Re: [edk2] SSH access on to UEFI shell

2018-12-31 Thread Blibbet
There is an open request for such a project; your contribution would be appreciated! On 12/30/18 11:11 PM, prabin ca wrote: > Hi Team, > > I would like to know is there any way to get UEFI shell

Re: [edk2] Extracting vendor blobs from edk2-coreboot payload

2018-05-17 Thread Blibbet
On 05/15/2018 03:36 PM, Anatol Pomozov wrote: > [...] Is there a simple tool that allows to extract these Intel blobs from > Build/CorebootPayloadPkgX64/RELEASE_GCC5/FV/UEFIPAYLOAD.fd ? I expect most Tianocore tools focus on creating blobs, not reversing them. If EDK2 has tools like this, I'd

Re: [edk2] OVMF Logo

2018-05-09 Thread Blibbet
| [...] Is it possible to tune Logo's behavior in OVMF? [...] FYI, the HackBGRT tool exists, and may be helpful [on some bare-metal systems, unclear about OVMF-based usefulness]. I've never used it.

Re: [edk2] Source code debugging of OVMF

2018-04-16 Thread Blibbet
On 04/16/2018 08:26 AM, Richardson, Brian wrote: > Also useful for this topic:,-KVM-and-libvirt HTH, Lee

[edk2] HSTI sample code?

2018-04-03 Thread Blibbet
Hi, I'm trying a tool to write a UEFI app that accesses the HSTI image, via it's Boot Service Protocol. Before I start, does anyone know of any: 1) existing open source tool that does this? 2) existing Tianocore source that uses the HSTI boot services protocol? 3) OS-present

Re: [edk2] Official port of Python on EDK2

2017-11-02 Thread Blibbet
On 11/02/2017 09:41 AM, Jayaprakash, N wrote: > Would you consider adding thread support in this port of Python for EDK2 shell? FYI, this library adds thread support to UEFI: Note that the library is GPLv2, ...but the author (a 1-person

Re: [edk2] UEFI shell hash tools?

2017-11-01 Thread Blibbet
On Tue, Oct 31, 2017 at 4:18 PM, Jeff Westfahl wrote: > I'm looking for tools that run in the UEFI shell and do typical hash functions on files. [...] CPython for UEFI implements the hashlib module from the Python std library, so you could also search for Python solutions,

Re: [edk2] Accessing RT services from OS

2017-09-05 Thread Blibbet
You might want to look at Firmware Test Suite, it includes a Linux kernel driver to help with it's interactions with UEFI. Note that this is a Linux-centric test suite, solution won't work for other OSes.

Re: [edk2] Iscsi Specification Document

2017-08-23 Thread Blibbet
On 08/23/2017 02:04 AM, Karunakar P wrote: > Do we have any specific Document for Iscsi? > Any document that describes the standard iscsi behavior. I'm not aware of any 'design specification', that may be hoping for too much. points to 4 [i]SCSI-related URLs: [RFC 3720]

Re: [edk2] EDK2 build using Visual Studio

2017-06-05 Thread Blibbet
On 06/05/2017 01:23 AM, GN Keshava wrote: > I was able to build EDK2 using VS2008. Did anyone used VS2015 and built > the EDK2? If yes, I want to know how I can do it. You might check out how the VisualUEFI project builds EDK2. According to it's readme, it works with VS2015.

Re: [edk2] Format SD card while on UEFI shell

2017-06-02 Thread Blibbet
On 06/02/2017 12:23 AM, Shubham Mittal wrote: > Hi all, > > Is there any utility/tool by which i can format sd card(connected to board) using UEFI shell. > > As of now, i have to detach it and format it and attach it again.. I'm not sure this answers your question or not, but Intel has some UEFI

[edk2] Is Lua UEFI port maintained?

2017-04-27 Thread Blibbet
As I understand things, Intel is maintaining CPython 2.7x for UEFI, and they also helped with Lua port. I'm wondering if Lua EFI port is actively maintained? Asking for someone else, see below. In addition to developer audience, it would seem that there some need for pre-compiled binaries of

Re: [edk2] Testing SMM with QEMU, KVM and libvirt

2017-04-19 Thread Blibbet
On 02/21/2017 02:18 AM, Laszlo Ersek wrote: > On 02/21/17 10:22, Shi, Steven wrote: >> Hi Laszlo, >> I wonder if you could offer a Ubuntu version wiki for the >> Testing-SMM-with-QEMU,-KVM-and-libvirt? > > Sorry, I can't do that.[...] FYI, Alex Floyd recently wrote a shell script to codify

Re: [edk2] Hypervisor with UEFI

2017-03-28 Thread Blibbet
> There are some web pages described Hypervisor with UEFI Firmware. Are there > some Hypervisor sample implementations in current EDKII source code base? Alex's SimpleVisor is a UEFI hypervisor.

