[E-puck-user] How to know if the code is buggy ?

2010-11-24 Thread Moh'd Zeyad
we are a group of three students from J.U.S.T university in jordan. We are working with the two e-puck robots for the graduation project. before one week, i was wirtting a simple program that controls the motor. i uploaded the code to the e-puck, and since that i can't upload any other codes

[E-puck-user] make the motor run for 1 second

2010-11-27 Thread Moh'd Zeyad
Hello there I want to know the value of the delay that will make the motor move at highest speed 15cm/second for 1 second. Ex: long i; e_set_speed_left(1000); e_set_speed_right(1000); for(i=0; idelay; i++) { asm(nop); } Thank you in advance.