4win] packet questions new user

2012-03-03 Thread Dan Violette
From you message below: Don't forget not to update with Jim's program this file. If you put the -tcp=local.tcp switch where local.tcp can be any file name, it will prepend this file during update to the DX4WIN.tcp. I have a few TCP addresses I like always at the top and this puts them there at

Re: [Dx4win] Setting Filter for Adding QSO Notes?

2012-03-10 Thread Dan Violette
Instead of delete the QSOs I think you can have duplicates replace original instead during the import (option pops up). Make a copy of your log before you begin to cover for mess ups. Dan KI6X P.S. From other notes, If important enough, I can try DX4WIN on Windows 8 sometime. I was not

[Dx4win] LOTW and DX4WIN Mismatches

2012-03-31 Thread Dan Violette
I finally have ran the LOTW/DX4WIN credit compare (great program, thanks Jim). I have nearly 200 mismatches. Before I go through all of them, I want to check with all of your collective wisdom. All but 2 are band specific errors. Looking at the first couple, it looks like this might be an

Re: [Dx4win] Uninstall DX4WIN

2012-05-07 Thread Dan Violette
Uninstall should be in the old DX4WIN directory (starting with un). Dan -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of n4dsp Sent: Monday, May 07, 2012 2:44 PM To: DX4WIN@mailman.qth.net Subject: [Dx4win] Uninstall DX4WIN

Re: [Dx4win] Log Stat Inaccuracy

2012-05-10 Thread Dan Violette
I stopped merging many years ago and just use the new one each time (use the autoupdate program). Jim keeps full callsign exceptions and dates better than I did. Once I started just replacing the file, I did have 3 or 4 errors which I spent a little time correcting, but nothing special to do

Re: [Dx4win] grayed spot

2012-09-18 Thread Dan Violette
You can set a time when the mailed no longer counts in days in the Preference/QSO. Else, like Kostas says you have worked them on that band so they are grey as designed so you do not try to work again so soon. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN Data Updater

2012-10-03 Thread Dan Violette
I sent Alan a message that did not make it to the group. Basically: Jim's list is so accurate any personalized QSL Manager file is most likely useless for anyone. Jim has all someone would have personalized into their file and has more accurate dates for manager changes. I gave up doing my own

Re: [Dx4win] QSOs Missing in Log

2012-10-06 Thread Dan Violette
Probably the same reason I have problems with group sorting (and still do and don't think I fully understand it). You cannot just go to Filter - Selection and choose Group 1. You have to Add a selection, rename it, double click the Group 1 heading (so a little 'x' shows) and then check off Group

Re: [Dx4win] band / freq issue

2012-12-04 Thread Dan Violette
No SSB on 10MHz so is fine what it is telling you. Try another band and should probably be fine. You want all of 10MHz as CW only. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of ON4AOI Sent: Tuesday, December 04,

Re: [Dx4win] LoTW file upload

2012-12-07 Thread Dan Violette
And, no they do not show until processed (now 7 day wait). That is why people upload again too soon and just adds to the backlog. Always wait a week (or two) before resubmitting but everything should be going through now. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net

Re: [Dx4win] LoTW Upload

2012-12-09 Thread Dan Violette
It shows an upload date which corresponds to when it is processed not first uploaded despite the wording. I verified this with my last upload actual date/time versus when new QSL matches hit.. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net

Re: [Dx4win] operating CW from keyboard and keyer without unplugging

2013-01-09 Thread Dan Violette
As others said, yes should work. Make sure the small switch on the back of the TS-850 is on manual keying (not using internal keyer). Since you are using basically 2 external keyers (on/off keying of the line), either keying will key the radio. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From:

Re: [Dx4win] operating CW from keyboard and keyer without unplugging

2013-01-11 Thread Dan Violette
parts boxes. 73 de Ed, AA9OZ -Original Message- From: Dan Violette [dank...@socal.rr.com] Date: 01/09/2013 09:29 PM To: 'Ed Douglass' aa...@doorpi.net;, dx4win@mailman.qth.net Subject: RE: [Dx4win] operating CW from keyboard and keyer without unplugging As others said, yes should work. Make

