Re: [O] Setting a parametric org-agenda-skip-function?

2013-06-23 Thread Alan Schmitt
Hello, writes: Hello, I'm trying to have a custom agenda where I say I want to skip some tags. I wrote a function that does what I want (it takes two arguments: the list of tags to keep, and a boolean that says whether entries with no tags should be kept).

Re: [O] Displaying regression results from R in beamer

2013-06-23 Thread Eric Schulte
Vikas Rawal writes: I want to display regression results from an R source block in a beamer export. The best I could find was to use R libraries stargazer or texreg to produce latex code from the regression results. However, when I use #+BEGIN_SRC R

[O] Bastien as maintainer on the web page

2013-06-23 Thread Karl Voit
Hi! Since I updated the german Wikipedia article on Org-mode[1] I noticed that on the official Org-mode web page[2] maintainership is still listed with Bastien. The same goes for the online documentation (appendix). Is there a reason that Carsten is not listed as maintainer yet?[3] 1.

Re: [O] :session question -- and changes to #+Property: syntax

2013-06-23 Thread Achim Gratz
Achim Gratz writes: Eric Schulte writes: Oh, I understand now. I would also be happy with using *no* header arguments for this ephemeral elisp block if that is easily accomplished. I'll make a patch for testing this. I'll have to think about his some more. The info block produced from the

Re: [O] [RFC] Replace some HTML related keywords with OPTIONS items

2013-06-23 Thread Carsten Dominik
On 21.6.2013, at 22:41, Achim Gratz wrote: Nicolas Goaziou writes: Here is a preliminary patch. It doesn't update org.texi yet. I find the new syntax weird for one character keys: #+OPTIONS: :* t :e t :: t :f t :- t :^ t :| t Maybe we should expand them in order to

[O] Can org regenerate the cache automatically?

2013-06-23 Thread Samuel Wales
When Org says this: Please regenerate the refile cache with `C-0 C-c C-w' I wonder if it makes sense to: 1) regenerate the cache automatically - probably usually the user still wants to refile 2) for a massive increase in speed, ONLY regenerate it for whichever file is out of

Re: [O] Displaying regression results from R in beamer

2013-06-23 Thread Vikas Rawal
#+BEGIN_SRC R :results value latex Your problem is the word value, which will cause thing which look like tables to be interpreted as tables. I'd try removing value, or adding scalar to :results. :results scalar latex works beautifully. Thanks, Vikas