Re: [Elecraft] A My K3's coming question

2007-11-07 Thread Don Wilhelm
Bob, The problem with the K2 headphone jack has nothing to do with neither mono or stereo nor with the contacts. There is a built-in independent switch at the back of the jack body whose activating arm breaks and the the path to the speaker remains open after the headphone plug is removed.

Re: [Elecraft] K2 alternative Tuning knob ?

2004-06-09 Thread Don Wilhelm
Mike, Take a look at the use of the Yaesu FT-900 knob on my K2 - see my website for details. I recently updated with Yaesu's new phone number for the US - you might want to look at to see where you contact for the UK. If you want the FT100 knob (smaller but with

Re: [Elecraft] DSP Filter?

2004-06-09 Thread Don Wilhelm
you are making other plans (John Lennon wrote it in a book, Mike Cross used it in a song - I don't know who was first) - Original Message - From: Vic Rosenthal [EMAIL PROTECTED] To: Don Wilhelm [EMAIL PROTECTED]; Elecraft Sent: Wednesday, June 09, 2004 3:50 PM

Re: [Elecraft] K2 Test 2 OK, Test 3 power output problem

2004-06-14 Thread Don Wilhelm
Jukka, I suggest you build the RF Probe provided with the K2 kit. Use the probe and your DMM to determine where the RF is being lost. In transmit mode (TUNE), you should find RF in ever increasing levels at the following points: TP1, Xmit Mixer - U10 pin 4 Xmit Buffer - U9 pin 6 (and input to

Re: [Elecraft] Results for Resistance Check on the Control Board

2004-06-16 Thread Don Wilhelm
Vic, There is not much on the Control Board that connects to pins 29 and 30 - these are the DOT/PTT and DASH lines and they connect directly to pins 17 and 18 of P3 (they also connect to 2 resistors of RP4). Check carefully for any solder bridges at the pins of P3, the U6 socket and RP3. If you

Re: [Elecraft] K2

2004-06-16 Thread Don Wilhelm
Phil, I would guess that the Yaesu speaker is 8 ohms impedance (that is a quite common impedance) - a 4 ohm speaker like that used for the K2 internal speaker will allow more power than an 8 ohm speaker. The efficiency of the speaker has a lot to do with how loud it sounds too. Some speakers

Re: [Elecraft] K2 , R116 alternative ?

2004-06-17 Thread Don Wilhelm
Mike, The 1/8 watt 1 meg resistor does two things - it provides leads to which one can solder the very fine toroid wires, and it provides mechanical 'holding power' for the toroid core. The resistance itself is not critical because it is almost an insulator compared to the other impedances at

Re: [Elecraft] USB CW (now SSB considerations too)

2004-06-17 Thread Don Wilhelm
There IS one reason to generate the SSB signal as LSB - many crystal lattice filters (including the one in the KSB2) have a steeper slope on the low frequency side, so the LSB generation is better than USB generation. Yes, the sideband CAN be inverted by the proper mixing scheme - the current

Re: [Elecraft] BFO Alignment

2004-06-17 Thread Don Wilhelm
Carl, Do check the capacitor values to be certain they are correct in the BFO area (C173 and C174 in particular as well as the correct varactors at D37 and D38 - 1SV149, the smaller ones with the flattened 'rounded' side)!!! You are less than 300 Hz deficient on the low end, and that is not

Re: [Elecraft] Re: K1 on USB CW

2004-06-17 Thread Don Wilhelm
I just looked at my old copy of the NEW Sideband Handbook by Don Stoner W6TNS, copyright 1958 - I have 6th printing dated June 1966. Page 94 shows the schematic of the Central Electronics 10B phasing exciter - and it DOES generate SSB at a fixed 9 MHz (unchanged from the 10A). The addition of a

Re: [Elecraft] K2 receive volume

2004-06-18 Thread Don Wilhelm
Jim and all, I have worked on about 5 K2s since I acquired my XG1, and I can state that the gain of a properly aligned K2 from the antenna through the IF amplifier is very close from one K2 to another. Filter alignment will account for huge variations. Also, since I have been experimenting with

Re: [Elecraft] K2 menu change

2004-06-21 Thread Don Wilhelm
Paul, While I can't think of any definite reasons, but it sounds like you are hearing a carrier somewhere near where the K2 input is tuned (28 mHz band). One question - have you updated your KPA100 with the recent changes or do you have a recent KPA100? If not, an artifact from the crystal