Re: [edk2] *BinPkg question

2017-03-06 Thread Blibbet
I had missed the shell's ability to do this with commands, and thought they always had to be external *.efi files. Thanks for the clarification. That is great news. Lee On 03/06/2017 08:33 AM, Carsey, Jaben wrote: > Few thoughts - with the UEFI Shell Specification complaint shell binary from

[edk2] *BinPkg question

2017-03-04 Thread Blibbet
I've been working on building thumbdrives that boot into the UEFI Shell, and have a few end-user questions, please. I've always been unclear which version of EFI/UEFI Apple includes on their hardware. Are the older EdkShellBinPkg shells suitable for modern Apple boxes, or will the modern UEFI

Re: [edk2] Unit tests and the EDK2

2016-11-06 Thread Blibbet
> I am evaluating a number of options and hope to put together > a complete proposal as an RFC for consideration in the next > few weeks. For your evaluation, please also check out the U-Boot and coreboot projects, they both have some built-in tests. Thanks, Lee Fisher

Re: [edk2] Unit tests and the EDK2

2016-11-06 Thread Blibbet
On 11/06/2016 01:57 AM, Matt Lazarowitz wrote: > I would like to find out if anyone has experience with an off the shelf > unit test framework in the EDK2.[...] If you haven't looked at it, two months ago Microsoft open-sourced some EDK2-centric unit tests.

Re: [edk2] Format a volume in UEFI (or delete all files)

2016-10-12 Thread Blibbet
On 10/12/2016 10:34 AM, GN Keshava wrote: > Thanks Laszlo, I'll check it out. > > I think I need to combine the LS implementation and RM implementation, > isn't it? So there is no "format this volume" function or command exists, > right? The commands do exist. But they're not in Tianocore, and

Re: [edk2] Format a volume in UEFI (or delete all files)

2016-10-12 Thread Blibbet
On 10/12/2016 07:31 AM, Laszlo Ersek wrote: > On 10/12/16 12:48, GN Keshava wrote: >> Hi all, >> >> I need to format fs1: (or delete all files and folders in root directory) >> from my UEFI application. >> >> I'm able to use file system APIs such as Open, Write or Delete too. But >> Delete API

Re: [edk2] Is there any exiting way in edk2 to format a partition with FAT file system?

2016-03-18 Thread Blibbet
On 03/18/2016 07:08 AM, Tian, Feng wrote: > Hi, Why the EULA for these Intel tools? Why aren't they BSD-licensed and part of the UEFI Forum's EDK-II? Some IP of Microsoft FAT? Hasn't the Microsoft FAT on-disk format IP since been published

Re: [edk2] about hacking team UEFI rootkit

2015-12-25 Thread Blibbet
On 12/24/2015 05:47 PM, LiHongcheng wrote: > I was wondering whether there are anyone who`ve been researched about hacking team's > UEFI rootkit. Can you share some related information with me? PS: Unrelated to

[edk2] Fwd: CHIPSEC 1.2.2 released!

2015-11-07 Thread Blibbet
OEMs, please ask your QA teams to update to this new release! :-) Forwarded Message Subject: CHIPSEC 1.2.2 released! Date: Sat, 7 Nov 2015 08:27:12 -0800 From: Blibbet <> To: <> Since the I

[edk2] OVMF for Unicode (a QEMU alternative)?

2015-10-24 Thread Blibbet
Has anyone considered OVMF support for Unicorn? If you know the list of what is needed to accomplish it, please speak up, it'd be nice to have that information where it might be helpful to potential contributors. Thanks! Forwarded

Re: [edk2] UEFI and NIST SP-147 compliance

2015-09-22 Thread Blibbet
> As you say, the closed source nature of most BIOSes makes complying with these > requirements nearly impossible for most organizations. The only exceptions I > can think of are big companies with connections to the IBVs (e.g. Intel, > Microsoft) or the government/military. Something tells me

Re: [edk2] EDK II & GPL - Re: OVMF BoF @ KVM Forum 2015

2015-09-10 Thread Blibbet
> Sure, mixture of licenses makes life more difficult. Not an excuse for > ignoring non-BSD innovations and embracing Linux OSV/OEM community with > their preferred license. GPL'ed LibreOffice bugfixes can't go upstream > to BSD-like, ASF2 license of Apache OpenOffice, but that's life. I spent