Re: [Dx4win] Logbook/Group Numbers and End Dates

2013-02-22 Thread Dan Violette
Groups can be any date since you specify each QSO to a certain group #. If you want to view (filter) only a certain group # then you go in to: Filter and Search by group number OR if you want a selection instead: Filter Selection Under Current Selection if you have already created the other

Re: [Dx4win] Spots versus Confirmed

2013-02-26 Thread Dan Violette
Guess the first question is: Are they marked confirmed in DX4WIN for LoTW (versus just in LoTW)? Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of Hugh Phillips K7XM Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 4:25 PM To:

Re: [Dx4win] DX4win Label printing

2013-03-01 Thread Dan Violette
Laser printer on sheets of labels. Though, after all the effort of the last buro shipment a while back, I moved to GlobalQSL.com /Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of Doyle Sent: Friday, March 01, 2013 1:30

Re: [Dx4win] DX4win Label printing

2013-03-02 Thread Dan Violette
To: Dan Violette Subject: Re: [Dx4win] DX4win Label printing Hi Dan, Thanks for the response, I have a Brother laser printer will try printing the Avery 5160 labels on it. Received several messages from other folks all use the Avery or equivalent labels. Will take a look

Re: [Dx4win] LogWindows Import?

2013-03-17 Thread Dan Violette
If you can export to ADIF from LogWindows it is an easy import. Jim (AD1C) can usually look at the format (from a file or sample file) and write a converter (if he has not already done one). Give it a day or two and I would expect he would reply with some good idea. Dan KI6X -Original

Re: [Dx4win] DX Spots in color

2013-03-25 Thread Dan Violette
Also make sure you have 6M checked for showing in Preferences / Station. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of Pat Rose Sent: Sunday, March 24, 2013 3:37 PM To: dx4win@mailman.qth.net Subject: [Dx4win] DX

Re: [Dx4win] Log for New Callsign

2013-03-25 Thread Dan Violette
Also strongly recommend the new Group # for these QSOs. Did that for a portable operation for me and helps more than once. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of Jim Reisert AD1C Sent: Sunday, March 24, 2013

Re: [Dx4win] TQSL 1.14.1

2013-06-02 Thread Dan Violette
At a minimum it makes the signing and upload as one step (same as just signing in 1.13). No more going to ARRL site to upload (or email). Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of Art - W6KY Sent: Sunday, June

Re: [Dx4win] LoTW problem v 1.14.1

2013-06-03 Thread Dan Violette
Should not be an issue with dupes anymore. What I have seen people talk about is when there is a problem, it could think the file when resent is dupes. Just say send anyway and you are back in sync. Should not need it marked anymore and then will properly prevent you from sending a file twice

Re: [Dx4win] Cabrillo file

2013-06-24 Thread Dan Violette
Nope, will not. Not a contesting program per the author (other than the minor ability it has). Cabrillo needs special headers and format for each contest so would be too much worth anyway. Contest in another program (e.g, N1MM) and export ADIF from that and import into DX4WIN. You can output

Re: [Dx4win] (no subject)

2013-08-23 Thread Dan Violette
You did make sure you ran the program as Administrator one time to allow installation? Win 7/8 prevent some things from happening automatically unless you tell it to. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of

Re: [Dx4win] (no subject) VFO A/B Flash

2013-09-13 Thread Dan Violette
I think this is an ICOM software (CI-V?) issue. DXlab does it to an IC756 also at the club station. I have never had it happen with my Kenwood. Seems to be a command that connects the ICOM radio to the software causes things to switch to the sub-VFO for a couple seconds and then back. With a

Re: [Dx4win] FW: Printing Labels showing frequency

2013-10-12 Thread Dan Violette
Alan, I don't think you can. The exact frequency ends up in the notes field if you added the $$ (so probably cannot be put on a label). There is the setting in the QSO preference for MHZ instead of Band, but without trying, I think it will just put 14 MHz instead of 20m and not the exact

Re: [Dx4win] Upgrading with existing license

2013-11-08 Thread Dan Violette
Checkout: http://dx4win.ad1c.us/appnotes/upgrade.html /Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of a...@aol.com Sent: Thursday, November 07, 2013 8:52 PM To: dx4win@mailman.qth.net Subject: [Dx4win] Upgrading with

Re: [Dx4win] DXCC QSL Download - New?