Re: [Elecraft] Dumb(?) dummy load question

2004-06-22 Thread Don Wilhelm
Eric and all, That 50 ohm power resistor you are using will be highly inductive - it is a wirewound type, meaning it is a coil of resistive wire. Yes, it measures 50 ohms at DC, but for AC, the resistive (and reactive) value depend on the frequency of operation. For those wishing to save a buck

Re: [Elecraft] K2 resistance checks (and K1/KX1)

2004-06-23 Thread Don Wilhelm
Brian and all, If the resistance reading should be 500 and one measures something LOWER than 500 ohms it SHOULD be something to check carefully - it is the reading that are higher than 500 that are 'no big deal'. The more commonly asked question is from folks who measure something substantially

Re: [Elecraft] Upgrading Unbuilt K2 #3275

2004-06-23 Thread Don Wilhelm
If you have the post 3000 circuit boards, the proper answer is - yes, you can build from the Rev F manual - BUT there is one cut trace on the RF board that is not cut on yours (that cut is mentioned in the first column of page 52 of the Revision F manual as having been cut at the factory). The

Re: [Elecraft] K2 - no TX power problem

2004-06-24 Thread Don Wilhelm
Gerhardt, Yes, I too would believe D36 is broken - it is quite fragile and will crack if the leads are bent too close to the glass body - HANDLE WITH CARE. You can temporarily substitute a 1N4007 diode until you can obtain a replacement (the 1N4007 was used in the D36 location until the keying

Re: [Elecraft] Spare parts for K2

2004-06-25 Thread Don Wilhelm
Jean-Francois, I would say to save your money - unless you want to accumulate some parts for other homebrew projects. Parts in the K2 rarely fail (almost never) unless they are abused in some way. The design point for the components is conservative and little stress is placed on them in normal

Re: [Elecraft] KPA100 DC connector WARNING ALERT

2004-06-25 Thread Don Wilhelm
Steve and all, I don't usually disagree with you Steve, but I looked at my APP cables that DO work FB with my KPA100 and they look just like the pictures in all your references. Yes, if one looks at the the KPA100 input, it may look like it is reversed, but it DOES mate properly with the cables

Re: [Elecraft] K2 #4309 on the air (finally)

2004-07-01 Thread Don Wilhelm
My observation with D36 is that attempting to bend the leads close to the glass body (like most of the other diodes) can cause the glass to fracture. The holes for D36 require the leads to be bent approximately 1/8 inch from the body, and if the leads are bent right up to the glass, there will be

[Elecraft] Fixed Audio for the K2

2004-07-02 Thread Don Wilhelm
Folks, I have just posted an article detailing how to add a fixed audio output to the K2 to my website This small PC board will provide up to 3 volt p-p (1 volt rms) out with a 50 microvolt signal at the antenna of the K2 and should serve the needs of anyone wanting an output

Re: [Elecraft] Bending component leads

2004-07-02 Thread Don Wilhelm
Ron and all, I bend component leads just like Joe - hold my thumbnail where I want the bend, grasping the component between the thumb and forefinger. That method has not broken any so far. I have only broken a part when I approach them with something hard like pliers. Each to his own!

Re: [Elecraft] K2 inventory question

2004-07-04 Thread Don Wilhelm
Bill, Elecraft continually improves things - we all know that. So now you will find R50 and R58 on the strip of resistors - at least they were that way for SN4192 when I assembled it. Yes, it has not always been that way - those resistors were previously shipped loose in the RFb bag, so your

[Elecraft] K2 fixed audio output again.

2004-07-04 Thread Don Wilhelm
Folks, I have had many asking if I can take PayPal payments - and the answer is yes, IF and only if those payment come from your PayPal funds or a bank account. I have only a personal PayPal account and I don't want to upgrade to a business account just for this project and pay the resulting

Re: [Elecraft] KPA100 Tightening the finals...

2004-07-05 Thread Don Wilhelm
The initial re-tightening seems to be all that is required. I believe the thermal pads will slightly thinner after an initial period of being exposed to the pressure from the initial tightening and that normal 'squeezing' process may be shortened by the thermal cycling. I have not been able to

Re: [Elecraft] Tuning Rates and fine tune shift.

