[Elecraft] FS:KX1

2018-02-02 Thread Doug Person
I'm selling my KX1. 40 and 20 with with the tuner. Works and looks perfect. Also have the 80/30 option unbuilt, still in the bag. KX1 $500 shipped CONUS 80/30 Option $60 shipped CONUS $550 for both Doug -- KJ0F __ Elecraft mailing list

Re: [Elecraft] A shameless plug for the SP3

2018-02-02 Thread Bill Johnson
I use mini Bose. Two HAM guests were amazed at the quality of diversity sound. Have a great day, Bill J From: elecraft-boun...@mailman.qth.net on behalf of Wayne Burdick Sent: Thursday, February 1, 2018

[Elecraft] [WTB]Unloaded K3/100

2018-02-02 Thread Petr, OK1RP/M0SIS
Hi folks, I am looking for used, unloaded K3/100 in perfectly working conditions (no surprises please). Just basic older but fully working, nice K3/100 is ok. Thanks for offers - price is the key in that case. 73 - Petr, OK1RP - http://ok1rp.blogspot.com -- Sent from:

[Elecraft] wsjtx-x drops receive signal and stops txing randomly

2018-02-02 Thread 2M0TGN
I am using the latest ver of wsjtx-x in various modes can get it working well with JT Bridge and MacLogger Dx. After following a setup guide I worked and logged about 50 QSOs quite well. Then the receive signal disappears on the waterfall or meter reading in the software. The tx also

[Elecraft] KX3 Faulty SWR indication

2018-02-02 Thread Dave Sublette
A few weeks ago I posted this problem, worked on it a bit, then got distracted into other projects. I am now back trying to resolve the faulty SWR issue with My KX3. The problem only occurs on 160, 80 and 60 meters. Using a known good dummy load and cable the indicated SWR on the KX3 is high

[Elecraft] Elecraft SSB net log for 28 January 2018

2018-02-02 Thread Phil Shepard
Here is the log for the Elecraft SSB net for 28 January 2018: CALL NAME QTHRIG S/N K4GCJ Jerry NC K3 1597 K7BRR BillAZ K3S 10939 KJ4ZSI Bud FL

[Elecraft] Menu item

2018-02-02 Thread Andy Faber via Elecraft
My K3 came back from being upgraded and seems to have a new menu item, called ATTEN, with "10db" displayed. When I turn the big knob, it stays at that value and the secondary display says "N/A". It's not in my instruction book, nor is it in the online manual I found on the Elecraft website.