Re: [O] Boxquote for code in UTF-8 export

2014-09-13 Thread Nicolas Goaziou
Hello, Samuel Wales writes: if boxquote is going to be changed, perhaps another option that would be nice for boxquote would be to optionally not print anything to the left of the contents? On 9/12/14, Sebastien Vauban wrote: ╭ │ (defun

Re: [O] Improved way to include some headlines from an external org file

2014-09-13 Thread Xavier Garrido
Hi Andrea, Le 12/09/2014 02:45, Andrea Rossetti a écrit : Xavier Garrido writes: Of course, I can achieve that by using =:lines= and calculating how many lines embeds the given headline. Hi Xavier, another possible approach (maybe less handy, but in some cases it

Re: [O] Using color in latex export

2014-09-13 Thread Chaitanya Krishna
Thank you (Nick and Tom). Both the solutions above worked. Regards, Chai On Fri, Sep 12, 2014 at 9:53 PM, Thomas S. Dye wrote: Aloha Chai, Chaitanya Krishna writes: Hello all, I would like to have some text in color when I export my org document to

Re: [O] [RFC] Rewrite radio tables

2014-09-13 Thread Nicolas Goaziou
Correcting myself, Nicolas Goaziou writes: This doesn't match the specs, though. According to the (current) docstring :splice When set to t, return only table body lines, don't wrap them into :tstart and :tend. Default is nil. When :splice

Re: [O] Marking items done in the past

2014-09-13 Thread Karl Voit
* Noah Slater wrote: Hello, I have a number of habits set up that I regularly fill in the day after the activity was done. Is there a way to mark an item as done (in a way that hooks into the habits stuff) but for a day in the past? How about org-(agenda-)todo-yesterday ?

Re: [O] org-ref no key found

2014-09-13 Thread John Kitchin
No problem. Thanks for the tips to replicate this. It was pretty helpful in solving the problem (and thanks again to Nick who pointed me towards edebug-defun a while ago!) I think I have fixed this. The problem was org-ref was not finding a key that exists in a file. the way that is done all over

Re: [O] key-binding for all plotting styles

2014-09-13 Thread Thierry Banel
Le 08/09/2014 18:30, Nicolas Goaziou a écrit : It is better than C-c p, but I think a common prefix for plotting table would be better. You need to also tell org.texi about this change. A common prefix for plotting is a good idea. Which common prefix? C-c #(should be shared with

Re: [O] org-mode-hook not called when entering org files

2014-09-13 Thread Rémi Letot
Nick Dokos writes: (Rémi Letot) writes: all org seems to work fine, but for some reason org-mode-hook is not called when I open an org file... That's very unlikely: the hook is run using a general emacs mechanism, so if it were broken, a *lot* of things

[O] Selected export depending on back-end

2014-09-13 Thread Lars Tveito
Hi! I am writing a compendium in org, and want to be able to generate slides from the same org file. I'd like to be able to mark some sections for exporting if I'm generating slides, and for other formats (like LaTeX and HTML) export everything as normal. It would also be nice if I could change