2004-07-05 Thread Don Wilhelm
Dave, From my observations, if the lower order digits on the frequency display are different than .00 when you switch to 1kHz tuning steps, those undisplayed digits will stay the same as they were. - in other words, if you were tuned to 7070.35 and go to the 1 kHz tuning the steps will be to

Re: [Elecraft] Another Multi-band Dipole

2004-07-05 Thread Don Wilhelm
Joe and all, That is my favorite portable antenna too. In a pinch you don't need 3 supports, 1 will do to hold up the center. The 2 antenna wires and the feedline CAN also be used as part of the guys to hold the center pole upright and you have an inverted VEE - OR with one half of the antenna

Re: [Elecraft] K2 Frequency Calibration

2004-07-07 Thread Don Wilhelm
Michael and all, Yes, because the K2 has independent BFO adjustments for USB and LSB you must know that both BFOs have been properly set before you can do 'tone matching' to determine the correct dial setting. It IS a good method to verify that one has achieved correct calibration, but if the

Re: [Elecraft] K2 Frequency Calibration

2004-07-07 Thread Don Wilhelm
] To: Linden, Mike (BRC-Hes) [EMAIL PROTECTED]; Don Wilhelm [EMAIL PROTECTED]; Sent: Wednesday, July 07, 2004 6:11 PM Subject: Re: [Elecraft] K2 Frequency Calibration Isn't the tone alternation of WWV between 400 and 600 Hz? It used to be. -Stuart K5KVH

Re: [Elecraft] Application Note: Calibrating the K2's 4 MHz MasterOscillator

2004-07-07 Thread Don Wilhelm
Folks, This IS the N6KR method that I have become so fond of (add an 'l' to the link below). Wayne was the originator of this method and Tom has done a good job of documenting it. I will still stick with my favored method of observing zero beat (looking at the tone frequencies with Spectrogram)

[Elecraft] Re: W3FPR's Fixed AF Output Kit Mounting

2004-07-08 Thread Don Wilhelm
Folks, Mike has spotted a mounting problem with my Fixed Audio Output board in the K2/100 with the new speaker shield. I am sorry I didn't realize the problem - I tried it with my KPA100 without the speaker shield and it did fit. Mike has found a realistic mounting location, although it may not

Re: [Elecraft] Keying a Hercules from K2

2004-07-09 Thread Don Wilhelm
Jim, From your description, the inverter you described is almost correct BUT it won't work because there is no voltage available to it. The output from the KPA100 is a HEXFET open 'collector' - which means it makes a path to ground when active (transmit state) and is open during receive. The

Re: [Elecraft] KPA-100 Q1,Q2,Q3,Q4 screws to heat simk question

2004-07-09 Thread Don Wilhelm
Brian, Something is wrong - 1/4 inch screws should be plenty long - dumb question, are you really using the 1/4 inch screws? - they are NOT the black ones. The only thing the screw should pass through is the lockwasher and the transistor (yes the thermal pad too) before it hits the heatsink.

Re: [Elecraft] K2 up-to-date assembly sequence?

2004-07-11 Thread Don Wilhelm
For those wanting to build a post 3000 SN K2 to the latest level without going through the interim steps of building as instructed FIRST and THEN adding the changes to bring it up to level... You already have a Rev E manual - go to the Elecraft website and download the REV F manual and print pages

Re: [Elecraft] K2: VFO clicks/pops in the presence of strong signals

2004-07-12 Thread Don Wilhelm
Mike, You are hearing the PLL reference transitions (Sverre explained it nicely), but they should be at a low level and not very noticable unless you listen closely. If you happened to run CAL PLL without the bottom cover in place, those clicks will be louder than normal - so re-run it with the

Re: [Elecraft] General Coverage

2004-07-12 Thread Don Wilhelm
Bob, It is not abnormal - the amount of out-of-hamband range may be slightly different from one K2 to another. You may be running out of VFO tuning even though the numbers change. If you want to verify, check the voltage at the left end of R30 on the RF board. If it is less than 0.5 volts or

Re: [Elecraft] K2 Filter Alignment: USB vs. LSB, CW vs. CW-Rev

2004-07-13 Thread Don Wilhelm
Michael, Actually there is no real connection between hearing the same pitch when switching between LSB and USB and proper filter alignment like there is with CW and CWr. The SSB passband will pass a wide range of tones even if the passband is severely mis-aligned. The only observation one can

Re: [Elecraft] Which kits to start with? Need advice

2004-07-13 Thread Don Wilhelm
Brian, Adding options to the base K2 is relatively easy, and the option upgrades do not occur as often as changes to the base K2 (the firmware upgrades related to the K60XV are the one major exception I can think of). My recommendation is for you to start with the base K2, the K60XV, the K160RX

[Elecraft] MFJ-259B alignment information?