2013-11-08 Thread Dan Violette
Checkout: http://dx4win.ad1c.us/appnotes/lotw.html /Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of John Shaw Sent: Thursday, November 07, 2013 8:17 PM To: dx4win@mailman.qth.net Subject: Re: [Dx4win] DXCC QSL

Re: [Dx4win] Update of QSL Manager database

2013-11-12 Thread Dan Violette
Joe, Jim AD1C is the manager of that and many other lists (he does all the callsign overrides for basically all contesting/logging programs). Check http://ad1c.com for DX4WIN info and the rest he assists with (on his own, not with author's support but with their concurrence). He got a Ham of

Re: [Dx4win] Feature request

2014-01-07 Thread Dan Violette
I use them both together, on the same audio feed, on another logging software at our club station. Work fine together on one audio line, each decoding separately in separate windows, and one being the transmitter. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN

2014-01-23 Thread Dan Violette
Version has 60M. Dan/KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of Glenn Wyant Sent: Thursday, January 23, 2014 3:33 PM To: dx4win@mailman.qth.net Subject: [Dx4win] DX4WIN My version 6 DX4WIN does not have a slot for 60

Re: [Dx4win] Notes for this QSO

2014-01-28 Thread Dan Violette
And Jim's adif2dxq program will convert ADIF from really any contest and allow you to assign a group and notes during the convert. Then DX4WIN does not need any changes to import with everything you want. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net

Re: [Dx4win] LOTW

2014-02-01 Thread Dan Violette
Dave, My LOTW ADIF exports from DX4WIN can list MODE:4RTTY and they are accepted by LoTW and credited as data just fine. The other modes are special. I forget which way PSK/PSK31 needs to be. That was an earlier discussion. Not sure about others, but I have submitted a couple weird modes

Re: [Dx4win] EDIT (ADD) list of DX Clusters?

2014-02-08 Thread Dan Violette
And if you use the updater, create a local.tcp file and those will always show up at the top of the list. They are included at the top when a new TCP file is created. Dan, KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of

Re: [Dx4win] Issue saving Log in Windows 8.1

2014-10-21 Thread Dan Violette
And did he install in a folder on the root drive and not inprogram files? Win 7 and 8 hate updating in that folder without admin rights constantly being implemented. / Dan KI6X Sent from my iPad On Oct 21, 2014, at 5:56 PM, Art - W6KY via DX4WIN dx4win@mailman.qth.net wrote: I would

Re: [Dx4win] Labeling question

2014-11-14 Thread Dan Violette
As Kostas says. I print directly by telling DX4WIN where to print the label and have an HP paper size profile I choose when I go to print. Can feed from the front load feeder on an HP Color Laser CP2025. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: DX4WIN [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net]

Re: [Dx4win] Tuning indicator with MMTTY?

2015-01-14 Thread Dan Violette
Also, there is a preference to leave it always on top. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: DX4WIN [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of John Shaw Sent: Wednesday, January 14, 2015 12:45 PM To: DX4WIN@mailman.qth.net Subject: Re: [Dx4win] Tuning indicator with MMTTY? Hi

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN for Android

2015-04-02 Thread Dan Violette
Well it actually can with the interfaces. http://pignology.net/ Dan, KI6X From: Radivoj Kar, F6GNZ [mailto:f6...@yahoo.com] Sent: Wednesday, April 1, 2015 12:26 AM To: Dan Violette; 'Paul van der Eijk' Subject: Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN for Android Hi Dan, Thanks for your message, but I also

Re: [Dx4win] ADI Conversion Program

2015-04-02 Thread Dan Violette
Lee, I would use just Notepad as a text editor and Find/Replace the section of say Mode:2CW to say Mode:3JT9 or whatever you are after. Copy/Paste if only a few to do. Missed what you were after changing. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: DX4WIN [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net]

Re: [Dx4win] Print details on QSO labels

2015-05-25 Thread Dan Violette
Yes, I was going to say the same thing. Look at Jim's (AD1C) utility ADIF to DX4WIN. You can assign a group number, add a note, and couple other nice things. I use to import my contacts from club station to keep separate from home station QSOs. It originally was only for importing contests but

Re: [Dx4win] FW: HELP dx4win on new win10 computer

2015-11-02 Thread Dan Violette
Are the port numbers high (above 8)? I think there is a limit but may be mixing up the programs. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: DX4WIN [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of Howard K2HK Sent: Monday, November 2, 2015 4:13 PM To: dx4win dx4 Subject: [Dx4win] FW: HELP

