[ECOLOG-L] AGU Session: Ecosystem recovery from climate extremes

2016-07-11 Thread Melinda Smith
Dear Colleagues, We hope you will consider submitting an abstract to the AGU Fall Meeting session GC031: Ecosystem recovery from climate extremes. You can find details about the session and submit abstracts at the following link:

[ECOLOG-L] Participate in the Diversity in Ecology Career Fair at the ESA Annual Meeting

2016-07-11 Thread SEEDS program of the Ecological Society of America
Are you attending the ESA Annual Meeting? Do you want to advertise a program or job directly to diverse undergraduate students and faculty? The Ecological Society of America SEEDS program will host its yearly Diversity in Ecology Career Fair for students and faculty during the 2016 ESA Annual

[ECOLOG-L] Amphibian and Reptile Conservation in the NW U.S. and Western Canada

2016-07-11 Thread Williams, Jennifer
*BECOME INVOLVED IN THE NORTHWEST CHAPTER OF * *PARTNERS IN AMPHIBIAN AND REPTILE CONSERVATION! * We are currently seeking new Steering Committee members to help guide initiatives in Northwest Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (NW PARC for short). *Why become involved?* -

[ECOLOG-L] Repositories with life history traits for marine organisms

2016-07-11 Thread Rob Salguero-Gomez
Dear ecologgers, I'm currently working with some colleagues on a comparative project examining differences in life history traits and trade-offs between sessile/limited-mobility plant and animal species in terrestrial vs marine ecosystems. We've got quite a lot of data for the terrestrial

[ECOLOG-L] AGU Session on Biota and Biogeochemical Feedbacks in Arctic Ecosystems

2016-07-11 Thread Syndonia Bret-Harte
Hi All, We welcome contributed abstracts to to our session at this year’s Fall AGU Meeting in San Francisco: B020:Biota and Biogeochemical Feedbacks in Terrestrial and Aquatic Ecosystems in Arctic Alaska Session ID: 13732 Session Description: Arctic ecosystems are undergoing rapid change as

[ECOLOG-L] Fisheries Technician for Pahranagat roundtail chub in Pahranagat Valley, Lincoln County, Nevada

2016-07-11 Thread Amy Gladding
http://crcareers.thegreatbasininstitute.org/careers/careers.aspx?rf=ECOLOG=2016-RAP-095 In cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS), the Great Basin Institute is recruiting a Fisheries Technician to support the Cooperative Recovery Initiative to prevent the extinction of

[ECOLOG-L] Job opening: Environmental Analyst or Associate Environmental Scientist, San Francisco Estuary Institute, Resilient Landscapes Program

2016-07-11 Thread Sam Safran
The San Francisco Estuary Institute is seeking to hire an entry- to mid-level scientist to work in our Resilient Landscapes Program on applied projects relating to ecosystem restoration, water and sediment management, and climate-change adaptation planning across the state of California. Primary

[ECOLOG-L] Seeking volunteers for ESA Annual Meeting 2016 - Special Session

2016-07-11 Thread NALINI M NADKARNI
Seeking volunteers for ESA Annual Meeting Special Session Ecology on the Runway: An Eco-Fashion Show and Other Non-Traditional Public Engagement Approaches Monday, August 8, 2016: 10:15 AM-11:30 AM Organizer: Nalini Nadkarni, University of Utah Co-organizer: Douglas Levey, National Science

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Volunteers South Africa, Evolution and Socio-Ecology of small Mammals

2016-07-11 Thread Carsten Schradin
Please put this onto the ecology list server. Thanks a lot, Carsten Volunteers needed Evolution and Socio-Ecology of small Mammals in the Succulent Karoo of South Africa Opportunity: This is a great opportunity for anybody who wants to get more experience in field work related to

[ECOLOG-L] AGU 2016 Fall Meeting Pop-Up Sessions Call for Abstracts

2016-07-11 Thread Ntkrell
Dear ecologgers, We would like to invite you to submit an abstract for a Pop-Up session at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2016 Fall Meeting. The Pop-Up sessions provide a platform for students and early career scientists to share their ideas, innovations and visions during 5 minute

[ECOLOG-L] ESA 2016: Workshop about Data Management and Analysis in Movement Ecology

2016-07-11 Thread Mathieu Basille
Dear ECOLOG-L fellow members, We are offering a workshop at the ESA meeting this year (in Fort Lauderdale FL) to introduce a complete workflow and good database practices to manage and analyze movement data (PostGIS, QGIS and R inside!). There is still room for registration! Please find all

[ECOLOG-L] Post-doc in continental-scale sample design for monarch butterflies, USGS, Wisconsin

2016-07-11 Thread Diffendorfer, James
USGS Post-Doctoral Research – Quantitative Ecologist focused on continental-scale sample design for monarch butterflies and the resources that sustain them The United States Geological Survey is recruiting a post-doctoral scientist in quantitative ecology for a USGS Monarch Conservation Science