[ECOLOG-L] Trying to find a species description

2018-09-09 Thread Jason Hernandez
I have been trying to find Schaus' original 1920 description of the Crambid moth, Herpetogramma antillalis. I have not had success with Google Scholar; narrowing my search to that author and a nearby range of dates brings up a number of his moth papers, but not the one containing that

[ECOLOG-L] Problem with transformed data.

2018-09-09 Thread Jason Hernandez
as a probability >1. I cannot figure out where I went wrong. Jason Hernandez

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Those Rare Success Stories

2018-07-10 Thread Jason Hernandez
Malcolm McCallum's reply was certainly thorough. But in response to his initial question, what do you mean by success, I should clarify. In my OP, I referred to unpaid, or even pay-to-play internships and positions in the tropics. What I meant by success, in that context, was: moving on from

[ECOLOG-L] Those rare success stories...

2018-06-29 Thread Jason Hernandez
interested in the stories of young people who succeeded in pursuing this dream sustainably. How did you make it happen? Jason Hernandez

[ECOLOG-L] Botanical Surveys of Restricted Islands?

2018-04-26 Thread Jason Hernandez
or technical reports on the botany of either of these islands?Jason Hernandez

[ECOLOG-L] Synopsis of responses: is this a viable idea

2018-03-06 Thread Jason Hernandez
in high paying countries, while residing in a low cost-of-living country. The suggestion that I should conduct a marketing survey using one of those online survey engines was a useful one, and that is my next step. Thank you to all who replied. Jason Hernandez

[ECOLOG-L] Inquiry: Is this a viable idea?

2018-02-20 Thread Jason Hernandez
to important a task to outsource. So I am asking the ECOLOG community: do you think there would be a demand for this service,or should I turn my thinking elsewhere? Thank you. Jason Hernandez

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Introducing Cool Beans Research

2016-10-17 Thread Jason Hernandez
think that any solution to that problem will be more economic than scientific. Still, I acknowledge the good in having the shade grown option for those of us privileged to choose it; that is better than it not existing at all. Jason Hernandez Tropical Permaculturist Date:    Thu, 13 Oct 2016

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Learning R -- summary of replies.

2016-05-10 Thread Jason Hernandez
, and Smith, G. M., 2009. "Mixed effects models andextensions in ecology with R," especially for mixed effects models including time series, glms, and analysis of overdispersed and zero inflated data. Now I just need to decide which one to go with. No way can I afford all the books, so it looks like I'll be starting with the online resources. Jason Hernandez

[ECOLOG-L] Learning R

2016-04-30 Thread Jason Hernandez
Dear ecologgers: I have been working my way through _R for Dummies_, by Andrie de Vries and Joris Meys. My question is, of all the books out there on R coding, which is the best one for the next level after R for Dummies, from an ecologist's perspective? Jason Hernandez

[ECOLOG-L] Insect keys?

2016-03-31 Thread Jason Hernandez
direct me to keys for the following taxa: Typhlocybine leafhoppers,Aphids, Woolly aphids, Phylloxerids,Drospohilid flies, Chrysomelid beetles. These specimens were collected in the Puget Sound basin of Washington, but broader regional keys should be useful, too. Can anyone help? Jason

[ECOLOG-L] Off topic: Post glacial Puget Sound

2016-02-23 Thread Jason Hernandez
This is more a geology question than ecology, but: Can anyone direct me to sources that examine whether any of the Puget Sound Islands have been connected to the mainland since last glaciation? This is relevant to an ecological question I am investigating. Jason Hernandez

[ECOLOG-L] Finding lab space

2015-09-10 Thread Jason Hernandez
, then for less money than buying my own scope would be? Thank you. Jason Hernandez

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Article about unpaid internships

2015-06-02 Thread Jason Hernandez
But Abad, the point was about the people who *are* sufficiently privileged to take those kinds of positions, and that historically, those people were mainly white and male. I didn't see those comments as gratuitous at all. That is what that system gave us. Jason Hernandez Date:    Tue, 2 Jun