2004-07-15 Thread Don Wilhelm
Does anyone know where I can find detailed alignment instructions for a MFJ-259B? I bought some Vishay precision non-inductive power resistors - 25 ohm, 50 ohm and 100 ohms 100 watt rating to use as dummy loads. I assembled them to a proper heat sink and connected to an SO-239 with zero length

Re: [Elecraft] RE: 4039 - Running, But a bit unsteady on it's feet..

2004-07-16 Thread Don Wilhelm
Nicholas, If your K2 'rocks' with the bail extended, the most likely cause is either the bail mounting feet are not the same distance from the edge of the panel or that the rear feet are not mounted an equal distance from the edge of the heat sink. It only takes a small bit of misalignment to

Re: [Elecraft] KPA100 voltage measurements?

2004-07-21 Thread Don Wilhelm
Tom, I have not yet seen a reply on the reflector to your questions, so I will try to give you some information. The voltage at U5 pin 1 will depend on the reflected voltage sensed by D17 and the setting of R27 - if you are measuring the voltage under transmit conditions, do you have a good

Re: [Elecraft] KAF2 v. KDSP2

2004-07-22 Thread Don Wilhelm
Howard, I can't speak for anyone else, but I just don't like the sound of any audio DSP processor, particularly for CW use. They are good for digging signals out very close to the noise level, but my ears find the KAF2 far less irritating for extended operating periods. It is more a matter of

Re: [Elecraft] RE: Effective Antennas for use with K2 ATU

2004-07-22 Thread Don Wilhelm
Nicholas, You can't get much better or more simple than a dipole. Get it up as high as possible and feed it with parallel line. 44 feet is a great length for 40 thru 10 meters and will do 80 meters in a pinch. Can you get one end to the peak of the roof? That may give you the extra distance

[Elecraft] K2 fixed audio output kits

2004-07-23 Thread Don Wilhelm
I now have batch 2 of my fixed audio kits ready to ship. If you are wondering what they are, check out my webpage for details. The price for the full kit is $17.50 shipped USPS Priority mail, $15.00 shipped 1st class mail. International Air Mail shipment - $17.50 This is the

Re: [Elecraft] K2 as a reciever only

2004-07-25 Thread Don Wilhelm
Forest, You may want to look at my website article dealing with adding a CW PTT to the K2. The added PTT input will work both in CW and SSB mode and will mute the receiver, but no RF will be produced - this will be positively true in CW unless one also activates the paddle

Re: [Elecraft] 44 ft. doublet magic lead length and bats in my belfry

2004-07-26 Thread Don Wilhelm
Doug, I would not say that there is any 'magic' length for the feedline. Try what you can do and see what works. If it ends up that the tuner has difficulty matching the shack end on one or two bands, add some extra feedline and try again. Depending on the matching range of your tuner, you may

Re: [Elecraft] RIP - Info 080 - AL7FS K2 Tango Uniform

2004-07-27 Thread Don Wilhelm
Jim, The normal meaning of INFO 080 is that one of the firmware chips is not talking properly with the MCU. The first thing I would do is remove all options from the K2. If the Info 080 remains, take a look at the voltage supplied to the MCU and IOC as first order of business (and check for 0

Re: [Elecraft] K2 Ser no. 3181

2004-07-28 Thread Don Wilhelm
Ron, The 'RF Gain' in the K2 is actually an IF gain control and it only controls the gain after the selective elements. All the stages ahead of the IF amplifier operate at fixed gain levels. In many receivers where the RF stage is gain controlled, my experience is that the gain can be made

Re: [Elecraft] Receive Problems

2004-07-28 Thread Don Wilhelm
Gregg, I would suggest looking carefully in the IF filter area. You found one bad solder joint, so another one is quite likely. The last one I worked on with similar problems had a bad solder joint on the SSB board at one of the 3 pin headers - which reduced the signal getting to the IF

Re: [Elecraft] K2 Troubleshooting

2004-07-29 Thread Don Wilhelm
Scott, The most common failure point is a solder joint. So first check soldering, then re-check the soldering, and finally check all soldering. We will need more details of what works and what doesn't (what do you see on the display, what do you hear in the headphones, and under what conditions,

Re: [Elecraft] AGC and AF gain

2004-07-30 Thread Don Wilhelm
Greg, Yes, it certainly seems like your AGC threshold could stand to be re-adjusted. The recommended 3.8 volts will be close, but is not any magic number - the proper setting will vary from one K2 to another. I have seen good results with voltages as low as 3.6 volts, but none higher than 3.8

