[O] Unexpected behaviour from capture-template

2018-01-29 Thread Brian J Hoskins
I have set up a capture template as follows (shortened for sake of brevity):

("h" "Health" entry (file+datetree "~/health.org")
 "* %? %^g\n%U\n** SYMPTOMS\n%^{SYMPTOMS}\n%^{SEVERITY}p\n")

This capture template (should) do the following according to my

* Make a journal entry
* Prompt for tags
* Insert an inactive timestamp on a new line
* Prompt for symptoms, insert on new line heading 2
* Prompt for severity property, insert on new line
* Put the cursor back on the heading 1 line.

Everything works except for the property, which for some reason gets
inserted above the symptom line, even though it is prompted for last.
This is what the capture template looks like after finishing:


* Test Health Journal:HEADACHE:
  [2018-01-29 Mon 22:52]
My symptoms...


Am I doing something wrong or is there a bug here?

Many thanks in advance, fellow org-moders!



[O] clocktable :formula not working for columns > $9

2018-01-06 Thread Brian J Hoskins
org-mode development team,

When generating a clocktable and using the :formula parameter, attempts
to manipulate columns > $9 are unsuccessful.

For example, consider the attached (anonymised) screen-grab of the
output from a clocktable in one of my org files.

As a test, I have used the :formula parameter to create sequential
columns.  It works up to and including column 9, but fails thereafter.
No error is generated.  Here is the generated #+TBLFM line:

#+TBLFM: @1$4 = (4)::@1$5 = (5)::@1$6 = (6)::@1$7 = (7)::@1$8 =
(8)::@1$9 = (9)::@1$10 = (10)::@1$11 = (11)

This formula works fine on tables that I create myself.  It only fails
to work in clocktables.

If this failure can be repeated by other org-mode users, perhaps we
should file a bug report.

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