[ECOLOG-L] Article about unpaid internships

2015-06-01 Thread Jason Hernandez
With graduation season fast approaching, or, for some institutions, already past, it is time to bring attention to an issue about which I feel as passionately as this author: https://aurielfournier.github.io/unpaid-intern/ Jason HernandezM.S. East Carolina 2010  

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Graduate School Advice

2015-05-31 Thread Jason Hernandez
, and spend a period of time working on other people's projects. None of us will ever go straight from grad student to PI. It will be to your advantage to be willing and able to devote your time and efforts to a project you did not develop, and turn out quality work under that condition. Jason

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Seabird ID Book Recommendations?

2014-10-12 Thread Jason Hernandez
As Midway is part of the same archipelago that includes Hawaii, it is included in _A Field Guide to Birds of Hawaii and the Tropical Pacific_ by H. Douglas Pratt.  It covers seabirds and landbirds of the entire Pacific. Date:    Sat, 11 Oct 2014 21:05:53 -0400From:   

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Plant Ecology Websites for the PNW

2014-06-13 Thread Jason Hernandez
or two brief references to herbivory.  This, for a common, widespread plant that has been well-studied by phytochemists interested in its secondary metabolites. Jason Hernandez Date:    Thu, 12 Jun 2014 17:56:51 -0400 From:    =?windows-1252?Q?Natalie_Scott?= nscott...@gmail.com Subject: Plant

[ECOLOG-L] G-test with zero values

2014-02-12 Thread Jason Hernandez
; but of course there is no natural log of zero.  Is there a way to adjust the analysis to included these zero values?  i have not managed to find anything on this. Jason Hernandez

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Recent PhDs on Food Stamps - Overwhelmed with Replies

2014-02-10 Thread Jason Hernandez
?  The urgency of the situation in the tropics needs quality work, but economic realities tend to turn aspiring researchers away from those parts of the world. Jason Hernandez M.S., East Carolina University -- Date:    Sun, 9 Feb 2014 22:40:15 -0500 From:    Steven

[ECOLOG-L] Re; Macquarie Island, cats, rabbits, and vegetation

2014-01-25 Thread Jason Hernandez
One thing was not clear: were the cats eradicated before, after, or concurrently with the rabbits?  Because if there are eradication efforts against rodents and rabbits, the presence or absence of cats could be a factor in the likelihood of success. Date:    Thu, 23 Jan 2014 19:18:55 -1000

[ECOLOG-L] Statistical Significance in Percent Cover

2013-09-09 Thread Jason Hernandez
statistical tests?  The sample size is (by design) the same in both treatments.  Thanks.   Jason Hernandez

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Invasive Truffles

2012-05-29 Thread Jason Hernandez
From: Jason Hernandez jason.hernande...@yahoo.com To: Ecological From: Jason Hernandez jason.hernande...@yahoo.com To: Ecological Society of America: grants, jobs, news ECOLOG-L@LISTSERV.UMD.EDU Sent: Tuesday, May 29, 2012 3:11 PM Subject: Re: Invasive Truffles Alas, it seems we cannot

[ECOLOG-L] How to get established in the developing world?

2012-03-16 Thread Jason Hernandez
I was wondering about scientists, raised and educated in the Western developed world, who establish their reputation and become based in the developing world.  Examples would be Birute Galdikas among the Orangutans, or, better yet, Daniel Janzen and his work with the biodiversity of Costa Rica. 