Re: [Dx4win] Unable to Show 80/160 Spots

2015-12-06 Thread Dan Violette
If you are showing DXCC (default) packet spots then look at REPORTS / AWARDS and DXCC checked off settings. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: DX4WIN [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of Byron Peebles Sent: Sunday, December 6, 2015 3:06 PM To: dx4win@mailman.qth.net

Re: [Dx4win] Wasted label

2015-12-29 Thread Dan Violette
Mine saved and is always unchecked. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: DX4WIN [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of w...@att.net Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2015 9:50 AM To: 'Doug Joyce' Cc: 'dx4win@mailman. qth. net' Subject: Re: [Dx4win] Wasted label Tnx for Info, but

Re: [Dx4win] Wasted label

2015-12-29 Thread Dan Violette
Uncheck "Print Method Labels" before printing. Dan -Original Message- From: DX4WIN [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of w...@att.net Sent: Tuesday, December 29, 2015 9:08 AM To: dx4win@mailman. qth. net Subject: [Dx4win] Wasted label Hi, When I print QSl labels first

Re: [Dx4win] Only one label

2015-12-21 Thread Dan Violette
If it is marked as Mailed (M) then there is a date it was mailed and then printing assumes already sent and does not print. Remove the date mailed when you mark it Y for Label and it should change to Label (L) and show up. Try one and if works you can search for all "Y" in Label and then under

Re: [Dx4win] VUCC Report Blank

2015-11-26 Thread Dan Violette
was the issue. Can be frustrating when you know you are missing something obvious! Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: Dan Violette [mailto:dank...@socal.rr.com] Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2015 6:33 PM To: 'DX4WIN@mailman.qth.net' Subject: RE: [Dx4win] VUCC Report Blank Now I realize the VUCC

Re: [Dx4win] VUCC Report Blank

2015-11-26 Thread Dan Violette
- From: n...@comcast.net [mailto:n...@comcast.net] Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2015 6:42 PM To: Dan Violette Subject: Re: [Dx4win] VUCC Report Blank Dan Have you checked the band boxes for VUCC in the SETUP Preferences? Arne N7KA -Original Message----- From: Dan Violette [mailto:dank...@socal.rr.

Re: [Dx4win] VUCC Report Blank

2015-11-25 Thread Dan Violette
Now I realize the VUCC field should be blank since I never submitted anything. Just not getting W/C results in my VUCC Report. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: DX4WIN [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of Dan Violette Sent: Wednesday, November 25, 2015 5:12 PM To: DX4WIN

[Dx4win] VUCC Report Blank

2015-11-25 Thread Dan Violette
I have done this every few months for a couple years now and cannot today after an hour trying. I am trying to get a VUCC report of my grids worked and confirmed. I then save as CSV and edit in Excel to have paper report. All VUCC reports are blank (some say "prefix" in the first column where

Re: [Dx4win] F9 key on new Windows 10 PC

2015-11-30 Thread Dan Violette
No problem for me. Used F9 this weekend. Must be a custom redirect for your PC. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: DX4WIN [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of Rick Sent: Monday, November 30, 2015 3:52 PM To: dx4win@mailman.qth.net Subject: [Dx4win] F9 key on new Windows

Re: [Dx4win] rtty

2016-01-17 Thread Dan Violette
Good read Bud. I missed the "x" versus "X". Cort, that will do it. DX4WIN list: http://www.dx4win.com/HelpVer804/index.html?noteeditfunckeys.htm Dan, KI6X -Original Message- From: DX4WIN [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of Bud Semon Sent: Sunday, January 17, 2016

Re: [Dx4win] Print QSL Cards

2016-03-20 Thread Dan Violette
Will, Is this preprinted cards and you want to go in a blank spot instead of sticking on a label (that is what I do)? What printer do you expect to use? This will all help for replies since everyone is in a different situation and lots of customizing needed. Dan KI6X -Original Message-

Re: [Dx4win] Confirmed to Submitted

2016-03-29 Thread Dan Violette
John, Check out: REPORTS (menu) DXCC Under Reports/Actions choose SUBMITTAL I forget the details off the top of my head and don't want to mess up my log to test right now. It should just move the "C" to "S". You can filter and do it on the filtered items if you want. I forget how I normally

Re: [Dx4win] Confirmed to Submitted

2016-03-29 Thread Dan Violette
I knew Jim had it but did not find in my first pass (even though I have most of the articles printed and could have looked in my manual notebook). http://dx4win.ad1c.us/appnotes/dxcc.html Dan, KI6X -Original Message- From: Dan Violette [mailto:dank...@socal.rr.com] Sent: Tuesday, March

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN and SteppIR?