Re: [Elecraft] K2/100 ALC or Power problem

2004-07-30 Thread Don Wilhelm
Julius, You will likely find the problem associated with the VRFDET signal somewhere. Also, if you recently did the keyclick mod, look at that work carefully for proper components, good soldering, and parts added in the correct spots on the back of the control board. 73, Don W3FPR -

Re: [Elecraft] K2 RF Detector

2004-07-31 Thread Don Wilhelm
Julius, Recall that the RF voltage at one end of D9 will be only 1/8 of the voltage at the other end - this is a resistive voltage divider. You really didn't say how much RF voltage you had, so go on and check things out as follows: First unplug the KPA100 and KAT100 and re-check. When the

Re: [Elecraft] Like MFJ's 931 Artificial Ground ?

2004-08-02 Thread Don Wilhelm
Jim, I will agree with you wholeheartedly, except for the RF Ground part --- In reality, RF ground has only to do with a zero impedance reference for RF at the frequency of operation. It can actually be up in the air (example - at the midpoint of a dipole, normally the dipole feedpoint), or at

Re: [Elecraft] Question on transformer (toroid)

2004-08-03 Thread Don Wilhelm
Gregg, I don't know why the ratio was changed in the first place, but I really don't think it will make much difference in the signal level. You can try re-winding it and see what happens. The biggest difference should be in the termination impedance of the filter. The 20/5 transformer has a

Re: [Elecraft] diff tx anf rec

2004-08-05 Thread Don Wilhelm
Rolf, Is the frequency actually different in LSB or USB mode, or only for CW? CW should offset the frequency by the sidetone pitch value. If your K2 filters and BFOs are aligned properly, you should receive on the same frequency as the carrier transmit frequency in SSB mode, for CW mode, the

Re: [Elecraft] Elecraft parts

2004-08-09 Thread Don Wilhelm
Folks, I too agree - Ordering parts from Elecraft is not only easy, but you do receive personalized service too - Scott and Richard do a fantastic job, part numbers help a lot to avoid ambiguities, but they are available and receptive with information about a particular part should the part

Re: [Elecraft] Elecraft parts

2004-08-10 Thread Don Wilhelm
I really can't speak for the folks at Elecraft, but ... I take the fact that Elecraft has provided an Elecraft part number in the manuals as 'living proof' that they DO understand they have a need to be in the REPLACEMENT parts business. That assures continuing quality and uniformity of the

Re: [Elecraft] OT: SMT kits?

2004-08-10 Thread Don Wilhelm
Richard, SMT work requires some parts handling techniques and a few pieces of extra equipment if one is to be successful. If you are going to be building electronic equipment, it is something you may want to persue. The first thing needed is to develop a gentle hand with the tweezers to

Re: [Elecraft] Knobs etc.

2004-08-11 Thread Don Wilhelm
I like my FT 900 knob (see my website, but this is the one that needs the added 'drag' pad thickness, and has no depression for a 'finger-dimple'. I have seen the rubber tire from the Yaesu FT-900 knob placed aroung the stock K2 knob - it takes a wee bit of stretch, but it

Re: [Elecraft] Transmit power control problem

2004-08-15 Thread Don Wilhelm
Pauli, Let me restate your symptoms first so you can ignore my answer if no match -- 1). You have over 10 watts of actual power generated into your dummy load. 2). The K2 display shows only a small amount of power output 3). You are getting excessive current draw (HI CUR). If ALL that is

Re: [Elecraft] Alignment and test part II

2004-08-22 Thread Don Wilhelm
Rich, Be certain the frequency counter probe is still working by plugging it into TP3 again, then -- Check T5 to be certain you have well tinned leads and good solder joints. Then check the orientation of D13. Check soldering on all components shown in the schematic VFO section (RF board sheet

Re: [Elecraft] RE: SSB Transmit Audio

2004-08-23 Thread Don Wilhelm
Nicholas, If you simply set the BFO as indicated in the manual, the answer is YES you should crank up Spectrogram and adjust the transmit BFOs (FL1) for SSB - and CW too if you have not done so. Take a look at my website ( article on K2 Dial Calibration for detailed information.