Re: [ECOLOG-L] GRA available for studying climate, land use and cover change impact on

2012-03-10 Thread Jason Hernandez
.  Of course each slice will be smaller.  That does not mean there is now less pizza.  I believe most of the so-called droughts, as indicated by drawing down of reserviors and soforth, are actually more of this nature.   Jason Hernandez  Date:    Thu, 8 Mar 2012 10:31

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Brazilian Ecosystems Call for Students

2012-02-29 Thread Jason Hernandez
serve the same purpose as, say, the accreditation process for universities. Jason Hernandez Date:    Tue, 28 Feb 2012 13:35:30 -0500 From:    Clara B. Jones foucaul...@gmail.com Subject: Re: Brazilian Ecosystems Call for Students Respectfully, this sort of program

Re: [ECOLOG-L] best tree species for carbon sequestration

2012-02-26 Thread Jason Hernandez
of decomposing trees.  Net growth would have to exceed net decomposition.  In other words, the only long-term way to counteract ever-increasing CO2 emissions, is to have ever-increasing acreage of forest. Jason Hernandez Date:    Sat, 25 Feb 2012 11:59:02 -0800 From

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Best way to jump start a career in ecology

2012-02-15 Thread Jason Hernandez
Government has preferential policies toward hiring applicants who have already worked for them. Jason Hernandez Date:    Tue, 14 Feb 2012 14:08:21 -0500 From:    Ryan Metz ryancm...@gmail.com Subject: Best way to jump start a career in ecology   After graduating

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Rethinking of Values in Ecology

2012-02-14 Thread Jason Hernandez
an ethics for our influence on evolution?  The answers to these questions are not really scientific ones. Jason Hernandez Date:    Mon, 13 Feb 2012 13:59:47 -0700 From:    Beyhan Titiz beyhan.ti...@gmail.com Subject: Re: Rethinking of Values in Ecology

[ECOLOG-L] Isolated populations of Sitka spruce

2012-01-25 Thread Jason Hernandez
anyone else worked with any similar phenomena? Jason Hernandez

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Tropical Conservation, Permaculture Research Internship in Ecuador

2012-01-17 Thread Jason Hernandez
-explored bioregion, I have it from Jerry Toth himself that he would be interested in hosting such an expedition. Recently, a herpetologist discovered two new species of frogs there. Jason Hernandez Returned 3M Intern -- Date:    Mon, 16

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Know any great plant places for our botanical/ecology-focused roadtrip?

2011-06-28 Thread Jason Hernandez
If you do not mind swinging a bit south of Seattle, to the South Puget Sound region, there are Puget Prairies, i.e. glacial outwash plains formed at the end of the last glaciation.  Historic burning by Native American peoples allowed them to retain their distinctive prairie flora in a region

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Science Communication to the nonscience population Re: [ECOLOG-L] Plant

2011-06-02 Thread Jason Hernandez
Re: the question: Is the fact that a huge percentage of our population don't understand (or at least can't articulate) the basic mechanisms of evolution their fault or the fault of the scientific establishment? I would say neither.  As was pointed out earlier in the thread, in the U.S., over

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Plant roots matter Re: [ECOLOG-L] Communication Science to Public Plant

2011-05-31 Thread Jason Hernandez
The problem is that people (meaning laypersons from the point of view of the particular scientific discipline) do not actually read *scientific* literature on it.  How often have we seen -- in books about horticulture, landscape architecture, and so on -- that willows should not be planted near

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Wildflower Guides to Southeastern U.S.

2011-05-07 Thread Jason Hernandez
the folks at Houghton-Mifflin about this?   Jason Hernandez

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Science Ecology Terms Definitions Invasive etc.

2011-05-02 Thread Jason Hernandez
than scientific.   Jason Hernandez Ecolog: Some may find it informative or ill-informative to follow the bouncing = links on this site (they come up as pdf files).=20 I am particularly interested in all ecologists' views of the definition = of invasive species, (here reproduced for your

[ECOLOG-L] Wildflower Guides to Southeatern US?

2011-04-27 Thread Jason Hernandez
guidebooks nearly useless.   Given that the Peterson series never published a wildflower guide to the Southeastern US, are there any guidebooks to this region which follow a similar format, and would thus be useful to me?   Jason Hernandez

Re: [ECOLOG-L] What do technicians do in the off season?

