Re: [Elementary-dev-community] We can has ARM builds!

2012-12-07 Thread Allen Lowe
this is excellent news, we should definitely get a working ARM iso out
sometime after Luna is released.

On Fri, Dec 7, 2012 at 3:59 PM, Sergey Shnatsel Davidoff wrote:

 Hey guys,

 Rico Tzschichholz has arranged enabling armhf (ARM with hardware
 support for floating-point instructions) builds for our Daily PPA!
 First binary builds, starting with Granite, should start appearing in
 the repository in a few hours.

 According to Rico, this is the first non-Canonical PPA to receive
 armhf support. With our daily PPA frequently showing up at as one of the 5 most updated PPAs,
 I'm afraid we're going to put quite a strain on Launchpad's builders!
 Perhaps Canonical are after some load testing? :)

 For armhf builds to work the Daily PPA has to be self-contained from
 now on because dependency PPAs don't have armhf builds for
 architecture-dependent packages.

 I've just run a round of deb-packaging branch updates with a script I
 hacked together for the occasion (can be viewed at to make all packages buildable on
 vanilla Precise. Packages that need valac 0.16 now explicitly ask for
 valac-0.16 package and fall back to valac package v0.16 or
 greater, which should allow building them properly on vanilla Precise
 which defaults to valac-0.14.

 I wonder if we still need the dependency on if packages build OK
 without it. Does using the latest vala-0.16 from nemequ's PPA benefit
 the x86 architectures in any way?

 The other external dependency - - is required by
 Postler. We could copy the sqlheavy package to Daily PPA and get rid
 of it, thus solving the problem, but I'm not a fan of copying frozen
 versions of third-party stuff into the PPA.

 ARM builds might also expose some portability issues that our apps
 might have. I'm not sure what shall we do about them just now; perhaps
 ignoring them and focusing on releasing Luna for x86 is the best
 approach because we're not going to get any decent ISOs for ARM
 anytime soon: partial support for supporting several hardware
 configurations with one kernel was landed only in Linux 3.7 while on
 Precise we're stuck with 3.2 for ARM.

 Also note that Testing and Stable PPAs are not yet armhf-enabled (I'm
 not sure why; if you really want to know you'll have to ask Rico).

 Sergey Shnatsel Davidoff
 OS architect @ elementary

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Re: [Elementary-dev-community] We can has ARM builds!

2012-12-07 Thread Sergey Shnatsel Davidoff
In fact Pi is nowhere near armhf, it's not beefy enough to run even
Ubuntu's armel. And I guess desktop compositing is also a bad idea in
there (especially in OpenGL). Perhaps our apps will work decently on
Pi, but not the shell.

2012/12/8 Aditya Vaidya
 Just a thought, but maybe a Raspberry Pi-specific build would be good. It
 could be based off of Raspbian ( and use Congrego
 or something.

 It would have to be separate, however, from the current armhf builds because
 it Raspbian uses a different version of armhf (I believe it supports the
 older version of the processor used in the raspi).

 Just throwing the thought out there since armhf builds will be available
 soon :)


Sergey Shnatsel Davidoff
OS architect @ elementary

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