[ECOLOG-L] Web Sites or Job Boards for Geneticists

2012-09-26 Thread Christopher Brown
To all, This is a bit outside of ecology, but I'm hoping someone can help answer a question. Our department is in the process of looking for a geneticist (very broadly defined, so it could be population, molecular, developmental, etc.), and we plan on advertising in the usual places such as

[ECOLOG-L] Statistical Question on Temperature Profiles

2013-02-06 Thread Christopher Brown
Ecologgers, I have a master's student who is examining thermal preferences of two species of scorpions in the Sky Islands of southeastern Arizona. She has gathered some field temperature data as part of her thesis, but we are unsure how best to analyze the data (or perhaps more specifically,

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Best Book/Article Title Ever?

2011-01-28 Thread Christopher Brown
Maybe it's because it's Friday and the end of a long week, but am I the only one who thinks that The Pearly Mussels of PA is perhaps one of the best book/article title ever? Slightly yet unintentionally erotic as well, and the fact that it was written by Spoo just adds to the awesomeness! CAB

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Hypothesis Testing in Ecology

2011-03-09 Thread Christopher Brown
William and others, Personally, I think that the answer to the question Is all data gathering research? is clearly and unequivocally YES...just as I think this is not really the question you are addressing here. Instead, I think you are more properly asking Is all data gathering fundable

[ECOLOG-L] Spad meter

2011-08-17 Thread Christopher Brown
Hello, I am looking for a spad meter to measure chlorophyll content for a small undergraduate project. Please let me know if you have a used one for sale at a reasonable price (and by this I mean cheap) or one not being used that a poor, small college might be able to borrow. Thanks,

[ECOLOG-L] Temporarily Marking Salamanders

2010-02-18 Thread Christopher Brown
To all, My graduate student and I are attempting to temporarily mark individuals for an intraspecific competition experiment in the green salamander Aneides aeneus. These are being filmed under red light to simulate nocturnal conditions. Nearly all the marking techniques I know of or that we

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Are reviews anonymous?

2010-03-01 Thread Christopher Brown
Jonathan, As it so happens, a message close to yours in my email folder was from a review I did for American Naturalist. As part of the message from the editor is the line Please keep all reviews, including your own, confidential. Thus, at least for Am Nat, it appears that the reviews should

[ECOLOG-L] Responses to Marking Salamanders Question

2010-03-02 Thread Christopher Brown
To all, I'd like to thank everyone who sent in suggestions for marking green salamanders so as to identify individuals during filmed encounters. I've summarized the suggestions below and indicated our plans, for those interested. Four people suggested using dorsal patterns, either through

Re: [ECOLOG-L] Grad students: what are they worth, and does their work space effect their productivity? Input gratefully accepted

2010-04-23 Thread Christopher Brown
Alisha, One thing that has not been mentioned re: a graduate student's worth to a university relates to their FTE (full-time equivalent) hours. At our university, each credit hour for a grad student is weighted more heavily than an undergraduate credit hour. Working from memory (I'm lazy today!),