Re: [Elecraft] Off Topic Question

2004-08-24 Thread Don Wilhelm
Lee, Mouser has them - the designation is '78L05' for the low power package and '7805' for the 1 amp version. Similar numbering is used for the low power/high power versions of most all the 78xx 3 terminal voltage regulators. With that generalization out of the way, Mouser's part number is

Re: [Elecraft] K2: KAF2 Versus 2.2 kHz KSB2

2004-08-26 Thread Don Wilhelm
Michael, I am using the 2.2 kHz filter on my KSB2 with the KAF2 and have noticed no problems with the low pass filter. There is a very slight difference in the upper end of the audio when I measure the filters with Spectrogram (KAF2 in vs. KAF2 removed), but it is not enough to cause me any

Re: [Elecraft] KSB2 Toroids T2-T3

2004-08-26 Thread Don Wilhelm
Howard, The important thing about the transformers is the turns ratio (assuming the primary and secondary are adequately coupled - not a problem with toroids). So there is no reason to re-wind them other than asthetics and other self-satisfying incentives. 73, Don W3FPR - Original Message

Re: [Elecraft] K2 VCO alignment

2004-08-28 Thread Don Wilhelm
Paul, 8 volts on R30 usually means the VCO is not oscillating. Try your counter probe on TP1 to see if there is any frequency indicated - if so, check that the frequency is correct for the band you are on (likely 40 meters at this stage of construction) - the low band edge frequencies are

Re: [Elecraft] K2. How to do PSK and RTTY . VOX issues.

2004-08-30 Thread Don Wilhelm
Tom and all, This method is good technically, BUT... Since most digital mode software also has provision for PTT (yes, it requires building a simple interface), I would never advocate the use of VOX for digital modes except perhaps in an emergency - it is too easy to forget to turn off the

Re: [Elecraft] Upgrades to K2 S/N 638

2004-08-30 Thread Don Wilhelm
David, I would suggest that you review the A to B mod on the Elecraft website (Builders Resource area) before doing anything. Download the A to B instruction manual and make a decision of which 'optional' mods to install (I recommend all of them), and if you are not certain

Re: [Elecraft] K1 Filter Board Questions

2004-09-02 Thread Don Wilhelm
Ron, The 4 band board will not work well with 80 meters (it becomes a '3 band board' due to the low pass filter sharing), but may I suggest that you build the 4 band board and then add a 2 band board with 80 meters as one band - the other band can be 17 or 15 meters (the one that is missing

Re: [Elecraft] HI CUR LIMIT

2004-09-08 Thread Don Wilhelm
You will probably have to find the correct value by trial and error. I would recommend setting CAL CUR to 4.0 (which conforms to the 'at least 3.5' instruction) - or even more and then lower it one step at a time until the message re-appears - more likely on 10, 12 or 15 meters. The actual

RE: [Elecraft] K2's 4 MHZ Master Oscillator.

2005-09-01 Thread Don Wilhelm
Bob, Earl and folks, Earl's comments are correct, but CAL FIL must also be run before calibration is complete. Each BFO must be changed by at least one 'notch' and moved back to the same frequency (aqssuming the filters were properly set before). The K2 must detect that each BFO has been changed

[Elecraft] OT:I am now home

2008-03-16 Thread Don Wilhelm
I have returned home and all is as good as expected for 6 days after major abdominal surgery. Initial reports from my surgeon indicate that he was able to remove the cancer tissue while disturbing only a small area of the surrounding tissue. I still have a lot of recovery to do, but I am

Re: [Elecraft] K2 Assembly problem

2008-04-02 Thread Don Wilhelm
Bob, What stage are you in the assembly? And what is the error message? I am certainly not in the Boston area, but perhaps I can help via email. 73, Don W3FPR Bob Freedman wrote: I continue to have problems with the assembly of a K2, and I am stuck at an early step in the kit. All voltages,

Re: [Elecraft] SignaLink USB and K2

2008-04-02 Thread Don Wilhelm
John, My fixed audio output is just what it says - it provides a level of audio OUTPUT from the K2 independent of the setting of the AF gain control. It does nothing for the audio INPUT. The input (to the mic jack) is what is depicted on the Tigertronics website. Note that the mic wiring

Re: [Elecraft] Crimped vs soldering

2008-04-03 Thread Don Wilhelm
Jerry, What you say is true, but the conditions expected for Mil-Spec equipment are not typical for the average hamshack - the wires are not subject to excessive vibration and flexing and are not handled on a daily basis. As a result, I regard soldering APP connectors for ham station use a

