Re: [Elementary-dev-community] foto 1.0

2014-03-22 Thread Sergey Shnatsel Davidoff
Uh, given the limited resources, it sounds like a good idea to only work on
one app for Isis. But on the other hand I was secretly thinking to myself
for years that Shotwell could use a rewrite. The app looks very nice so far.

Ping me in IRC and we'll figure out automated crash submission and
retracing for Foto - we wouldn't want crashes to go unnoticed, would we?

Sergey Shnatsel Davidoff
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[Elementary-dev-community] foto 1.0

2014-03-08 Thread Erasmo MarĂ­n
Hi people, as some of you may know, after the release of Luna I
started a project called foto. Some people still use it and like it,
but I was not maintaining the project anymore, because it was only a
prototype. Some weeks ago I started a re-write and now I have
something to show. It's a working app, but it's incomplete and there
are still features missing and bugs. The goal is not to replace
shotwell or pantheon-photos (I will continue contributing to
pantheon-photos), but to offer an alternative.

If you are interested in contribute to this project, would be great,
that way we can have a stable release ready for Isis. You don't need
to be an overskilled programmer or something like that.

 I have tried to make the code clean and easy to read, extend and
change. Also, some parts are based on the shotwell code (like the
metadata reader). Also, documentation is in the way.

These features are planned and/or are in development:

+Image viewer
+Maps (geotagging)
+Faces tags and emotions clasification (probably with OpenCV)
+Simple editing support (based in shotwell)
+Import from external devices (not even started)
+Share and synchronize with social networks

Not all these are for the next release, for example, faces and emotion
recognition requires lot of time and effort.

Here are some screenshots if you want to look the real state of the project:

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