2011-03-16 Thread Jason Hernandez
for the rest of my life.   Jason Hernandez Biological Science Technician, USFS --- On Wed, 3/9/11, ECOLOG-L automatic digest system lists...@listserv.umd.edu wrote: -- -- Date:    Tue, 8 Mar 2011 18:35:44 -0500 From:    Erin

Re: [ECOLOG-L] working in academia vs govt vs consultancies

2011-03-11 Thread Jason Hernandez
as NEPA, CWA, CAA, and were required to attend a legislative committee meeting on some environment-related bill.  I do think it is important both for scientists to understand how policy works, and for policymakers to understand the role of science.   Jason Hernandez Biological Science Technician

[ECOLOG-L] What do technicians do in the off season?

2011-02-12 Thread Jason Hernandez
be looking at now to maximize my chance of being employed come this fall and next winter?   Jason Hernandez Biological Science Technician, USDA Forest Service

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Conservation or just gardening?

2011-01-29 Thread Jason Hernandez
Prairie?  If we get rid of bioxenophobia, these questions can only be answered after a lot more study.   In the end, I am no closer to a definite answer than any of the other respondents.  I posed the question mostly as food for thought, which it certainly seems to have been.   Jason Hernandez

[ECOLOG-L] Conservation or just gardening?

2011-01-17 Thread Jason Hernandez
with conservation, how worthwhile is it to save that species with gardening?  Can we determine when a species' only hope is gardening?   Jason Hernandez Biological Science Technician, USDA Forest Service

Re: [ECOLOG-L] EcoTone: Biodiversity is a delicate recipe

2010-06-03 Thread Jason Hernandez
thesis on priority effects as they relate to larval amphibians.   Jason Hernandez East Carolina University Alumnus --- On Thu, 6/3/10, ECOLOG-L automatic digest system lists...@listserv.umd.edu wrote: -- Date:    Wed, 2 Jun 2010 17:23:54 -0400 From:    Katie Kline

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Science and Religion Dogmatic conflict?

2010-05-20 Thread Jason Hernandez
of this requires that we see such gods as personal beings; but of course, subjectively, non-scientific humans have tended to do so.   Jason Hernandez M.S., East Carolina University --- On Thu, 5/20/10, ECOLOG-L automatic digest system lists...@listserv.umd.edu wrote: I, too, appreciate Jane's

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Ecology Terminology and associated phenomena Colonizing species etc

2010-05-11 Thread Jason Hernandez
of continental islands formerly connected to the mainland.   Jason Hernandez East Carolina University  --- On Tue, 5/11/10, ECOLOG-L automatic digest system lists...@listserv.umd.edu wrote: But that question is easy to answer.  If humans put the species in a place or it arrived in a place that it would

Re: [ECOLOG-L] biostats

2010-05-04 Thread Jason Hernandez
problem and explain in detail how we would design it, collect and statistically analyze the data.  If Professor Chalcraft is reading this, I am sure he can elaborate further; his course was well-designed and well-taught from the standpoint of equipping students to use statistics.   Jason

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Cloud Forest Research Station Costa Rica

2010-04-11 Thread Jason Hernandez
running along the Continental Divide.  I recall at least one trail goung down the Caribbean slope and fading out; but since that was 'way back in 1996, it may have been extended by now.  Altogether an excellent research site -- without the tourists who come through the Reserve.   Jason Hernandez

Re: [ECOLOG-L] M.S. -- is it useful?

2010-04-06 Thread Jason Hernandez
Now there's an interesting thought.  A number of years ago, I did some English-as-a-foreign-language teaching in Taiwan.  On the other hand, having done a lot of moving around from seasonal job to seasonal job, I have finally found an area where I feel I could put down roots.  There are only

[ECOLOG-L] M.S. -- is it useful?

2010-04-04 Thread Jason Hernandez
often are there actually openings for applicants who already have Master's degrees and are not currently students?  I am trying to figure out my strategy for life after grad school, and this kind of information will help me to find the best approach.   Jason Hernandez East Carolina University