Re: [edk2] EDK II & GPL - Re: OVMF BoF @ KVM Forum 2015

2015-09-09 Thread Blibbet
> I don’t understand the issue BSD licensed code? > It should be compatible with the GPL? > The GPL code could merge bug fixes from the BSD > source base as needed. It is just the BDS source > base that can not take back GPL code. I'm not sure I understand, I presume you understand all BSD/GPL

Re: [edk2] EDK II & GPL - Re: OVMF BoF @ KVM Forum 2015

2015-09-09 Thread Blibbet
Short term an OVMF-centric solution is good. But long term, I think Linux needs a Linux-friendly IBV to build native UEFI -- as well as OVMF-flavored UEFI -- with non-BSD licensed community code. If you restrict this to just OVMF, any GPL innovations will only happen at virtual level. Right now,

Re: [edk2] UEFI and NIST SP-147 compliance

2015-09-09 Thread Blibbet
On 09/09/2015 11:49 AM, Bill Paul wrote: [...] > Oh sure, no pressure. > > As you say, the closed source nature of most BIOSes makes complying with these > requirements nearly impossible for most organizations. The only exceptions I > can think of are big companies with connections to the IBVs

Re: [edk2] Intel ITP-XDP with Tunnel Mountain and EDK2?

2015-08-15 Thread Blibbet
Belatedly, thanks for the advise, Zachary and Bruce!! ___ edk2-devel mailing list

Re: [edk2] [PATCH 0/2] Add HttpBoot support to OvmfPkg

2015-08-14 Thread Blibbet
On 08/14/2015 02:03 AM, Gary Ching-Pang Lin wrote: Although the current HttpBoot implementation is incomplete, it would be easier to develop and test the software stack with a virtual machine. THANKS for adding to OVMF! Besides 1219 UEFI.Next Feature - UEFI TLS API, what else is missing?

[edk2] OEMs: hire LegbaCore to secure your systems

2015-08-12 Thread Blibbet
I just did an 'interview' with LegbaCore today: In addition to previous UEFI Forum plugfest advice from Phoenix (RUN CHIPSEC!!), also note below comment from LegbaCore. They were professional enough

[edk2] TianoCore and Redfish: UPnP, JSON Schema or OData CSDL?

2015-08-11 Thread Blibbet
Q: Is TianoCore going to get any additional DMF Redfish support beyond the new UEFI 2.5 REST API? Q: what about Redfish UPNP SSDP dependence? The Redfish Mockup says: Note – discovery of service endpoints will be done using UPNP’s SSDP but that’s not in the mockup. This implies that

Re: [edk2] AMD's UEFI strategy? - AMD Response

2015-08-10 Thread Blibbet
On 07/31/2015 02:32 PM, Simpson, Gary wrote: Is anyone from AMD on this list? If you know the right person, could you please forward? [Gary Simpson] Hi, Lee. My name is Gary Simpson (Firmware Architect at AMD). Your post was forwarded to me. (Thanks to both people who did so.) If desired,

Re: [edk2] Building on Windows

2015-08-05 Thread Blibbet
Some Windows/EDK2 blog posts that may help: If you look at the

Re: [edk2] today's US CERT UEFI advisory

2015-07-30 Thread Blibbet
[...] Sorry I was thinking more about routine maintenance (like the string n cleanup recently), or refactoring of the code disabling the exploit mechanism with out knowledge that the exploit exists. I guess an older branch can get patched, but the commit history in master is not going to

[edk2] today's US CERT UEFI advisory

2015-07-30 Thread Blibbet
FYI, in case any OEM's missed today's US-CERT UEFI vulnerability notice: Remember that any TianoCore-based bugs may be in your platorm: Can anyone clarify if

[edk2] UEFI 2.5's BMC/Service Processor feature

2015-07-27 Thread Blibbet
The UEFI 2.5 spec's revision mentions: 1222 UEFI.Next feature - BMC/Service Processor Device Path In the UEFI 2.5 spec, all I've found are 3 references on BMC: Section (BMC Device Path) structure definition. Section 2.6.2 (Platform-Specific Elements) says: If a platform supports RESTful

[edk2] Intel ITP-XDP with Tunnel Mountain and EDK2?

2015-07-25 Thread Blibbet
Hi, I just learned about Intel's ITP-XDP product: It looks interesting; previously, all I knew of was Arium's ITP and AMI's AMIdebug products. For a UEFI ISV or security researcher, not for OEM/ODM-centric usage... Would this work

[edk2] AMD's UEFI strategy?

2015-07-20 Thread Blibbet
Hi, Is anyone from AMD on this list? If you know the right person, could you please forward? Can anyone explain AMD's strategy w/r/t UEFI and BIOS, UEFI and coreboot? For x64/EMT64 systems: What models use UEFI, what models use BIOS, what models use coreboot? I'm unclear if they're still