Re: probability question

1999-12-06 Thread Michael Cohen
Michael Cohen ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote: : : On Wed, 1 Dec 1999, Yonah Russ wrote: : : : : how do you solve a problem like this one? : : thanks in advance : : --- : : X is a chance variable such that X(omega)={1,2,3...,n} : : and for every i in {1,2,3...n}, 4P(X=i+2)=5P(X=i+1)-P(X=i) :

Re: Mathematics and mind...

1999-12-06 Thread Neil W Rickert
[EMAIL PROTECTED] (Thomas Lawlor Griffiths) writes: For those interested in mathematics and mind... I'm running a simple psychology experiment over the internet. It doesn't take much time, and very little mental effort. It is vaguely related to mathematics, and you might be interested in the

Likelihood Ratio Test

1999-12-06 Thread lazzo
I turns out that the difference between the constrained and unconstrained log likelihoods has a chi-square distribution (dergr. of freedom =restrictions) when it is multiplied by two. Where the two comes from is something I am not getting. (or -2, the information I have isn't completely