Re: [O] org-babel: insert named source block

2017-11-15 Thread Deepak Cherian
Thanks. That works well, but only shows named source blocks in the particular file. Is there a way to make it show library of babel blocks too? Deepak On 11/15/2017 02:56 PM, Berry, Charles wrote: On Nov 15, 2017, at 11:04 AM, Deepak Cherian <> wrote: Has anyon

[O] org-babel: insert named source block

2017-11-15 Thread Deepak Cherian
Has anyone here managed to configure ivy or helm to show a list of named source blocks that org knows about? I am imagining this workflow: 1. M-x org-babel-insert-named-source-block (imaginary function) 2. List of named source blocks pops up 3. Hit enter and "#+call: name-of-source-block()" is

[O] bokeh, ob-ipython and org-mode HTML export

2017-11-04 Thread Deepak Cherian
I have a blog post up that might be of interest to some of you on this list: It looks at ways to embed interactive Javascript plots using bokeh when exporting org files to HTML ( Feedback and suggestions welcome! Deepak

[O] org-ellipsis after tag is bolded

2017-10-17 Thread Deepak Cherian
E.g. * Heading 1 ... * Heading 2 :noexport:... The second ellipsis is bolded because it appears after a ':'. Deepak

[O] ox-html export bug with CUSTOM_ID

2017-09-07 Thread Deepak Cherian
This org file (OPTIONS are to keep the exported file clean) - * heading 1 * heading 2 :PROPERTIES: :CUSTOM_ID: my-name :END: exports to --- 1 heading 1 class="section-number-2">2 heading 2