[O] using Org-player with Org-drill

2014-05-02 Thread Todd Neufeld
I posted the following at gmane.emacs.help but afterwards realized this might be the more appropriate forum. Please excuse the double post: Hi all. I'm relatively new to emacs, and I don't have a computer programming background. For purposes of learning a language, I want to use Org-player

Re: [O] Org-drill installation

2014-01-06 Thread Todd Neufeld
Bastien bzg at gnu.org writes: I suggest you try using a more recent version [And adjust your load-path accordingly...] Bastien, I downloaded a more recent version from Git. It took me some time to set up the load-path correctly... But I got it eventually and Org-drill now works for me.

[O] Org-drill installation

2013-12-28 Thread Todd Neufeld
Hi all. I am very new to Emacs and Org-mode, but am really enjoying it so far. I am having trouble installing org-drill, or at least running it. I have followed the directions of checking off the drill box in the customize variables - org module, as directed from the worg page. And I have made

Re: [O] Org-mode c-c a

2013-12-24 Thread Todd Neufeld
be useful, but maybe it's just me. Happy holidays and new year, todd On 12/23/2013 10:26 PM, Todd Neufeld wrote: Hi. I apologize for the very very beginner question, but.. I can't figure out how to get c-c a defined in org-mode. I am using emacs 24.3 on Ubuntu 12.04. I believe I have updated

[O] Org-mode c-c a

2013-12-24 Thread Todd Neufeld
going with org-mode. So, happy holidays, and many thanks ! todd neufeld