[DX] EC 1078

2011-12-28 Thread Esko Petäjä
Hei Antenni esivahvistimessa on vahvistinpiiri EC 1078. Onki kenelläkään hyvää vinkkiä mistä saisi suomessa ? Ukkonen rikkonut kesällä T. Esko Petäjä ___ Tilaa WRTH 2011 nyt:

[HCDX] logs and look at the videos!

2011-12-28 Thread Zacharias Liangas
Please look at these nice videos! http://zlgr.multiply.com/video/item/93 http://zlgr.multiply.com/video/item/92 and comment back! this log http://zlgr.multiply.com/journal/item/412 private 21-12 15730 R Azadi 0450 ID 11760 RHC 0455 with ID and mentioning 'posta de radio

Hard-Core-DX Digest, Vol 108, Issue 28

2011-12-28 Thread hard-core-dx-request
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Re: [HCDX] [dxld] 7200 Dec 27th

2011-12-28 Thread Wolfgang Bueschel
7200 kHz was too weak this morning, tentat two stations on air, Sudan and new-Ethiopia services. 73 wolfy df5sx ERITREA/ETHIOPIA Once again on Dec 28th some twins of Asmara-ERI program and Ethiopian white noise jamming. Sometimes the engineers of regular Radio Ethiopia site at Gedja MIX UP

[HCDX] Logs

2011-12-28 Thread Manuel Méndez
Manuel Méndez Lugo, Spain Logs in Friol Sony ICF SW 7600 G, wire antenna, 10 meters BRAZIL 9820, Radio 9 de Julho, Sao Paulo, 2015-2022, 24-12, religious, Portuguese, Holy Rosary. 23432. (Méndez) 11815, Radio Brasil Central, Goinia, 1745-1753, 24-12, Brazilian songs. 23322. (Méndez) 15190,

Re: [HCDX] 7200 Dec 27th

2011-12-28 Thread Wolfgang Bueschel
AFGHANISTAN 7200 R Afghanistan Kabul started with TX crash start into an AFG song at 15.21:53 UT today Dec 28. S=8-9 here in Europe. Well ahead of tentat. SUDAN transmissions, which heard before on very weak level til 1520 UT. Nothing heard of BBS Bhutan today, 5030 / 6035 kHz. 73 wolfy

[HCDX] Glenn Hauser logs December 28, 2011

2011-12-28 Thread Glenn Hauser
** CHINA. Firedrake Dec 28: 1350-1355, none found 7-18 MHz. Tnx to several other monitors who are still hearing it at various times, reports all collected in DXLD in date/time order (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST) ** CUBA [and non]. 9885, 13750 and 15590, Dec 28 at 1345, all three VOA

Re: [HCDX] 7200 Dec 27th

2011-12-28 Thread Wolfgang Bueschel
Terrible mixture today at 1622 UT on 7200 kHz, three string lines visible on browser: on 7199.9790 seemingly R Ethiopia English 16-17 UT, which had En nx at 1635 UT, 7199.9995 - which left at 1630 UT - seemingly R Afghanistan, and 7200.0015 kHz, seemingly SRTC R Omdurman in Arabic. 73 wolfy

[HCDX] RTI via Issoudun and Skelton

2011-12-28 Thread Wolfgang Bueschel
FRANCE/ U.K. Yes, all RTI relays via Issoudun and Skelton relays heard today Dec 28. 15225 ISS Russian at 1400-1457 UT. 12055 ISS English at 1600-16.57:00 tx cut off, Addresses at 1656 UT, S=8 signal at back lobe in Germany. 7465 ISS Russian at 1700-1757, at 1701 UT

[HCDX] Dec 26-28 Logs

2011-12-28 Thread Brian Alexander
** ERITREA. 7110.03, Voice of the Broad Masses of Eritrea, 0314-0330, Horn of Africa music. Vernacular talk. Weak but readable. Better on // 7175. Dec 28. (Brian Alexander, PA)   ** ETHIOPIA. 6110, Radio Fana, *0258-0320, sign on with IS. Opening announcements at 0300. Amharic talk. Horn of

[HCDX] log

2011-12-28 Thread Jorge Freitas (Yahoo)
6100 29/Dec 0525 GERMANY (Relay), Bible Voice Radio Dardasha, in Arabic. OM and YL talk. At 0529 ID by OM and YL. At 0530 off the air. Good signal (Jorge Freitas-B) 7110 29/Dec 0357 ERITREA, Vo Broad Masses 2, in Vernacular (listed). OM talk. occasional strong QRM from ham. At 0400 short local