Re: [Elecraft] KUSB to serial

2008-04-03 Thread Don Wilhelm
Ken, Use the real serial port if you can. They are always more reliable than the adapters. If you must use the adapter, make certain you have the latest drivers. 73, Don W3FPR Ken wrote: I am wondering which way to plan for K3 updates -- USB port or serial port on your computer. I am

Re: [elecraft]KUSB to serial

2008-04-03 Thread Don Wilhelm
Bryan, If that PC is a desktop, purchase a real serial port card and install it. Much more reliable than any adapter. I know that does not answer the Vista driver situation - someone else will have to answer that question, but if that is the true situation, I would guess that drivers will

Re: [Elecraft] 2.8 Khz vs 2.7 Khz roof

2008-04-03 Thread Don Wilhelm
Ken, Examine your operating desires for the correct answer for you. If most of your operation is casual, the 5 pole filters will do just fine - remember that the DSP provides the ultimate selectivity. If you are heavy into serious contesting or DX chasing and other situations where you will

Re: [Elecraft] K2: Transmitting a little low

2008-04-04 Thread Don Wilhelm
Jay, I suggest that you review the K2 Dial Calibration article on my website and then do a full calibration run including the SSB filters using Spectrogram. If that does not correct it, then re-do the calibration. The VFO and the BFO are about the only thing that

Re: [Elecraft] K2 PLL reference oscillator

2008-04-04 Thread Don Wilhelm
Scott, Perhaps the statement in the manual is a bit terse for the full meaning. If the external counter and the internal counter read the same, then there is no problem with the K2 internal counter. With a frequency display significantly lower than 12090 kHz when the (known good) counter probe

Re: [Elecraft] APP roll pins

2008-04-06 Thread Don Wilhelm
Tom and all, That is quite contrary to my experience. The APP housings that I have purchased (from both PowerWerks and West Mountain Radio) have dovetail matings that need quite a bit of force to slide completely together, and I lock them with a drop of SuperGlue. I never had one come

Re: [Elecraft] K3 to Tokyo Hy-Power HL-1.5KFX??

2008-04-07 Thread Don Wilhelm
Dave, The K3 uses open collector outputs on the band data lines. If the amplifier does not provide pullup resistors, the band selection will not work because the amplifier never sees a logic high level. That the K3 uses open collector outputs has the advantage of allowing the Band Data

Re: [Elecraft] K2 receiver alignment

2008-04-07 Thread Don Wilhelm
Scott, The frequency at TP1 (did you mistype? the PLL reference frequency is read at TP1) does not seem to be a problem. 12090 +/- 30 kHz can be anywhere between 12060 and 12120 kHz, so your value of 12099.73 certainly fits within that range - it is correct. As for your receive problem, if

Re: [Elecraft] Audio problem in WPX SSB

2008-04-07 Thread Don Wilhelm
Joe, Check Lyle's answer yesterday to similar questions. It is a known problem and the fix is being field tested right now. You can expect the firmware release to fix it in about a week according to Lyle. 73, Don W3FPR Joe Subich, W4TV wrote: With the K3, the messages play fine, but

Re: [Elecraft] K2 receiver alignment

2008-04-07 Thread Don Wilhelm
Sorry, I mistyped - Scott was correct, the PLL reference is measured at TP3 while the VFO is measured at TP1. It was too late in the morning to offer the 'morning coffee' excuse, and I have no other. 73, Don W3FPR Don Wilhelm wrote: Scott, The frequency at TP1 (did you mistype? the PLL

Re: [Elecraft] K2 vfo linearization

2008-04-08 Thread Don Wilhelm
Scott, The K2 looks for a frequency reading near 12,100 kHz when it starts the CAL PLL sequence. If yours is only going up to 11,959.64 kHz, that is not high enough. Info 232 is a usual result if the initial frequency is too low. Check your PLL reference oscillator range again (check at TP3).

