[ECOLOG-L] 2 positions in Australia

2012-05-01 Thread Matheus Carvalho
I found this on another mailing list, and believe it might interest some ecologists. Again, please, don't contact me, but the people offering the job. Good luck.   Matheus C. Carvalho Senior Research Associate Centre for Coastal Biogeochemistry Southern Cross University Lismore - Australia

[ECOLOG-L] MS position: Modeling the impacts of sea level rise on coastal ecosystems

2012-05-01 Thread Matt Fitzpatrick
MS position: Modeling the impacts of sea level rise on coastal ecosystems The University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science has an open position for a motivated MSc student interested in studying the impacts of sea level rise on coastal ecosystems. The student would join a team of

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Families in Science - Balancing your personal and professional life

2012-05-01 Thread Martin Meiss
Interesting observations, Robert H., perhaps summed up by the metaphor The best steel goes through the fire. But what does it imply for implementing social policy, or academic policy? Deliberately harsh or downright brutal conditions might be appropriate for training Navy Seals, and tough

[ECOLOG-L] New blog on sexy groupers

2012-05-01 Thread Sarah Frias-Torres
Introducing my new blog, Grouper Luna : sexy groupers united. http://grouperluna.wordpress.com/ Brief descriptionThis is a blog about sexy groupers going on a honeymoon. The honeymoon is what scientists call a reef fish spawning aggregation, one of the most breathtaking shows in nature. Most

[ECOLOG-L] MS position: forest nutrition and soil moisture

2012-05-01 Thread Duncan Wilson
A Graduate Research Assistantships (M.S.) is available to study forest productivity–soil moisture and nutrition relationships in loblolly pine to begin Fall 2012. Research will focus on soil-plant interactions, with substantial opportunity to tailor a research project to a student’s interests.

[ECOLOG-L] Job Opportunity - Remote Sensing/Ecology - NEON - Boulder, CO

2012-05-01 Thread Laura Reynolds
Overview: The National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON), Inc., is a $430 million dollar NSF-funded project dedicated to understanding how changes in climate, land use and invasive species impact ecology and ecological processes. For the next three decades, NEON will collect a

[ECOLOG-L] Job Announcement

2012-05-01 Thread Meggan Dwyer
*Managing Director, Center for Marine Studies, Blue Hill, Maine* *Description* The Marine Environmental Research Institute (MERI) is seeking an experienced senior management professional with strong organizational leadership, finance, communications and fundraising/ development skills to fill

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Families in Science - Balancing your personal and professional life

2012-05-01 Thread karen golinski
Please, I'm not sure how it has come down to this but for the record: I absolutely *do* support work/life balance initiatives and models that are family (and couple and single-person)-positive, both inside and outside of academia. On Tue, May 1, 2012 at 11:49 AM, Jacquelyn Gill jlg...@wisc.edu

[ECOLOG-L] Graduate Research Assistant in the Ecology of Green Infrastructure now being recruited at the University of Arizona, Tucson.

2012-05-01 Thread Mitchell Pavao-Zuckerman
A research assistantship is available to support a M.S. or Ph.D. student interested in investigating efforts to use green infrastructure to provide ecosystem services in semi-arid cities. Stormwater harvesting, bioretention basins, and rain gardens are green infrastructure elements that can

[ECOLOG-L] ESA SERDP Student Travel Awards - Last Day to Apply

2012-05-01 Thread Teresa Mourad
LAST DAY TO APPLY: May 1, 2012 Submit Letter of Recommendation from Adviser by May 7, 2012 The Ecological Society of America (ESA) announces the availability of ten (10) travel awards of $500 each to students presenting papers at ESA's 2012 Annual Meeting in Portland, OR. These awards are

[ECOLOG-L] Fwd: [ECOLOG-L] Families in Science - Balancing your personal and professional life

2012-05-01 Thread Clara B. Jones
1. I'm linking a *New York Times* Opinion piece addressing, from several women's points of view, a number of topics being discussed in this thread: http://www.nytimes.com/roomfordebate/2012/04/30/motherhood-vs-feminism/lets-not-pass-judgment-on-parenting-styles 2. After careful reading and

[ECOLOG-L] 2012 Natural Area Conference Call for Papers

2012-05-01 Thread Patterson, Karen (DCR)
The Virginia Department of Conservation and Recreation is co-hosting the 39th annual Natural Areas Conference in Norfolk, VA October 9-12, 2012 The Virginia Natural Heritage Program is leading the planning effort, in coordination with the Natural Areas Association. The link below has