Re: [ECOLOG-L] Non-Majors Biology

2012-05-28 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
This subject all boils down to a simple question Why do I have to study (any) subjects that are boring, irrelevant, a turn-off, and learn little from them? That's what every school age children ask their parents and educators. Now, educators are asking Why do I have to teach subjects that

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Best way to jump start a career in ecology

2012-02-15 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
Ryan, Perhaps, your experience is very typical. Looking at the ESA website on Ecology career, The website sites ecologist jobs for BS degree: Intern, field/research technician, research assistant: majority of those are

Re: [ECOLOG-L] UC-Berkeley and other 'public Iv ies'in fiscal peril

2011-12-28 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
In the 1970s, there was almost no personal computers and printers. Electric calculator was noble. Library literature search means you go to the library and spend all day reading journals, follow citations, for other publications. Many ecological researches are based on field observations

[ECOLOG-L] ADFG : Recruitment Notice; Fish Game Regional Supervisor, Wildlife Conservation, Region II

2011-11-09 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
The Department of Fish and Game, Division of Wildlife Conservation is recruiting for a Fish and Game Regional Supervisor. This position will lead wildlife management programs for Region II, which includes communities around Southcentral Alaska like Anchorage, Kodiak, Kenai Peninsula, and Cordova.

[ECOLOG-L] FW: ADFG Recruitment for Habitat Biologist IV

2011-10-14 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game, Division of Habitat has an exciting Habitat Biologist IV opportunity to lead the Large Projects Team in their Anchorage area office. The position is a unique opportunity to conduct independent field research and protect important fish and wildlife habitat,

Re: [ECOLOG-L] a non Ivory Tower view of invasive species

2011-09-13 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
While we are still on invasive species in the US South Western Regions, what is everyone's opinion about wild horses in the US? They are apparently introduced and became invasive, yet are protected by law. BLM manages them as invasive species, while there is a law suit in the 9th circuit court

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Science in China? Washington Post.

2011-05-23 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
I see nothing threatening about this. The US has been attracted/buying away/brain-drain scientists from all over the world. This may have created the US/Euro/Western centric perspective of science. Now, China is doing the same thing that the US has been doing. And, influx and enhanced

[ECOLOG-L] Manuscript journal submission confidentiality question.

2011-03-15 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
All, Recently, I was contacted by a journalist regarding my research and a manuscript submitted to a journal. He was informed from someone about status of my manuscript, such as whether accepted, rejected, requested for resubmission with revision, etc. I thought this information was

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Hypothesis Testing in Ecology

2011-03-10 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
I contend that the majority of researches are NOT based on hypothesis testing. Every natural resource management agencies (Federal, state, and municipality) spends majority of their budget for data collection and monitoring to ensure that the focused natural resources are properly

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Graphing software for undergrad courses

2010-12-30 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
Whether or not we like EXCEL using for graphing and statistics, reality is that almost all people (business, academic, government, NGO, etc) use EXCEL for those purposes. Even those who use R regularly, use EXCEL for data entry and simple summary statistics. (How many of R users directly

Re: [ECOLOG-L] ecosystem based fisheries management

2010-08-18 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
Wendee My guess is that we are still struggling with what ecosystem based fisheries management really means. In the end, fishery managers want to know the answer to this simple question: How many fish can we take this year? (I am asked this all the time.) In single stock fisheries management

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Ecology Terminology and associated phenomena Colonizing species etc

2010-05-13 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
Whether natural or cultural, every species takes advantage of opportunities to disperses/migrate to colonize and multiply. And, when they colonize/invade a new place (mostly already occupied), other species that have already there before (e.g., native species) would be affected. Some may

Re: [ECOLOG-L] now I've seen it all: Decline in education

2010-01-20 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
I don't think that students' education level has declined. 20-30 years ago, few high school students went to higher education, but now, having a bachelor degree is almost required for many jobs. In response to the demand for higher education, many universities increased school capacities,

Re: [ECOLOG-L] real versus fake peer-reviewed journals

2009-07-08 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
In regard to this issue, we should remind that we scientists also fall into this trap. In publishing a paper, we often look for a journal that has high probability of being published. In a way, all you need is several likely minded peers to have your paper published in a peer-reviewed journal.

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Plagiarizing methods...

2009-06-10 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
As some research techniques become widely popular and standardized, I don't find any reason to cite the original paper. Nobody cite William Sealy Goseet for t-test, Ronald Fisher for ANOVA, or Howard T Fisher for GIS. In fact, you need to dig up a history book to find out who is the original

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Plagiarizing methods...

2009-06-07 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
Cara Lin, I think you are too hard on the issue about plagiarism toward non-English speakers. And as Jim pointed out, there are only so many intelligible ways to state a simple idea. And there are only a few efficient and elegant ways to state an idea. Everyone, including native English

Re: [ECOLOG-L] THE COST OF PUBLISHING RE: [ECOLOG-L] Open Access and Intellectual Imperialism

2009-05-19 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
One snag with this is the language barrier for those writing papers in their second or third language: English. I agree with Cara. I always submit manuscript after being edited by my native English speaker co-workers and a professional editor. Even after those editing, journal reviewers often

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Open Access and Intellectual Imperialism Approval required Re: [ECOLOG-L] Teaching Biostatistics !!!

2009-05-11 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
Wow Open Access journals, open Access softwares, and plenty of undergraduates and graduate students who are interested in field and lab works. Now, I can do all of my projects almost at no cost, without hiring anyone with costly salary, benefits, and insurance. No wonder, John, the

[ECOLOG-L] More phDs working for resource managment agencies?

2009-03-16 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
Colleagues, In our agencies, I have seeing more phDs applying to our positions and working for us. This is a great trend. When I was a graduate student, working for an agency was somehow looked down by our professors. So, I wonder if this trend is a sign of change of attitudes among

Re: [ECOLOG-L] EdD vs PhD

2009-03-13 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
If I can add to this clutter, qualities of phDs are vastly different among universities. Through my carrier, I have encountered many phDs and advised phD graduate students. Reviewing their manuscripts, research and dissertation projects, I sometimes wonder how they were able to receive phD and

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Mac or PC? Hardware issue

2008-08-21 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
Mac or PC? I think this discussion is just futile and largely meaningless. People make similar arguments over almost anything. What is lost in these argument is the most simple and important question: what do you want to accomplish, and does the gear you have can do the job what you want to

Re: community-based conservation

2007-06-29 Thread Hamazaki, Hamachan (DFG)
Wendee Your description of community-based conservation sounds wonderful, but I just can't escape feeling a scent of Western Cultural Imperialism (e.g., We know better what is good for locals and conservation than they are.). One way to recognize this attitude is ask yourself a question Would