2016-05-21 Thread Dan Violette
I have DX4WIN at home and SteppIR at work club so could not answer direct with that combo. As long as DX4WN is following your radio OK then you "Y" the SDA-100 from the same serial line and it listens in and sets itself too. See: http://www.steppir.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/Y-Cable.pdf Dan

Re: [Dx4win] JT65A

2016-08-12 Thread Dan Violette
Easier to do in person. Basic ideas: Run in CW part of band first and get signal on the screen. Should be blue/gray background with yellow signal (something like that, going by memory don't do too often). Makes sure wide filter and there is a slider for shooting for 0 when no signal (and +

Re: [Dx4win] MMTTY

2016-07-01 Thread Dan Violette
Bjorn, Tested mine. It does it too. Plays the "asterisk" sound from Windows. Have not had 2 sound cards long so never really paid attention to it. My theme plays a quiet "strum" that would hardly be heard over the RTTY and monitor I usually listen to at the same time. Don't contest with

Re: [Dx4win] DX4Win805 and a new computer.

2017-02-06 Thread Dan Violette
If old PC is also 8.05 you can actually copy the whole directory and not even "install" on new PC. Just put shortcut on new PC. I think the "SAVE" directory, your license in the root and any other files in the root you do not have would work. But, I would just copy everything and put

Re: [Dx4win] How do I modify ADIF so that I can upload FT8 QSO's?

2017-08-15 Thread Dan Violette
And I am logging FT8 as FAX so that I can do a global find/replace in the ADIF file before upload. The will not need to be changed since both have 3 characters. I have not used FAX ever so will do the same in my log when the next version (or another logging program I change to) has FT8

Re: [Dx4win] JT65 in report

2017-08-11 Thread Dan Violette
Filter for JT65 before creating the Report. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of Robert Garceau Sent: Friday, August 11, 2017 1:14 PM To: dx4win@mailman.qth.net Subject: [Dx4win] JT65 in report How do I get

Re: [Dx4win] ADI Import Having Duplicates Rejected

2017-07-04 Thread Dan Violette
Check the options in the drop down list when you are ready to import. "Issue Warning and Stop" is not the only choice, only the default. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of Bud Governale, W3LL Sent:

Re: [Dx4win] LOTW issue

2017-04-25 Thread Dan Violette
Try Jim's comparison software. http://dx4win.ad1c.us/lotw/index.html Dan, KI6X -Original Message- From: DX4WIN [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of PY2YP Sent: Monday, April 24, 2017 3:40 AM To: DX4WIN Reflector Subject: [Dx4win] LOTW issue

Re: [Dx4win] LOTW issue

2017-04-27 Thread Dan Violette
Mine match in my records so can't investigate my own. Maybe you worked a station (more than one or one more than once) that their operation was later disallowed and the confirmations removed. I do not know how they remove LoTW QSLs for illegal operations. For paper QSLs they catch it if you try

Re: [Dx4win] Problem with DX4WIN 8.05

2017-06-11 Thread Dan Violette
How did you transfer? If you IMPORTED to 8.05 from an export from another major version, it would be another format and make sure you select the correct filetype (.DX4WN8, .DX4WIN6, etc.). I think 6 and 7 are the same. DX4WIN8 changed the log. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From:

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN Digest, Vol 157, Issue 1

2017-05-02 Thread Dan Violette
Go to the home webpage listed at the bottom and go to existing members and edit the choice. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: DX4WIN [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of Dean Norris Sent: Tuesday, May 2, 2017 7:28 AM To: dx4win@mailman.qth.net Subject: Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN

Re: [Dx4win] Packet Filtering

2017-10-13 Thread Dan Violette
Don't see a reply yet. I am not the best to answer since I let everything through, but some things I do know: DX Alerts are the audible notices. This allows you to specify what you want announced (voice, alarm, etc,) Ignore Gray/Black I think is the highest level you can go to block. I do not

Re: [Dx4win] question (FT8)

2017-09-29 Thread Dan Violette
Many of use change the mode to "TOR". This leave the 3 characters in the ADIF, you can have TQSL convert TOR to FT8 upon upload, and when DX4WIN (version 9 in beta) comes out you can sort by TOR and change to FT8 (assuming you have not used TOR for real - it is not an ADIF mode so should never

Re: [Dx4win] Printing Direct To QSL

2017-10-23 Thread Dan Violette
Been a long time since I set this up. I have a "paper size" set in my PRINTER preferences itself called "QSL Card" (you can call it anything). Then I choose that from the custom paper. Hopefully this gets you started. I could do some more research if needed. It is nice putting a pile of my

Re: [Dx4win] Entry Window Smaller In VErsion 9.0.1

2017-10-22 Thread Dan Violette
File - Preferences - Screen -- I have been seeing a lot of people talking about having 80% in there. 100% should do it. Mine was and stayed at 100%. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of Bud Governale,

Re: [Dx4win] HELP

2017-11-25 Thread Dan Violette
You better give all the details: Each install from the original download (including new license) or did you do some copy? Your log is ONLY on the first PC and not on a shared drive somewhere? Is your old DX4WIN log available to the new program on the new PC? When you say 20 QSLs, do you mean 20

Re: [Dx4win] DX4WIN V9

2017-11-22 Thread Dan Violette
Doyle - File ends in ".dx4w9", correct? Make sure it is in your DX4W90x folder (x being another number, probably DX4W901 but maybe the later updates originally installed create another name matching the version) and not being saved in an older version folder by mistake. All - Speaking of


2017-11-23 Thread Dan Violette
Which file you wanting to print? In the DOCS subfolder are some PDF files which are easy to print. One is Version 7 manual (which I printed years ago and still reference but marked up for V8 some). Also another noted as the HELP file, I THINK, is the help file for V9 put into a document. I

Re: [Dx4win] Keying a radio with a USB to parallel port adapter

2017-12-15 Thread Dan Violette
Desktop or laptop PC? The desktop with a PCI parallel/serial port card works great. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net [mailto:dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net] On Behalf Of John Pritt Sent: Friday, December 15, 2017 2:04 PM To: dx4win@mailman.qth.net

Re: [Dx4win] Rig file ? Kenwood TS690S

2017-11-20 Thread Dan Violette
I would try the TS-850 if someone with the radio does not answer you. About same vintage. Not sure how it would handle 6M+ though auto selections. Most Kenwoods are almost the same in radio control. Can create a custom RIG file if something missing. Just start with the closest Kenwood first.

Re: [Dx4win] log question

2018-05-19 Thread Dan Violette
Start Import ADIF file like you normally would. Import "wsjtx_log.adi" probably in "C:\Users\ki6x_000\AppData\Local\WSJT-X" with "ki6x_000" actually replaced with your USERNAME on the PC. I know there is a shortcut that is generic but don't know it off the top of my head. When "Option for

Re: [Dx4win] JTAlert and DX4WIN

2018-06-02 Thread Dan Violette
I do #2 and create a personal log that I overwrite with new LoTW info for JT-Alert, Import (ignore duplicates) like the other file. I actually then have the WSJT-X log file as a backup and my JTAlert as my real one. Remember you do not need to go before July 1, 2017 for uploads since FT8 did not

Re: [Dx4win] Check your WAZ award flags!

2018-05-03 Thread Dan Violette
And you can add LoTW acceptance also in that check box in the settings. Dan KI6X -Original Message- From: dx4win-boun...@mailman.qth.net On Behalf Of Jim Reisert AD1C Sent: Tuesday, May 1, 2018 6:20 AM To: DX4WIN Reflector

Re: [Dx4win] Multiple Calls - LOTW - QSLing

2018-01-20 Thread Dan Violette
Not sure of specific problem but want to make sure you understand that Group 000 is ALL CALLS. So, if you select Group 000 all QSOs/QSLs from your log are selected, no matter the actual call used or group number. Group 000 would select your Groups 000, 001, 002 and any others you create. Dan

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