Re: [Dx4win] Keying Issue

2017-11-25 Thread Joe Subich, W4TV
How are you generating the CW? As far as I know, DX4Win supports only one Winkeyer (either the DigiKeyer or DigiKeyer II). If you are not using the Winkeyer, Windows is not a real time operating system and CW (or FSK) generated using a software timer can contain significant jitter/missing or

[Dx4win] Keying Issue

2017-11-25 Thread Ron Stone
Background. I have an FT1000 MkV I have used for years running DX4WIN with my Digi Keyer. No issues what so ever. I operate mainly CW. I run DX4WIN from a laptop. I also have an FT5000 that I'm also running DX4WIN and Digi Keyer II. Here is my dilemma. With the FT5000 when I send CW using DX4WIN