Re: Disadvantage of Non-parametric vs. Parametric Test

1999-12-07 Thread Glen Barnett
Alex Yu wrote: Disadvantages of non-parametric tests: Losing precision: Edgington (1995) asserted that when more precise measurements are available, it is unwise to degrade the precision by transforming the measurements into ranked data. So this is an argument against rank-based


1999-12-07 Thread Jose Rojo
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Re: Scale Reliability

1999-12-07 Thread John Donovan
Brett - Although you may have a conceptual reason for summing the four item scores to form a composite, the low level of internal consistency that these items display suggests that they may not be assessing a unitary construct. So, to sum these four items and label this score as a single

Re: Scale Reliability

1999-12-07 Thread PChawla
The fact that the shorter scale has low internal consistency doesn't necessarily mean that the 4 items in question are not unidimensional. It may just be that the measurement error is large relative to their covariance. Given that the four items in question are drawn from a scale with

Re: stats packages for Unix

1999-12-07 Thread David Cross/Psych Dept/TCU
This is great ... I had lost my reference to this site and product. Thanks! On Sat, 4 Dec 1999, KO wrote: Hello: I would suggest R (aka GNU-S). You cane find more information about it at I highly recommend it. Sincerely, Kouros Owzar ([EMAIL

Re: Software for logistic regression

1999-12-07 Thread David Cross/Psych Dept/TCU
SYSTAT has an excellent log regression procedure and it may be cheap enough for you. On Sun, 5 Dec 1999, FourCubed wrote: Hello everyone! Can anyone tell me the least expensive software for performing a (conditional) logistic regression. SPSS and SAS are too expensive, and I don't have

Re: Help for my dissertation

1999-12-07 Thread J. Williams
First, check to see if your school doesn't have a stat lab available. Most major universities have a site where graduate students and others involved in empirical research can get free assistance. Often, it is in the form of anothe, but more advanced, graduate student, but many of these


1999-12-07 Thread Dr. Wolfgang Hitzl
Dear STATISTICA users, in order to subscribe to the mailing list/group for STATISTICA users, visit and type just in your e-mail adress and follow the instructions. Then you will be added to our list. My very best wishes

SDT: What is D-sub-A and Sakitt's D?

1999-12-07 Thread Victor A. Gombos
[Please forgive me if this esoteric question was answered before in this newsgroup] I am using Systat 9.0 for my master's thesis data--the nature of my analyses depend heavily on Signal Detection Theory. Therefore, of course I am using the Signal Detection Analysis program in Systat. It seems

Re: Help for my dissertation

1999-12-07 Thread SAlbert
I'd second the comments of finding local help; that's definitely the best option. If, for whatever reason, that's not available, then, and only then, consider looking for someone at a distance to help out. If you do have to do that, offer more detail about what kind of study you're doing: the