Re: [Elecraft] K3 - Band Decoder

2008-04-08 Thread Don Wilhelm
Josh, Since you already have the KRC2 set up to switch your antennas, I would suggest you use that with the K3. Connect the K3 ACC pin 2 (AUXBUS) signal to KRC2 pin 6, connect the K3 Keyout signal (ACC pin 10) to KRC2 pin 9, and Ground (ACC pin 5 or 12) to KRC2 pin 1. The KRC2 needs 12 volt

Re: [Elecraft] Windows XP

2008-04-09 Thread Don Wilhelm
DW, Just walk through the authorization steps - if you don't have an internet connection, use the phone. I have done it many times. The only thing they want to know is how many machines your copy is running on - if the answer is 1, they will authorize it. It sometimes takes a bit of effort,

Re: [Elecraft] K2/100 KPA100: Cannot Adjust tPA, Stuck at 0C

2008-04-10 Thread Don Wilhelm
Ian, Put the K2 into CW test mode (in CW, press and hold the MODE button), set the power level to something above 11 watts - press TUNE and measure the voltage at KPA100 U1 pin 5. The voltage will normally be close to 0.6 volts. If the above measurement is correct and you still cannot

Re: [Elecraft] Output power on K2 not stabel

2008-04-10 Thread Don Wilhelm
Dick, Check out this application note at the Elecraft website - Each K2 is a bit different in the overall transmit gain, so for most stable operation, the value of R98 must be determined experimentally. Be aware that increasing R98 too

Re: [Elecraft] RTC in K2 not work

2008-04-11 Thread Don Wilhelm
Petr, After 'RTC' appears in the menu, he must press the EDIT button until OFF is displayed. Then he can rotate the VFO knob (or tap the BAND+ and BAND- buttons) to change it. If the indication is -- instead of ON or OFF, then there is a problem on the KAF2 board that must be corrected.

Re: [Elecraft] Output power on K2 not stabel

2008-04-11 Thread Don Wilhelm
Dick, Sorry, but that does not help a lot - the operation in TUNE that you describe in normal. TUNE (with the KPA100) normally controls power at 20 watts. If you enter TUNE and then turn the power control, it will try to produce the power that is set on the power control knob. The gain of

Re: [Elecraft] no side tone on K2

2008-04-11 Thread Don Wilhelm
Joe, The most likely thing is that the sidetone source has been accidently toggled to U6 - 25. Enter the menu for ST-L and edit the parameter (press EDIT) - then tap DISPLAY to toggle between the two sources. Stop when you hear sidetone. 73, Don W3FPR MARY HAYS CARNEY wrote: Don: After

Re: [Elecraft] Low battery on K2 without battery

2008-04-12 Thread Don Wilhelm
Scott, What does the K2 internal voltage (tap DISPLAY) read? How about during transmit too? If it is substantially lower than the voltage at the power supply, look for a problem with the power cord or the connections to the supply or even with the supply itself - substitute a charged

Re: [Elecraft] [K3] : Solder issue with the KBPF3 module

2008-04-12 Thread Don Wilhelm
Raymond, You should be able to use the 60/40 solder with no problem - I understand that it is allowable for repair work in most countries. 73, Don W3FPR Raymond METZGER wrote: Hi Elecrafters, I am building my K3 kit and currently installing the KBPF3 module. Unfortunately, one lead of

Re: [Elecraft] antennas

2008-04-12 Thread Don Wilhelm
Shaun, It all depends on your entire NVIS antenna system. A quarterwave radiating element needs another quarter wave wire as a 'radial' or 'counterpoise' (the quotes are intentional). So, you end up with a total of 1/2 wavelength in any case. Why are you concerned about a reflector for an

Re: [Elecraft] K2 SSB adapter problem

2008-04-13 Thread Don Wilhelm
Lennart, If you have transmit power problems in CW mode or TUNE, then the only part of the SSB opyion board that could cause that condition is Q1, Q2, Q3 and the associated components. Look at the KSB2 board schematic near the bottom and you will see which components need to be checked.

Re: [Elecraft] K2 SSB adapter problem

2008-04-13 Thread Don Wilhelm
Jerry, T1 and T2 are not in the path for CW or TUNE, so they are not high on the list of suspects for Lernart's situation. OTOH, if the low power is on SSB (but CW and TUNE are good), then T1 and T2 would be the prime suspects. 73, Don W3FPR n0jrn wrote: Lernart: I had a similar problem

Re: [Elecraft] KPA100 Output not adjustable

2008-04-13 Thread Don Wilhelm
Michael, At low power settings, does the actual power output go up to over 12 watts? If so, the diodes in the KPA100 wattmeter have been damaged (likely by a lightning induced static). Replace D16 and D17 in the KPA100 and you should regain power control for both high and lo ranges. To

Re: [Elecraft] K1

2008-04-13 Thread Don Wilhelm
Cory, The E42 error means there is something wrong with the VFO - most likely a bad solder joint or an improperly tinned toroid lead. Check the schematic to determine the components in the VFO and examine them carefully, resoldering where necessary. Once you find the problem source, I

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